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Cork free stuff and guideFacts, Figures & Free stuff!

Once you and the boys are settled and ready to go in the Republic of Ireland, a little more info on the city of Cork is always handy have around - we love this Irish gem, so here's our quick guide to the best it has to offer!

Getting in

Getting in to Cork by aeroplane is by far the easiest and often most affordable way to do it. Plenty of budget airlines operate routes from Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and London, as well as various other airports across the UK. Cork airport is around 10km from the city centre and taking a taxi from there will cost you around €20 or you’d rather save a little money for the pub, take the Bus Éirann on route 266.

If you really don’t want to fly, it’s possible to drive to Liverpool from your home, take the ferry to Dublin and then drive down to Cork – but at around 10 hours from London, we wouldn’t really recommend it!

Getting around

The city centre is small and compact and most visitors will not find themselves in need of public transport at all, as when staying within the city confines, getting everywhere you need to be on foot is not difficult at all.

If you need to get a little further out into the suburbs, it’s possible to catch buses to just about everywhere you’ll need to be from St. Patrick’s Street. Bus services are reasonably priced and all run with the Bus Éirann company.

Prices start at a fixed rate all throughout the city of Cork and they can be spotted by their green and blue circular sticker which states ‘TAXI’ – usually they just look like normal cars. There’s a yellow bar mounted to the roof which reads ‘TAXI’ and it’ll be lit up if available – but sometimes drivers forget, so take a peek and check whether it’s taken even when the sign is lit up.

Entertainment venues

Cyprus Avenue
If you’re in the mood for some live music, then Cyprus Avenue is the place to be. Located on Caroline Street, not far from the banks of the river Lee, it hosts great local talent in the fields of live music, comedy and theatre and it’s well worth a look if you’re big fans of up and coming music and artists – it reflects Cork’s indie, arts vibe perfectly.

Cork Opera House
All the big touring acts who come to the city make their first stop at Cork Opera House. Not just for warbling tunes, this venue is home to comedy acts, theatre, drama and music and welcomes huge names all year round like Paul Potts, Jimmy Carr, Jason Byrne and touring pre-West End shows. It’s located right on Lavitt’s Quay.

Savoy Theatre
This is not a theatre as you know it – the Savoy Theatre in Cork hosts several club nights every week on top of various performances which combine musical hits from various decades and eras with a great party vibe.

If you’re keen to kick back and relax with the latest releases on your Cork stag weekend, this city can deliver with no less than 4 cinemas in the vicinity. The Gate on North Main Street is the place to be for action, horror and romance a plenty and is centrally located for easy access.


Cork City FC is a relatively young team, formed only in 1984 and have since won two Irish league titles as well as the Setanta All Ireland Sports Cup. They play at Turners Cross and their kit is all green when at home and all red when away.

Gaelic Games
Ever heard of the Gaelic Games? Cork natives love to watch hurling and Gaelic football and they’re the most popular spectator sports in the country. In hurling, players use a wooden stick called a hurley to hit a ball called a sliotar into the other team’s goal – try and catch one of these fantastic games when you’re in Cork for a real slice of local culture. Gaelic football works in much the same way as the regular form of football we all know, except the ball is flung about, kicked, bounced and manipulated in just about any which way to ensure it gets into that goal – it’s brutal stuff and you’ll love it!

Cork Consitiution play Rugby Union at home in Musgrave Park and have won the All-Irish League three times. The team sprang from the Cork Constitution newspaper employees who wanted something to occupy their time on Saturday afternoons, as the newspaper was not released on Sundays.

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