20 Delicious Beers to Sample During Lockdown

Best beers to try
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Best Stouts

De Molen

De Molen – Cake & Comfort

An 11.9% barrel-aged pastry stout with brandy, caramel and cake flavours, this will certainly knock you out of your comfort zone, but you won’t regret it. Balanced with body and bitterness, it’s got all the properties one would expect from a stout, with a little added finesse.

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Siren – Broken Dream

This beer called out to us like a mysterious siren and we bowed to temptation and never looked back. Smooth, chocolatey with deep and complex tones, it’s exactly the stout you’d want to enjoy whilst you’re relaxing in the warm as the winter weather ferociously beats against your window panes.

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Cauld Reekie

Stewart – Cauld Reekie

Strong, sturdy and simply a solid stout. Expect roasted malt tones with added sweetness and a delightful liquorice ending. It’s also great value for money, so you may as well top up on a couple whilst you’re here!

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Kees – Caramel Fudge Moonshine BA Edition

Forget clogs and tulips, the Netherlands should be known globally for its belting beers and Kees Caramel Fudge Stout is doing a mighty fine job flying the flag for our European neighbours. The flavour has, you guessed it, delicious caramel tones and is fierce and full-bodied.

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