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Ok huddle up, a little bit closer, we're going to whisper this... Stratford stag party nightlife is awesome! There, the secret is out. While the tourists and granny laden coach trips might rumble into town by day, filling the gift shops and tea rooms with the sounds of American accents and cake chomping dentures, by night Stratford is a totally different proposition. And the thing is not many people know about it.

Thanks to the books, plays and love for Stratford's favourite son no one thinks much about flooding in for a huge knees-up. So the locals have quietly built up a collection of awesome bars, clubs and restaurants and kept them all to themselves. These top venues are just as classy as you'd expect, bringing a little bit of highbrow thinking to a top night out without charging tourist burning prices (take that London!).

Saving Can Be Fun!

Yep, that might sound like a crap banking slogan aimed at taking pocket money from small children but with StagWeb it is a truism. Not the taking money from children bit but the fact that you can enjoy the very best Stratford stag weekend nightlife, have an absolute blast and save cash.

"How does that work StagWeb?"

Well, we're glad you asked. Get ready for the maths bit...
If you're booking a stag weekend direct, firstly there's the running around, finding the details, making calls, sending emails, yadda, yadda, yadda... And to some extent you're shooting in the dark, is the club, restaurant, activity any good? You don't know, you can read some reviews and hope for the best.
But at StagWeb we're in the know and in with the right people. Because we book hundreds of stag weekends we get offered huge discounts on to you to help you save money.

"Why not pocket the cash yourselves?"

Because we're like you, we like a good night out, we know how expensive it can be so we want to save you money. We genuinely want you to have a great time for less dosh. We're not simply being altruistic.
1 The groom is only going to do this once and we want him to have a weekend to remember
2 If you and your mates have a great time and save money you'll book with us again.
3 Whether you have a good time or bad time you'll tell your friends about your weekend, if we help you emerge from the weekend as an absolute stag legend you'll tell your friends to book with us as well.

"What if we have a change of plans?"

Just like the ladies at our favourite gentlemen's club, we're flexible. With StagWeb you don't need to confirm your Stratford-upon-Avon stag party nightlife (such as the final number of stags, etc) until 5 weeks before your weekend. We know planning a stag weekend can be a nightmare so we make it easy, you can make changes, add guests, remove guests, change activities to suit the guys. Don't want to chase them for payment? Then don't worry, you don't have to. Our online individual payment system means the guys can each pay individually and pay by instalments if that makes the weekend more manageable for them.

Strangers in a Strange Town

The final thing to consider for your Stratford-upon-Avon stag nightlife plans is knowing where's hot and where's not. You don't want to waste your night going in and out of the wrong bars or wasting time standing in line only to find (30 minutes later) that you're in a dull club. We know Stratford well, we've been sending groups there since 2002 and our young team of stag experts make regular 'good time' field trips make sure we know where the party is at (it's a tough job but someone has to do it).
When we're drinking, partying and having a good time, we're doing it for you. You're welcome.

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