20 Delicious Beers to Sample During Lockdown

Best beers to try
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Best Porters

Common Grounds

Magic Rock – Common Grounds

The perfect balance of coffee and nutty, Magic Rock and Slaithwaite manage to avoid the pitfall of certain porters which are far too sickly and sweet. This blend is an exquisite mix of seven malts and seven coffees giving a rich flavour with notes of dark fruits, hazelnut and vanilla.

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Zombie Cake

Brewdog – Zombie Cake

No one will be strangers to the mighty Brewdog, but you may not have come across their Zombie Cake creation which is certainly delicious enough to awake the undead. Smooth, balanced, slightly sweet with a dark chocolate scent and a roast malt tang – it’s a devilishly good winter warmer.

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Goose Island – Obadiah Poundage

Our transatlantic counterparts certainly know how to make a beer (if you know where to look, that is!) and Obadiah Poundage by Goose Island is a certified winner. Slightly smoky, slightly roasty, slightly fruity with a bitter finish, its deep flavours are deeply satisfying.

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Mikkeller – Bean Geek Session Porter

Made using Bean Geeks chocolate, this session porter from Danish brewery Mikkeller is a quaffable concoction with a caramel/coffee aroma and flavours of roasted malt and stunning chocolate. Bean Geeks for Beer Geeks!

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