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28 Stag Do Whatsapp Group Chat Names

28 stag do whatsapp names

I’ll just call it ‘Stag Chat’ or ‘Alan’s Stag’ or whatever – it doesn’t matter, it’s only the group chat name…”

Hello, underwhelming weekend!

Yep, believe it or not, the stag weekend can live or die by the group chat name.

“What are you talking about, you plank?!”

Well… the group chat is the first time all the guys assemble. This is your chance to set the tone for a belting weekend – and it starts with a great chat name.

Who’s going to be pumped up when they’re added to ‘Stag Chat’?

Answer: Nobody.

So start off on the right foot and get everybody in the mood to party with 28 of our favourite stag do Whatsapp chat names.

Puns/Funny Stag Chat Names

  1. Menace to Sobriety
  2. Beer Pressure
  3. IPA Lot When I Drink
  4. We’re Too Old For This S***
  5. Nobody Gets Out Sober
  6. Game Over, [Name]!
  7. The Stag Do is Coming

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Song-Related Stag Chat Names

8. The Boys are Back in Town
9. Who Let the Stags Out
10. Another One Bites the Dust
11. It’s the End of the World as We Know It
12. Stags Will Be Stags
13. Smooth Operators  
14. Wish You Were Beer

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Movie-Related Stag Chat Names

15. The Fellowship of the Groom
16. The Magnificent [insert group size]
17. [Groom’s name] The Stagfather
18. [Groom’s name] The Stagfather Part II (for second marriages)
19. [Groom’s name] The Stagfather Part III (you get the idea)
20. Stag Wars
21. 2021: A Stag Odyssey (change year as applicable)
22. The Silence of the Stags (good one to change it to if nobody is chatting
23. The Stags of Wall Street
24. The Good, the Stag and the Ugly
25. The First Rule of Stag Club…
26. The Hangover: Part 4
27. Fear And Loathing In [Enter Destination]
28. Reservoir Stags

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