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The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign is about educating men to overcome the fear of talking about their privates and take action. Cancer treatments are far more effective when caught early enough but there is a 'culture of embarrassment' that often stops men talking about their private parts.

StagWeb & MaleCancer.org

StagWeb are proud to support MaleCancer.org in their fight to raise awareness of prostate, bowel, breast (yes, blokes can get it too) and testicular cancer in young men. With your help we're going to help raise funds to allow MaleCancer.org continue to make more young men spot the early stages of cancer.

Talking bollocks

Talking B****cks

The first step to preventing many of these early cancer deaths is to make guys aware of self-checking and remove the taboo that stops men from talking about their b****cks instead of just talking b****cks. Hands up guys, we're all a little bit guilty.

Taking things in hand

Taking Things in Hand

We won't be resting on our behinds and are committed to helping MaleCancer.org to raise funds to launch 'SKYBALLS' a 100ft hot air balloon in the shape of a giant pair of testicles which has been endorsed by Family Guy's Peter Griffin. As well as raising funds through sponsored events, we're inviting our stag groups to contribute a small donation when booking their stag weekend.


Give Them A Tickle

You won't be alone in helping MaleCancer.org achieve their goal. StagWeb aren't the only ones getting behind their fantastic charity. The charity's ambassadors and supporters include;

Gary Lineker Chris O'Dowd Greg Rutherford
Jess Implazi Peter Griffin Everton Football Club
Manchester United FC Rhian Sugden Leigh Francis
Calvin Harris William Dunlop Roisin O'Shea
Lucy Pinder Mellisa Clark Greg Whyte MBE
Future fun bags

Future Fun Bags

And the fun doesn't stop there, once 'SKYBALLS' is airborne StagWeb will be continuing to support MaleCancer.org in some of their many other great awareness raising campaigns.

A grown-up conversation

A Grown-Up Conversation

As blokes we all get caught up in the rough and tumble of our bromances with our closest friends. But hairy conversations can help to educate and potentially save lives. And that's what it's all about, making guys aware and happy to check themselves for the early warning signs of cancer.

The C-Word

Male Cancer Facts & Figures*

Type UK Cases Annually Deaths Annually Survival Rate**
Bowel 41,000+ 16,187 57%
Prostate 41,000+ 10,837 84%
Testicular 2,000+ 63 98%
Breast (Males) 400 72 Not known

Stats found on CancerResearchUK.org

**Many cancers can be treated and beaten if caught quickly enough.
Survival rate of those beat cancer for 10 or more years.

To donate to MaleCancer.org

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