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What’s the Krak? – Stag Party Guide to Krakow

jay and alice

What happens when you send StagWeb’s finest on a fact-finding mission to write the definitive ‘Stag Party Guide to Krakow’?

Well, the finest wasn’t available, so we sent Jamie instead who just happens to be our Krakow Destination Specialist, with strict instructions not to go off playing with guns. Deviating wildly from the script, he managed to find AK47s, napalm vodka and a restaurant where they pump the beer to your table! Here’s what you need to know about a Krakow Stag Weekend.

Best Bar for Stag Laughs

“He shoots… he scores!” If you like shots (and this is a stag celebration, so it’s unthinkable not to have a shoot-out) then head to Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa (which translates as ‘Pijalnia Vodka & Tapas’). Poland is famed for its vodka and Pijalnia has a seriously impressive selection as well as other unpronounceable brews. The tapas is great, but the deciding factor has to be that its name sounds like ‘pyjamas’ which could be the groom’s dress code for the evening?!

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa – Pl. Nowy 7 536750505 ul

Best Sports Bar

If the groom is the kind of guy who gets homesick just going to a different supermarket, then he’ll appreciate the Bull Pub. It’s a Polish take on an English boozer, but mostly it’s a great sports bar with big-screen TVs, good pints and decent no-frill stag food.

Bull Pub – Mikołajska 2, 31-027 Krakow

Best Local Poison

Vodka. Neat. And lots of it. The Polish are fanatical about their vodka, and it truly is a thing of chemical-weapon-strength beauty. If you’re a beer man, the local brew is Tyskie and it’s a pretty good pint, but it can get a bit gassy after a while.

krakow stag dos

Bar Tips

Polish measures are 40ml, so go easy on the shots, you’ve got a long night ahead of you. Wine and spirits tend to be more expensive unless you stick to the local drinks, which are really cheap.

Best Nightlife

Basically, there are three areas to party in:

Main Square – This is a nice place for an afternoon refresher, but it’s a tourist trap and prices are more expensive, so possibly one to avoid in the evening.
Old Town – This is where you’ll find the best of the action. Trendy bars, good music and plenty of strange local drinks to sample.
Jewish District – Popular with students and hipsters the Jewish District has a younger feel and cheap drinks.

Best Local Food

jay with beer

CK Browar. Superb local food with plenty of meat dishes plus it’s a brewery pub. The tap heads are connected from the tanks via a tube directly to your table, so you can pour your own pints which really is as cool as it sounds. There is also soup that comes in a bread bowl which weirdly looks exactly like a boob. Being the grown-up I am, I ordered two, naturally (well the table would have looked lopsided!).

You can also use the private dining room with a bit of sexy female entertainment. Ask our team for more details.

CK Browar – Podwale 6-7, 31-118 Kraków, NIP: 6771698467

Best Local Dish

Being a foodie (“Jamie doesn’t share!”), I had the roast boar which was superb.

StagWeb Meal Deal

Main Course + Beer Tube + Tabasco, Vodka & Cranberry Shot. Call our team on 01225 474200 for more details…

Best Man Grub

Sausages are a big deal in Krakow and something of a local speciality. There are lots of different types of sausage to try, but some of the pickles can be a bit, and I don’t want to appear cruel, but the word ‘rancid’ springs to mind.

Best Way To Get About the City

Everything in the city centre is within easy walking distance which makes a pub crawl easy to plan (or book a Guided Bar Crawl). If you’re heading out and about during the day, then trams are cheaper and a lot more fun than taxis.

Top Tip

Head to the Jewish District and order zapienkanki – a Polish delicacy which is a cross between a pizza and an open sandwich. They’re really cheap, really filling and bloody tasty. A good way to line the stomach before ‘the ale doth flow’.

Drinks and food are mega cheap in Krakow. In fact, get a good flight deal and our amazing activity packages make Krakow one of the best value destinations ever!

Best Activities

alice with ak47

“Say ‘hello’ to my leetle friend!” Yes, somebody didn’t get the memo from our office and actually handed me a Kalashnikov rifle to fire. EPIC! Seriously, one of the most awesome activities I’ve experienced (and I do them for a living!). AK47 Shooting, so much firepower, SO much fun!

Bubble Football is also another great recent addition to Krakow and if you haven’t played it yet, then you’re in for a treat.

Go Karting – admittedly, I’m pretty rubbish at it, but in my defence, the track is really tough and the karts extremely powerful… OK, even I’ll admit I’m starting to sound a bit pathetic.


Krakow can be really cheap, which means you get so much more action for your money. But beware, the local vodka is like brain napalm, so go easy or you’ll wake up sitting in a forest, with a Polish traffic cone on your head and your trousers decorating a statue back in Main Square.

Anything to Declare?

Despite my best attempts, I was beaten by the vodka. Well, to be exact, I was beaten by the fact that we met one of our stag parties out there and they insisted on toasting everything that moved. And knowing I had more hotels to view the next day I opted for prevention rather than cure, so I’d still be able to see straight the next day.

I’ll leave my Man Card at the door and see myself out…

Jay and Alice were on a fact-finding mission to produce this Stag Guide to Krakow. We’d like to point out that no sausages were harmed in the making of this blog. Which helped balance out the vodka consumption.

Want to plan a colossal Krakow stag do all the guys will be talking about for years to come? Follow the link and take the first step on your journey to becoming a stag legend.

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