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StagWeb self catering guide

Tips to ensure you get the best out self catering accommodation

Set tasks

You can't do it all so make sure you tell whoever needs to know their duties well in advance, eg responsible for beers, breakfast, aspirin, firewood, etc. And double-check they've got it all under control 2 days before the weekend.

Bed, bath & beyond

The early stag gets the best bed, the earlier you arrive at the property the sooner you can lay claim to the best room / bed. With a bunch of lads away from home on the stag, chances are all the towels are going to be used in within the first few hours, so remember to bring your own. Shower or Bath early, these self-catering properties are not hotels so there will only be so much hot water and that means when it comes to ablutions it's everyman for himself. Oh and consider taking some earplugs.

Prepare for breakfast & pack the paracetamol

You are not going to get room service or breakfast when you take on self-catering accommodation for the stag weekend so make sure you've got enough rescue supplies to get you going first thing in the morning. For some that means a full English, for others coca cola, for others coffee and a gasper, for others Nurofen or Resolve. Just make sure you've got this covered and the mornings will be a lot more agreeable and you'll come out looking like a genius.

Liquid refreshment

In line with the above, make sure you've got enough supplies beers and water. A dry old ship on a stag weekend will make everyone as miserable as a bastard on father's day. The same goes for a hangover drought. So make sure you've got enough liquid.

Food, glorious food

Eating's not cheating, you've got to eat so make sure you know what you want to do. Breakfast is mentioned above but what are you going to do for lunch and dinner. Are you going to cook yourself? Is there a bbq on site? What's the cooking kit / crockery / cutlery situation? Who's going to cook? Where will you get the supplies? Are you going to eat out? Is it possible to get caterers in? Forget this crucial part of the weekend and you'll be about as popular as a fart in a lift. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail, and in this case go hungry!


In this glorious country of ours the weather, often like a stalking ex, catches us by surprise. It may be hotter than a Jolokia chilli or colder than a penguin's tallywhacker, either way we can't be responsible for the weather and we won't be able to tell nor will we be able to do anything about it on the weekend. These self-catering properties will not have air conditioning so please do not expect it, and they also will not have the latest in heating so check the forecast, tell the lads and prepare yourselves accordingly.

Daytime activities & games

How are you going to fill the time? What have you got planned? We can help you plan great things or you might want to take along a few games yourself eg a poker school. Set yourself up to get the most out of the weekend and you will, forget to plan to do anything and the solo passtime of drinking could just get a bit one dimensional. It's a stag weekend gentlemen, your mate's big send off so you have to celebrate in style. These places are usually in the country so if you're not going to do anything else at least plan to get out of the house eg for clay shooting or 9 holes of golf.

Allergy Andy

If there are any special needs let us know and we'll try to work with them. These self-catering properties are often listed, private residences and that means it's not possible for them to conform to certain requirements that are more easily achieved by city centre hotels. Keep that in mind when you're booking and let us know in advance, if you don't tell us we can't build the greatest weekend and that's what we want to do for you. Also if anyone has a condition that may impair their enjoyment of the weekend then prepare accordingly, eg if someone's allergic to feathers make sure they bring their own bedding, non-allergenic bedding is not guaranteed.


When you book the weekend you're committed to it, we can't cancel it, so if things look like they're going pear shaped have an alternate plan ready asap eg change the date of the stag but use this self-catering weekend for another reason eg go with another 2 couples for a weekend break, take your in-laws away, surprise the mrs with a romantic weekend. There's plenty you can come up with.

Behaviour & damage

Obviously good behaviour is expected and we're sure by booking with StagWeb you're interested in having a quality time. But you need to be aware if you blot the copybook you'll be responsible in full, for example you'll have to pay for any extra cleaning required or the repair of any damage caused. Plus if you damage the property beyond immediate repair there will be extra financial implications due to loss of business etc. Please also respect house rules eg no smoking. So to make certain you don't get unfairly saddled with expenses that are not down to you make sure the lads are well aware of their responsibilities. If any issues occur always own up straightaway and it's most quickly and least expensively sorted. And as a last word please be courteous to your hosts and the local population, if you're not you'll only mess it up for other groups and that's not fair.

The last word

In a nutshell plan it right and you'll have a ball and enjoy a memorable weekend with the lads, you'll have done the groom proud and he'll remember it forever. It could be one of the best weekends of your lives. In twenty years you'll still be saying .."do you remember that time we took the cottage in ...".

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