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Now we at StagWeb have got a whole lot of love for all of our European stag destinations, but we do have a major soft spot for evenings in Dubrovnik. Nights are unbelievably warm and pleasant well into the Autumn, leaving you and the boys plenty of time to stroll about the Old Town or along the beach with an ice cream or some pizza underneath a calm, star-lit sky, before the temperature finally drops low enough to start clubbing, often around midnight or even the small hours don't expect to get much sleep in Dubrovnik!

Although there's certainly a spirited, party vibe in the air in Dubrovnik, it's definitely worth getting some booked activities sorted too, as good clubs and bars are not necessarily in abundance here. Luckily, we've got a selection of Dubrovnik nightlife activities which are perfect for when the sun goes down. Getting a couple of Dubrovnik events sorted and booked ready for your arrival is something we'd always recommend it means that everyone gets to stay stress-free, happy and amused and it'll kick off every night with a bang! The city of Dubrovnik is known often for its exclusivity and restaurants can be very overpriced. Watch out for all the most obvious tourist traps, or even better, book up a great value stag supper with us. Give us a call on 01225 474200 and get things moving today!

What should our main Dubrovnik events be at night?

Casino Night

For this casino night, all you need to bring is your mates, a smart outfit and your favourite cheeky vixen, Lady Luck. We know where to find all the very coolest casinos around and Dubrovnik is no exception. Enjoy a decadent night of trying your luck on the roulette wheel or the blackjack table and who knows, you might come out with enough money to buy everyone a drink or three! Whether you're well-practiced in the art of the poker face or tend to struggle with the rules of snap, everyone can muck in and have a good go at the casino, one of our number 1 Dubrovnik events!


Sadly, Dubrovnik restaurants tend to be something of a tourist trap, where high-end prices are charged for mediocre pizzas and traditional dishes. When you book with StagWeb, we can organise restaurant meals for you and your group for really excellent prices at a variety of different eateries across the city. Pre-booking a group meal means that everything is paid up before you leave and all the Kuna you bring along is freed up for enjoying yourselves! Lining the stomach is a must before any big night out to ensure that everyone stays safe and secure, but food isn't just fuel, lads, an evening around the table in a traditional Croatian restaurant is not only a great opportunity to enjoy a little of the local culture, it's also the perfect time to catch up with your mates and enjoy a great laugh. It's not all about the pubs and bars! A top value restaurant meal is one of the finest ways to kick off warm, balmy and buzzing Dubrovnik nights.

Guest List Clubbing

There's a small and select collection of good clubs and music venues in Dubrovnik, but they're not always easy to find. We're well acquainted with Dubrovnik nightlife and have great connections with all of the biggest and best party hotspots, meaning that we can pass deals, expertise and VIP options on to you for your night out in the city. Whether you've got moves like Jagger or would be better off moving out of the way, the fun-loving, swanky party set in Dubrovnik will be happy to welcome you to the dance floor! Plus, with our exclusive guest list clubbing passes, you get to skip the queues and hop straight to the front and get your night out off to a great start. The clubs that we recommend are all central and close enough to your accommodation to mean that you and the boys can roll from bed to bar in a matter of minutes. Perfect!

How do we get around? Dubrovnik nights

Handily, getting around Dubrovnik at night is not difficult, as this walled city is relatively small and compact and because all of our accommodation is well located, you'll all find it easy to get out and about at night on foot with little problem. Some of our Dubrovnik nightlife activities lie just outside the walls, but luckily, it's easy to get outside with either a pre-booked transfer with us or a taxi which costs around 25 Kuna (£2.50 approx) as a flat fee and then a reasonable fare to cover the rest of your journey. Pick one up in central Lapad, at Gruz Harbour or at Pile Gate.

When you're ready to hit the city on your Dubrovnik nights out, the Old Town is the place to be don't be fooled by its quaint and quiet guise during the day because at night, it really comes to life. Old Margarite Street right by the water's edge is a great place to visit when the sun goes down, as is Prijeko Street further into the heart of the Old Town and its offshoots for a brilliant night. In Dubrovnik, find one of the very best clubs in the whole of Europe which sports its own private beach and an uninterrupted view of the ocean that's pretty hard to beat!

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