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Belgrade free stuff and guideFacts, Figures & Free stuff!

Getting Around

Public transport in Belgrade is surprisingly good, particularly around the Old City district. There are about 1000 buses covering 120 different bus lines, around 12 tram lines, and a night public transport system running from midnight to about 4 in the morning. If you’re out later than that, and don’t fancy waiting around for the morning, taxis are cheap and really plentiful.


Kalemegdan – Belgrade Fortress. Both one of the best places to sightsee Belgrade in a hurry (it has views out over the Danube and the whole city), it’s also the site of some really grisly history. Attila the Hun’s grave may or may not be under here, but even if not, it’s currently one of the best parks in Belgrade, and the ideal spot for kicking back and relaxing before the plane journey home.

Ada Ciganlija – the closest thing to a seaside a landlocked city can have, it’s got an 8km long beach which is hugely popular with locals and tourists alike in summer. If you want to bathe, BBQ, or just enjoy some sports in the sun, this is the spot.


We’re not usually in the habit of recommending museums for stag dos, but when you’re in a country with a history as long and violent as Serbia’s, it can’t really be avoided. They’re less about paintings and artifacts, and more about the incredible Serbian struggle.

Aeronautical Museum – displays examples of over 200 Yugoslav and Serbian air crafts, as well as actual wreckages shot down during the NATO bombings in 1999. It also has the only surviving Fiat 6.50.
Military Museum – not just modern military history, the museum goes back all the way to Roman times, keeping track of the many, many invasions of Serbia over the years.


We’ve mentioned that Belgrade is an unexpectedly brilliant summer stag do destination, but it’s equally good the rest of the seasons – as Serbia’s capital city, it’s the site of the biggest and best festivals and celebrations all year round.

  • Wine Festival. Admittedly not a country known for its fine wines, but drink enough and that will soon stop mattering.
  • International Film Festival. Again, it’s no Cannes, but you can’t get beer for under £1 in Cannes, so where would you rather be?
  • Novi Sad, the biggest music festival in south Eastern Europe. Expect a lot of rock, reggae, house and hip-hop.
  • BELEF, the Belgrade Summer Festival, with more music, theatre and dance.
  • All the best cities have a beer festival, and Belgrade is no exception. The Belgrade Beer Festival includes concerts and more than 40 beer brands.
  • The imaginatively named Autumn Festival consists largely of a parade and lots of medieval music.
  • yet more music, with the Bemus Belgrade Music Festival – if you only make one music festival in Belgrade, make it this one.

Brushing up on your Serbian

Ovaj gospodin će sve platiti - This gentleman will pay for everything. (If you’re the only one in your group who learns this, you’ve already won the stag weekend.)

Ne razumem – I don’t understand. (If you only learn one Serbian phrase, make it this one.)

Da li govorite Engleski – do you speak English. (Another invaluable sentence.)

Lak jye jyezik – it’s an easy language. (Wait, why do you think you’ll need this?)

Tyeȥak jye jyezik – it’s a hard language. (This is more like it.)

Slobodna sam – I’m single. (Just in case.)

Jan ye pijyem alkokhol – I don’t drink alcohol. (Ha.)

Gde ima puno barova? – Where are there a lot of bars? (Should get you off to a good start.)

Piva – beer. (On second thoughts, just learn this. Say it loud enough and someone will deliver.)

Police: 192

Fire brigade: 193

Ambulance: 194

Or remember 112 for everything.

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