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Surrounded by mountains, cliffs, rivers, rapids, canyons and acres of countryside so rough and ready the military throw their shapes down here, few destinations can eclipse the sheer magnitude and devastating action of a Brecon stag do. And StagWeb have a bunch of the best Brecon stag activities around to give your adrenaline junkies all the action-packed kicks they desire. Quads, kayaks, canyoning, cliff-jumping… Give us the nod and we'll even rustle up a few dragons, get hold of a couple of sheep and arrange a spot of leek lampin' for the lads. If it's a heart-pumping farewell to those bachelor boy days you want, Brecon's the only action-packed valley to be!

Top Brecon stag activities…

Mountain biking budget-friendly, a great leveller of abilities and an ideal intro to the morning after. And you have to admit that standing atop a few hundred thousand acres of unforgiving wilderness makes for a pretty impressive way to wrap things up. When you've stopped wheezing. And can stand up long enough to appreciate it all. Just try to avoid the old 'mandibular disharmony', chaps. Our maths isn't up to much but the way we figure it; jaw + handlebars = bad (bad photos + disgruntled bride = worse).

Quad bikes if the day calls for mechanical madness and horsepower rather than chaffing and pedal-power, we'll attach a few hundred cc's, throw in some extra wheels, pad out the seats and send the boys back out to get down and dirty for one of the all-time Brecon stag do greats.

Canoeing & Kayaking firmly up the creek? Possibly in the creek? Either way, it's time to tame the rapids and show the boys who's boss with some good old-fashioned messing about on the river.

Climbing & Abseiling no cameras, no stunt crew, no flying by the light of your psychedelic gnashers. No sir. We're talking real men taking on natures craggiest and most jagged as your fearless band of weekend warriors get to grips with some of Wales' most challenging ascents.

Canyoning & Gorge walking take it up a notch with extreme Brecon stag activities at their very best. Climb, jump, swim, face the elements head-on and put those steely nerves to the test. Just don't scream. It's embarrassing. Man cards will be revoked and the beers will be on you. For eternity, we suspect.

Coasteering - when it comes to the ultimate in ballsy Brecon stag activities, little can eclipse the sheer guts, grit and determination needed to fling yourself from a rock-face into the depths of the mighty ocean swell. Real action for real action men.

With great power (and hulking great cliffs), comes great responsibility…

A couple of words to the wise, chaps; we keep banging on about it but when it comes to Brecon stag do adventures, group smart planning is essential!

We like an adventure at StagWeb as much as the next guy, but we're also quite fond of returning our groups in the same condition we find them (give or take a patch of hair or pair of kecks here and there). While all manner of furry critters might trot up and down these 'ere mountains with blatant disregard for health and safety rulings, picking the wrong cliff, river or swell will leave a giant dent in more than just your ego. And quite frankly it's bad business to be sending best men home minus a vital organ or two.

It goes without saying that our team of outdoor experts take your safety VERY seriously and we don't want the boys to miss out on the day's main action as a result of poor planning. So if a bit of expert advice wouldn't go amiss, send a quick enquiry to the team and we'll help build the itinerary to make the weekend work for you.

But wait, Brecon stag do boyos... there's more!

It wouldn't be right to bid farewell to singledom without giving a nod to that most sacred ingredient of stag parties the world over.... the giant inflatable. And if you've got a bunch who are up for a laugh, nothing sorts the men from the boys like a round of drunk dragons, duffing Daffyd, or shenanigans with sheep.

So, gentlemen, we give you... The one. The only. The StagWeb Welsh challenge.

So why StagWeb?

Simple; we know our stuff, and we're not afraid to put our money where our mouth is! We reduce costs, offer the greatest selection, take away the effort and work harder for you. And when 96% of our groups say they'd book with StagWeb again, we know we're getting it right. 100% financial protection puts your weekend in the safest hands in the business, and unrivalled on-the-ground relationships give you access to unbeatable prices to boot. You won't be disappointed and that's a promise.

Getting booked...

Choosing the right activities can be a massive ask, but get it right and you'll be in line for a fine pint or two for a job well done. Have a word with the boys, throw around a few ideas on Facebook, then send us your Brecon stag do ideas or give us a call and we'll mix and match to help tailor the perfect weekend for you. Simples!

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