Top 50 Craft Breweries in the UK 2020

top 50 craft breweries 2020
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Craft Beer in Edinburgh

Campervan Brewery – Edinburgh

Life’s too short to do something you aren’t passionate about, hence why Paul ditched his 9-5 to pursue his passion and he hasn’t looked back since. From brewing in his garage to putting a mobile brew kit in the back of a campervan, to now having his own brewery in Leith, he has gone from strength to strength and proves fortune does favour the brave.

Best Brew 🍺 Bear Country – West Coast IPA – 6%

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Campervan Brewery

Barney’s Beer – Edinburgh

With their Volcano IPA, these guys certainly erupted into our lives and caused utter devastation for our ability to muddle through a bland beer. They’re just so flavourful and possess so much depth that we find it difficult to enjoy a beer that doesn’t come close to the heights they set. Be sure to check them out next time you’re in the vibrant Scottish capital.

Best Brew 🍺 Volcano IPA – 5%

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Barney's Beer – Edinburgh

Craft Beer in Dundee

Vault City Brewing – Dundee

Vault City are all about sour beers and boast a huge variety of different fruity flavours. We’re talking Apple, Apricot, Blueberry, Dragonfruit, Elderflower – you name it, they probably brew it! Perfect for adding a little bit of zing into your life, they’re the go-to place if you like something a little bit sour and a whole bit epic.

Best Brew 🍺 Coffee & Bramble Sour – 7.4%

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vault city brewing

71 Brewing – Dundee

If you’re more of a lager/pilsner drinker or enjoy the odd IPA, 71 Brewing in Dundee are your guys. Inspired by European classics, they attempt to bring continental quality to the shores of Scotland. Big, bold and suitably refreshing, they’ve crafted some seriously delicious stuff. Whilst you can’t beat a cold crisp lager in the height of the summer sun, these awesome brews are well received all year round.

Best Brew 🍺 71 Lager – 4.4%

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71 brewing

Craft Beer in Glasgow

Overtone Brewing Co – Glasgow

Overtone have made some headway in the last two years and have established themselves in amongst the noise of the Glasgow craft beer scene. Not only are they fully fluid, producing new brews every month, but they have done an awful lot of work to ensure their brewery is as green as possible, plus they’re always up for suggestions on how they can be even better for the environment.

Best Brew 🍺 Beer Formerly Known As… – 7%

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overtone brewing co

Craft Beer in Aberdeen

Fierce Beer – Aberdeen

Flavour, flavour, flavour! That’s what it’s all about here at Fierce Beer. From hop-fulled IPAs to pilsners and fruity numbers, stouts, sours and mixed fermentation brews, they cover all bases to bring a complete selection to your palate. They also produce rum, gin and mezcal if you really want to take things up a notch.

Best Brew 🍺 Fierce Pilsner – 4.2%

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fierce beer

Craft Beer in Tweedbank

Tempest Brewing Co. – Tweedbank

Morish is the word that springs to mind when we think of Tempest Brewing Co. Bursting with flavour and delivering on depth and body, they’ve got a little bit of oomph about them. Style over substance is something that can be said of a lot of craft breweries, but that is absolutely not applicable in this case as they have both in spade loads.

Best Brew 🍺 Brave New World – West Coast IPA – 7%

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Tempest Brewing – Melrose

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