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Jay Patel - Manchester - 02/07/2021

The first rule of the stag do is that you don't talk about the stag do.

The second rule of the stag do is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE STAG DO.

The third rule of the stag do is don’t forget your toothbrush.

Men Only Activities

Now all that secrecy surrounding this most male-centric of rituals is purely to spare anyone's blushes. The blushes of the chaps who were set up for a prank or beaten badly in a sporting endeavour. To spare the blushes of the groom who possibly blubbed like an Oscar winner while giving a heartfelt speech, or he might of just finally have had to pay for a round of drinks (about time too!).

Some of it of course is to spare the blushes or worries of the lovely bride-to-be. She knows full well her bloke is about to get stitched up by his best mates, she possibly has an idea of some of the activities.

So here is our Number One Tip...

Don't Upset The Bride!

You might not wish to tell her everything you're going to get up to but always bear her wishes in mind. A stag do is a great occasion but you don't want it to be the cause of the first marital bust up before they've even said "I do".

So while there are things you might not tell the bride (like the fact that her future hubby risked life and limb on one of the UK's longest zip wires, throwing himself off a cliff while coasteering or cliff jumping or put something highly questionable in his mouth on a bush tucker trial) the groom doesn’t want to be in a position where he's having to keep secrets from his bride-to-be.

Don't Upset The Groom!

And that cuts both ways, there might be things he doesn’t want to do as he knows it’s something 'er indoors will not be happy about. Having worked with over 600,000 clients we always advise groups that while its fun to have a laugh with the groom during some well planned pranks, make sure you know the limits of how far he's willing to be pushed and what are definitely no go areas. After all it's his party.

Have a chat with the main man ahead of booking your stag to get a steer on where he might like to go and activities he wants to try. He'll be the best man to judge what will best suit his chosen few who will be attending the big weekend away.

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