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If you're looking for a stag night with a little wrock and roll, Wroclaw is most certainly the place to be! Aside from being absolutely stunning and packed full of historic monuments, Wroclaw stag nights are well known for being seriously lively. There's a huge student population that keeps drink prices low and the volume high and with a pint retailing at less than £1 in many places, we're willing to bet that the lads will love it. There's plenty going on in Wroclaw but we'd really recommend booking up one of our nightlife activities to kick off any evening with a bang. From bowling and restaurant meals to lap dancing and a limousine trip, we've got all bases covered for a totally memorable Wroclaw stag night!

What should we eat?

Wroclaw is a cosmopolitan and international city where many a business deal is brokered every single day and so whatever you feel like eating, you'll most likely find it here! Italian food is really popular in the city and so that stag friendly favourite, pizza, is never too hard to find. Thai, Indian, Spanish and Mexican cuisines are all to be found when you're out and about too. Assuming that you and your mates feel like trying out some authentic Polish cuisine on your Wroclaw stag nights, make sure not to miss a plate of delicious Pierogi. Similar to small dumplings, they're stuffed with potato, cheese, fruit or meat and make a perfect snack! Aside from these, we'd recommend some classic borscht, nalesniki, meaning pancakes or for those who are feeling a little braver, how about some krupniok blood sausage or hauskyjza, a very strongly flavoured homemade cheese…

What should we drink?

Wroclaw's natives really do love to party, so wherever you decide to head of an evening, you can be sure that the drinks are free flowing and very reasonably priced. Ask for a 'piwo' or two in a local brand like ywiec, Tyskie, Warka or Lech. On a Wroclaw stag night, we'd really recommend trying out vodka, one of Poland's biggest exports and just to warn you, Poles don't like to mix their spirits…

Where should we be?

Like many European cities, the Old Town really is the place to be. On any Wroclaw stag night, you'll find lively and buzzing bars, clubs and pubs all around the Old Town which famously stay open until the last customer has staggered out of the door, whether that's at midnight or 7am! Another great place to be on a Wroclaw stag night is the colourful and iconic Market Square. Always lively and animated when the sun goes down, you can enjoy a drink or three here with the fun-loving locals and tourists alike. 'Snack and shot' bars are also worth considering. Here, you can pick up a couple of drinks and shots alongside small traditional snacks aside from offering great booze prices, it's a great way to experience a variety of real Polish flavours.

Top picks

Here at StagWeb, we have a wide variety of activities which will really get your Wroclaw stag night off to a fantastic start. There's plenty on offer but here's a couple of our top favourites to get the ball rolling! It's always worth having a set activity to kick off a great weekend and to help everyone get their bearings in a new city. Why not enquire today and chat with our client directors about all the best options?

Lap dancing

Lap dancing and all things cheeky on a stag night are a real no no for some stags and a rite of passage and a good laugh for others, so as long as you're 100% sure your best mate is in the latter camp, this activity is an absolute winner. Try out a classic stag tradition on your Wroclaw stag night and see some of the most beautiful ladies in the city put on an amazing show for you all and maybe even something extra special for the groom! A great way to kick off a big night out whilst you enjoy a couple of beers, a lap dance is a real treat which distinguishes your stag night from a regular night out in town.


Once again, travelling in a limo is a fantastic way to make your Wroclaw stag night feel extra special. Suit up, crack open the champagne and then rock up to the club or casino in a classic white stretch limo. With champagne in the back, you'll soon be learning how to live the high life! So much better than walking or hitching a lift in a cramped taxi, why not travel in style?

Brewery dinner

What could be better than enjoying a cold, crisp beer just a couple of paces away from the place it was made? With our brewery dinner experiences, you can tuck into a delicious meal, as well as a couple of pints of the good stuff after a great tour around a traditional Polish brewery. The perfect way to get any Wroclaw stag night off to a great start.

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