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As the home of some the biggest festivals in the UK, from Cowes Week to Bestival to the Isle of Wight Festival, it's pretty clear that the Isle of Wight knows how to party. It's one of the UK's most popular holiday destinations; while it might not be a wild party city, when it comes to showing you and the lads a good night, the little island is certain to surprise you with the vibrant club, bar and party scene that's lurking just beneath the façade of beaches and fish and chip shops. Stag's wanting a quieter night needn't run in fear either the Isle of Wight is well accustomed to catering to the tourist crowd, with plenty of old fashioned pubs, wine lounges and classy bars to raise a glass in as well. When it comes to the Isle of Wight, there's something for everyone!

I've got a cunning plan…

We hate to break it to you boys, but the Isle of Wight is not Vegas, you are not the Wolf Pack, and just turning up and letting the night run its course does not result in The Hangover… it results in you and the lads sitting in a pub, buying shandies from a surly barman who kicks you out at half ten because he wants an early night. Whether you and the lads want a wild night on the Wight, or more laidback evening out, you'll need to make some sort of a plan first. Nothing needs to be set in stone there's little worse than spending the entire night running around according to a strict timetable that's organised with military precision. But a few general ideas always helps; if you want to start off with a big meal or order food from a bar, whether you're heading to bars or pubs, where the best of both are, what club you'll end up at and when you want to get there… it all adds up to an evening that runs a lot more smoothly.

Where to go

It's not exactly a mammoth island, so you're never going to be too far from a decent pub or bar… and if you are, it's just a short cab ride to somewhere better. Ryde is the spot to start off the night with a few drinks, particularly along Union Street. You and the lads will find a selection of the cooler and more upmarket Isle of Wight bars, including cocktail bars (go for a Whisky Sours or a Honey I'm Home if you don't want anything pink or served with umbrellas) and tapas restaurants, and wine lounges. There's also a few grungy live music venues if you're fans of the mosh pit, and some great pubs, like the traditional Solent Inn and the Crown… as well as a less traditional, but very popular, Wetherspoons.

Newport, right in the centre of the island, is another top spot, particularly around the High Street and South Street. The area is heavy with chain pubs like Yates if you want a few options that you already know will be right up the lads' alley. There's also the biggest club on the Isle of Wight there, with three floors and five different bars, and the island's biggest alternative music club too.

Where to eat

Sitting down with your boys for a big meal is an essential ritual before a big night out. Not only does it give you and the guys a chance to slow down and catch up over the weekend's activities and events, but it also provides that all-important stomach lining, so your evening doesn't end too soon or too messily. As a major UK holiday destination, there's no shortage of restaurants around to help you do just that. There's a good selection of different styles of food on offer, from the expected good old British grub and seafood to Chinese, Indian, Italian and steakhouse-style restaurants. If you want help finding somewhere for all the lads to eat, try our stag suppers selection. If you let us know what you want, and your budget, we'll find and prepay for something that suits all the boys all you'll need to bring is some loose-fitting trousers and the money for a few drinks.

So why StagWeb?

From raucous nightclubs to well-established pubs, there's plenty going on in the Isle of Wight if you know where to look… and StagWeb has been looking for over 14 years. We know the island coast to coast, and know all of the best bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants spread over the 380km2 of it. Not only that, with our exclusive deals and offers (not to mention packages), we can get all of it for lower costs and better value than anyone else. Throw in our fantastic, round the clock customer service, and the care and attention to detail that gets us reviews like this, and it's no wonder we've had over 400,000 satisfied clients…

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