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Stag Do Guide to Glasgow

Stag Do Guide to Glasgow

It’s not often we let our Glasgow Destination Specialist James Saltmeris out of the office (not since ‘the incident’). But here he is touring Glasgow ‘gie’in It laldy’ and giving us the lowdown on this awesome party city.

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Best Bar For Laughs

“Say Aloha to my leetle friend!” If you want something a bit different, a venue that you just know is going to make you smile, then this is it. Fair enough, Glasgow isn’t known for its Hawaiian climate but none of that matters when you’re sitting down to delish grub, with top tunes and a man-cocktail beside you. Always one of my first stops in Glasgow every time I’m in town finding news activities celebrating securing the best deal.

Tiki Bar & Kitch Inn – 214 Bath St, G2 4HW

Tikki Bar

Best Local Poison

Whisky. Obviously! If we had to pick just one local tipple, we’d go for the Glengoyne 18-year-old made in a distillery that legend says has its own drunk ghost.

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Best Local Bar

To be fair, I’ve never met a brewpub I didn’t like, but the open arms of the Shilling Brewing Co are just awesome. You can sample amazing beers while eating freshly baked pizza, if you don’t think that’s the perfect marriage then you’re doing life wrong. But this isn’t some hipster trying-too-hard-to-be-trendy joint, it’s a great pub with a brilliant atmosphere that actually has its own special tasting room. Beer heaven!

Shilling Brewing Co – 92 W George St, G2 1PJ


Bar Tips

Do whisky. Not lots of it obviously, that would be foolish and not something you’d catch me doing (*innocent face*). But glasgow has hundreds and hundreds of different whiskies to try and many brilliant barmen that really know their stuff, so this is a great place to find your perfect tipple.

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Top 5 Things to Do in Glasgow

  1. Highland Games – Where men are men and haggis are nervous. A true sporting test.
  2. Eat Haggis – Stop playing with your food and eat it!
  3. Whisky Tour – A fine place to do some fine tasting! Cheers.
  4. Riverbugs – Heading down s*** stream without a paddle. Serious, there’s no paddle!
  5. Footgolf – Two games from across the border combine in this sporting mash-up.

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Best Man Food

Dirty burgers, sloppy joes, hot lips. This is man-sized food packed with flavour. If we had to pick just one, we’d recommend the Sloppy Jock, 6oz beef patty with haggis, smothered in peppercorn sauce. It’s proper food porn and possibly my favourite dish in Glasgow.

Bloc – 10 Claremont Street, G3 7HA


Best Activity

There is some amazing scenery to be found not far from the centre of Glasgow and if you want to get headfirst in true adventure try Riverbugs. A cross between a surfboard and a whitewater raft that you ride through whitewater but with much less control or stability. It’s every bit as mad as it sounds and awesome. And during this trip, I discovered I still suck at it but absolutely love it!

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Best Way to Get About the City

Glasgow does have an underground rail network which is well priced and really easy to hop on and off. If you’re feeling fit and want to go green, then Next Bikes or public bikes can be picked up at docking stations around the city centre.

Top Glasgow Tip

It’s a very compact city so if you get accommodation in the city centre (contact me anytime for best options) then you can park up and find you have everything you need within walking distance for the entire weekend. It’s a massively unsung but a brilliant party city which makes it perfect and great value.

Glasgow Accomodation

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Anything to Declare

Thanks, Glasgow, I had another brilliant weekend and I’ll leave my final word to your favourite son, Billy Connolly, “Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cosy, doesn’t try it on.”

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