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Algarve free stuff and guideFacts, Figures & Free stuff!

Events and Festivals

Dec/Jan - New Year
If you’re going to bid good day to New Year on Portuguese soil, then Albufeira is the only place to be. See in the new with a massive mega-mix of concerts, fireworks, street shows and all-night parties down on the sands.

Feb - Loulé Carnival
One hundred years in the making and Loulé still reigns supreme as the carnival to beat. Top tunes. Mass boogying. Truck-loads of floats. Bizarre gigantones (giant puppets) and cabeçudos (average Joe bodies, massive papier-mâché noggins) wandering the town. And the now infamous Battle of the Flowers in full swing (details on that particular event are strangely sketchy, fierce competition among the green of finger perhaps?) Great music, great times and thousands of party-mad locals coming together for the biggest shindig of the year. Dapper threads best left behind though lads, tradition dictates water bombs and eggs be lobbed at any unsuspecting passers-by…

May-Oct - FIESA International Sand Sculpture Fest
40,000 tons of sand and a bunch of mad sculpting skills makes for a pretty spectacular sight when the sand fest lands in town each summer. The general vibe seems to be the more the messier, so grab your bucket and spade and do your worst…

Jun - MED Fest Loulé
Another month another chance to party. Originally billed as a nod to all things Mediterranean and tuneful, June’s massive musical ensemble now leaves no corner of the globe untouched during the Algarve’s annual crash course in world beats. Also the time to tuck into some fine international cuisine and pick up the didgeridoo or fine eastern tea set your collection’s been majorly lacking thus far…

Jun - Silves Beer Fest
BEER! Lots of beer. In Silves. Yep, that covers it…

Aug - Portimão Sardine Festival
Ah. The festival of the fish. Rightly proud of its maritime heritage, August sees Portimão proudly throw open its doors and invite the world to eat, drink and be merry as the town celebrates its most humble of sea-dwelling residents... by throwing them on the grill and serving them alfresco to thousands of hungry festival goers. Unconventional maybe, but the 10 day fest serves up a blinding mix of good food, great music and a whole host of cracking entertainment, from comedians, street performers and concerts to fireworks, laser shows and the annual ‘how many can you eat in 15 minutes?’ passion killer contest. And if the event has left you feeling more than a little inspired to brush up on your knowledge of all things sardine-y, get yourself along to the Portimão Museum for a quick blitz on the history of that most simple of canned foodstuffs.

Aug - Silves Medieval Festival
August’s nod to all things Olde Worlde finds Silves transformed into a living Medieval village as electricity goes off, straw covers the roads, wheels and engines give way to camels, mules and horses, minstrels entertain, knights look all chivalrous and shiny, and the local eateries put on a mighty fine spread of traditional food and wine to be enjoyed in that most Medieval of ways – minus knife and fork. In short, a right royal messy knees-up!

Aug - Noite Branca (White Night) Loulé
Season opens? We’ll party. Party season? Throw a party. End of season? Parrtttttyyyy! This one finds the heart of Loulé completely decked out in white when the centre of town bids farewell to summer by turning itself into a giant chill-out den. More great food, fresh tunes, concerts, performers… Grab your whitest garb and come on down!

Sporting Events

It’s hard to mention the Algarve and not give a nod to its immense sporting prestige. Head over to our activities page to get some of your own top flight fun and games lined-up, and check out some of the region’s biggest fixtures below.

  • APR - Rally of Portugal
  • MAY - F1 Powerboat Grand Prix
  • JUN - Portugal Match Cup – Sailing
  • AUG - BSWW - Mundialito Beach Soccer Tournament (‘Little World Cup’)
  • OCT - Portugal Masters

Beach Boys

Blue flags, bikinis, and bucket-loads of ice cold beer put the Algarve’s 200km stretch of fine sandy shores firmly at the top of any stag do hit-list. Albufeira boasts over 20 beaches prime for cool kings to don shades, lie-back and bask under sunny skies. A few to mention;

  • Praia de Albufeira - Bars, eateries and bikini-clad crowds. This is the stag life.
  • Praia dos Pescadores/’Fisherman’s Beach’ – prime spot buffering Albufeira’s Old Town and the mighty Atlantic, jam-packed with top notch seafood eateries and host of many a belting summer concert.
  • Praia da Oura – smack bang between the pulsating ‘Strip’ and... er… well, the sea, Oura’s sheltered cove, café-lined prom and golden shore offers a plum spot to kick back with a cold one on the sand. Well worth the wheezy descent down ‘Cardiac Hill’.
  • Praia da Coelha/ ‘Rabbit Beach’ (nope, no idea!) – sun, sea, sand, Sagres…. ‘Nuff said?

Getting Around

Albufeira’s a pretty compact resort, so everywhere you’ll want to head is fairly easily manageable on foot. But if your size nine’s find themselves seeking motorised transport the GIRO bus network provides a regular reliable service across town, operating 7am – midnight over the summer season, with buses running every 30 minutes. Alternatively the tourist train runs through the resort every 20 minutes, taking in all the major stops along the route, running well past midnight during high season and delivering you straight from beach to bar.

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