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The ancient Romans have become a byword for excess and partying… what else did they expect, when they drank over a gallon of wine each a day and had a God worshipped for his association with drunkenness and ecstasy?! Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your point of view), things have calmed down a bit over the centuries since then, dropping the human sacrifice and orgies and keeping the irrepressible party spirit that makes Rome one of the coolest, most cultured cities in the world. A Rome stag night celebrations can't be contained by just clubs; when the weather's good (which is always), the party spills out into the streets, with every square and piazza in Rome turning in to a giant outdoor bar!

Military Strategy

We're not saying that a Rome stag night has to be conducted with all the organisation and tactical forethought of a military campaign, here. We're just saying that when you tackle the Rome stag nightlife, however laidback you and the boys may be, it is necessary to have some semblance of a plan in place. If you've brought the lads all the way over to Italy, they're not going to be impressed if you end up with no idea where to go, holding your bags in the middle of Rome's labyrinthine streets with mopeds and Vespas speeding around you.

In any case, Rome's nightlife tends to follow the European model and start late. Locals will often go for dinner from nine onwards, meaning the actual bars and clubs open and get busy considerably later on. Make sure you book with a company that knows Rome and knows the Rome stag nightlife scene, to ensure you don't end up standing in an empty bar, wondering where all the bella signorinas are.

Roman around

Rome is a big, busy city, and identifying exactly where it is you'll find the nightlife best suited to you and the boys can be a daunting task. As a general guide, gents who are looking for a laidback night might want to head to Piazza Navona or Via della Pace, which is filled with chic and intimate wine bars and late night cafes. Campo De Fiori is a better choice for lads looking for pumping tunes and throbbing bass lines, with a large tourist population keeping the nights loud and energetic into the early hours of the morning. And Testaccio is a little further out of the main city centre and close to the river, but it's easily the king of the Rome stag nightlife. The district is absolutely saturated with different options for lads on a stag night, from sizzling and dazzling superclubs to grungier live music venues. You'll also find a huge selection of bars here too, often serving food well into the night. There's not really much of a distinction in Rome between bars and cafes stick around in one long enough and you'll see it move between the two as the day goes on.

If you'd like a little help navigating Rome's complicated nightlife scene, try our guided pub crawl. An English-speaking guide will take you around some of the top bars in the city, and give some guidance on the best places for you and the lads to enjoy a few bottles of wine before heading to the clubs.

Worshipping Bacchus

Quaffing some of the best wine in the world in one of the isn't a bad start to the night by any means, but if you and the lads are desperate to hit the dance floor at some stage, Rome gets better still. Rome doesn't have as many nightclubs as some other European party cities, but it's not lacking in variety. A young population, plenty of students, and a huge number of tourists means that Rome has a staggering selection of clubs for a stag night and stylish Rome's inherent coolness means they're fantastic quality too. If you want to make sure you see the best of Rome's nightclubs, as StagWeb for our queue jump nightclub entry, skipping the hoards at the doors and arguments with the bounder, and getting straight to the party.

Lining the stomach

If you thought Dominos was good, prepare to have your minds blown. Seriously, is there any city in Europe that's going to be offering you and the lads better dinner options than Rome? No fiddly, delicate little plates like France, no potato-and-cabbage stodge like some of the eastern European countries… it's pizza, pasta and ice cream from morning till night. There's a reason Italian restaurants have sprung up in pretty much every city in the world it's delicious. We always advocate having a big meal before you head out to soak up some of the alcohol, but we'd imagine you don't need much persuading to track down a huge plate of carbonara. Make sure you and the lads get to experience a fantastic authentic Italian meal by booking a stag dinner with StagWeb in advance. The meal will be paid for before you get there, meaning all you'll need to bring is cash for a glass of red or two to wash it down!

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