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Glasgow free stuff and guideFacts, Figures & Free stuff!

Getting around Glasgow

Glasgow is a highly pedestrianised city, so walking around is easy enough – once you’ve got a map. There's a subway running underneath the city, and for just £3.80 you can ride it all day without problem – give the Glasgow Subway Challenge a try, if you think you’re fast enough. The train network is the third largest outside London in the UK, and covers much of the city. There’s also a comprehensive bus service that’s especially useful when visiting tourist heavy areas. It doesn’t give change, so be sure to fill your pockets with a mixture of coins before heading out.

Stuff to do

Scottish Football Museum – Football inspires passion in all men, and in Scotland it’s no exception. It’s made a considerable contribution to the beautiful game after all, with the first international match played between England and Scotland in 1872 (0-0, naturally). It’s only fitting to pay tribute to football in a country that’s given it so much. Throw in a game of 5 a side, hire a pitch, or just go see a match to give the weekend a football theme.

King Tuts – it’s not the most auspicious looking music venue in the world, but since it helped launch the careers of Oasis, Pulp, The Verve, the Manic Street Preachers, Radiohead and the Kings of Leon, so we can overlook the grunge and the hipsters.

The Tall Ship – It’s a big ship and a museum! The Glenlee spent 80 years sailing around the world, it’s about time you went and showed it a little appreciation.

Titan Clydebank – from below, it looks like a massive crane. From the top, it looks like the best panoramic view out across Glasgow possible, with 360 views of the city and surrounding area, the wind whistling through your hair, and only a rail standing between you and plummeting see Glasgow up close again. We’re not kidding about massive, either – it’s big enough to bungee jump off!

Free stuff to do

Kelingrove Park – Glasgow is a surprisingly green as it is, and Kelingrove is the biggest of the 90-odd parks the city has. There’s 85 acres, Victorian architecture, monuments, a river, skate parks, tennis courts, bowling greens... or you could just take a football and some sandwiches to kill a few hours on Sunday morning.

Glasgow Cathedral – sound boring, until you learn it’s built in front of the Necropolis cemetery. Together they were described by Victorians as a literal ‘City of the Dead’, and anything that can terrify the morbid Victorians is pretty darn creepy.

Festivals and Events

  • Celtic Connections, a 3 week long folk and world music festival
  • Glasgow Film Festival
  • Glasgow International Comedy Festival
  • West End Festival – it’s Glasgow’s biggest event, and attracts about 150,000
  • Glasgow Science Festival
  • Glasgow International Jazz Festival

Sporting Giants

Talk all you want about rugby or golf, but we all know that one sport dominates the sporting landscape in Glasgow – the football. The fans might have a reputation for getting a little, uh, over eager, and we can’t say it’s not been deserved in the past, but things have cooled down, and the atmosphere is intoxicating. If you don’t have match day tickets, all isn’t lost – we can arrange for tours of the grounds if you still need to get a footie fix.

Celtic Park – Home of the Celtic Football Club. It’s the second biggest stadium in the UK, and Celtic has been there since 1892. They’ve got the oldest club magazine in the world, 44 Scottish League Championship wins to their name, and 80,000 supporters willing to travel to Seville to watch the UEFA final – the total number of fans generally is over 9 million.

Ibrox StadiumHome of the Rangers. They’ve won more domestic titles than any other club in the world, but ended up facing liquidation. They were bought in time to stick around and in 2016 returned to the Scottish Premier League to renew their age-old rivalry with Celtic FC. Some things never change...

Hampden Park Or just steer clear of the whole thing and head to Scotland's national stadium instead.

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