20 Delicious Beers to Sample During Lockdown

Best beers to try
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Best Wheat Beers


Maisel’s Weisse – Original

Bananas and cloves are the order of the day in this delectable wheat beer, which offers a sublime alternative to your classic IPAs or craft beers. Smooth, almost creamy, and so very drinkable, it’s a great beer to kickstart your foray into the wonderful world of wheat beer.

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Goose 312

Goose Island – 312 Urban Wheat Ale

Skewing more towards your citrusy flavours, this creation from the guys at Goose Island offers a subtle wheat flavour immersed in amongst an array of zinging tastes and aromas. It’s smooth and unobtrusive, with a delicate ending.

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St Feuillien – Grisette Blanch

Full of character, with a hint of apples and oranges, plus slightly sour and wheaty tones, it’s an unmissable mix which is light on the old palate. Soft, refreshing, easygoing – it’s exactly the stress-busting brew you need to take the edge of this tumultuous year.

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Thornbridge – Versa

Toffee, cloves and banana with a little added spice, the Versa really does have a little bit of funk about it. It’s relatively full-bodied with a delectable sourness to it. If you need to feed your vice this Lockdown, you may as well make it a Versa.

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Seen as you can’t go to the pub, why not bring the pub to you?

Get yourself a PerfectDraft so you can enjoy a pub-quality pint in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be spoilt for choice for delicious beers to choose from. Get stuck in!

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