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Dubrovnik free stuff and guideFacts, Figures & Free stuff!

Once you're settled on the Adriatic coast, it's a good idea to get an outline of what's going on in the city sorted - we've done a recce and put together this handy guide to Dubrovnik just for you!

Getting in and out

Getting in to Croatia by plane is far and away the best mode of transport as it’s relatively inexpensive when booked up with a budget airline, easy and speedy at just 2.5 hours and because Dubrovnik has its own airport, it’s easy to get into the centre as it’s only 20km away. Plenty of budget and mainstream airlines fly to this airport from a variety of UK airports and those all over Europe. Handily, Croatian Airlines offer a bus between Dubrovnik airport and the city which costs just 3 kuna.

Visiting Islands
Croatia is surrounded by islands and many of the locals love to visit these for the beautiful and quiet beaches which populate them. Boats leave from the mainland all the time and the car-free islands of Elafiti and Mijet are both popular and well worth a look.


There’s plenty of great food to try out in Dubrovnik, from simple but fresh and delicious local fare to a whole lot of pizza. The world’s largest truffle was even found here in 1999!

This term literally translates as ‘green’ and refers to the many varieties of cabbage which make up the base of this hearty meat and veg stew. Even if you weren’t a massive fan of eating up your cabbage as a kid, this meaty meal will definitely change your mind and get you and the boys ready for a big night out on the tiles.

If you’re a fan of beef, then don’t miss out on this delicious Croatian dish. It involves the meat being marinated in various herbs and spices for 24 hours and then cooked for a couple of hours – it’s hearty, warming and filling and perfect if you’re visiting in the winter.

This is a must-try dessert if you love custard. It’s a set custard dish similar to crème brulee or a Spanish flan. Sweet and delicious.

Fish and Pizza
Dubrovnik is located right on the coast and so it’s hardly surprising that fish is one of the most popular dishes on the menu – it’s always incredibly fresh, so give it a try! Pizza is everywhere too, not only because everybody loves it but also because the coastline lies to close to pizza’s homeland, Italy. Tasty!


Bell Tower
Yes, we’re well aware that bell towers are not commonly scintillating, but at the atrium of the Sponza model green characters ‘ring’ the bell on top of the building – they’re named the ‘Zalenci’ or ‘the green ones’, just like the cabbage stew – see, you’ll be fluent in Croatian in no time!

Placa Stradun
This really is the place to be when the sun goes down. The straight and linear streets define the area and it’s ideal for a chilled out wander at night with an ice cream, crepe or a massive slice of pizza.

5D Theatrum
On the right side of the Stradun lies this incredible 5D experience which takes visitors through the history of Croatia and the Croatian conflict – nope, we don’t know what the 5th ‘D’ is either, but as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area, it’s probably worth finding out.

City Walls
As one of the few remaining walled cities on earth, Dubrovnik’s city walls are an absolute must-see – they’re 2km all the way around and attract visitors from all around the area and the world.

War Photo Limited
A must for war nerds, this is an excellent exhibition of war and conflict photography which involves not only images of the relatively recent conflict on the Croatian coast, it also houses fantastic pictures from leading war journalists from all over the world.

Free stuff

Although Dubrovnik is far cheaper than the UK by anybody’s standards, it’s still one of the priciest places in all of Croatia, so we’ve done our very best to find a couple of completely free but still fantastic stuff to do in the city so that you get to save more money for the pub. Handy!

Mount Srd
This one’s only for the fitness fanatics, but after a pretty exhausting and treacherous 90 minute climb, the view really is worth it when you and the boys get to experience one of the best panoramic views of Dubrovnik from 413 metres high. Bring along plenty of water in the summer as it gets very hot and if you do get lazy, there’s a €10 cable car on hand to help.

Banje Beach
Everybody loves a beach when it’s sunny and so if you’re looking for a place to chill out between activities, head down to Banje, which is located next to the Old Town and has its own convenient café-bar right on the sands. Plus, it’s right next to the fashionable East West Beach Club which you can admire from afar if you feel intimidated by the ‘beautiful people’, or if you feel fully qualified to fit in, get sunbathing over there!

The Troubador
In the summer months, head to the Troubador Square in the intimate Old Town where live jazz plays every night. An incredible atmosphere.

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