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Lisbon free stuff and guideFacts, Figures & Free stuff!

The fantastically cultural city of Lisbon has so much going on that you might just struggle to fit it all in! Drag the lads out of the pub and take a proper trip around the city – here’s our guide to all the best stuff going on in the Portuguese capital.

Getting In


Travelling by air is your best bet when it comes to travelling across to Lisbon. Pick up a cheapie flight with one of the many budget airline carriers (we’d advise booking early to avoid soaring prices) and go from airports all over the UK. The closest airport to Lisbon is the Aeropuerta da Portela and you can easily get to the city centre and your accommodation via the ‘Aerobus’ or Metro. There are plenty of taxis around too but be aware that these are pretty expensive. Alternatively, allow StagWeb to provide transfers as a part of your package to ensure a quick and easy arrival.

Getting Around

On Foot

When you’re staying right in the centre, walking is your best bet. Everything you’ll want to see is just a short wander away and it saves money on public transport as well as the need to battle crowds.


Why not use pedal power to get around when you visit Lisbon? Cycle hire is a really popular business here in the city and it’s a nippy way to get about, as well as a great opportunity to see plenty of your stag destination.


The metro system here is really effective and even though the announcements are all in Portuguese, the map is simple to use and the billing machines bilingual, so you should all be able to work it out – even if some of you do struggle with the local bus network…


There’s no need to become fluent in Portuguese by any means but it’s not difficult to learn a few phrases before you go. You’ll fit in with the locals in no time!

Hello – Ola
Please – Por favor
Thank-you – Obrigada
Yes – Sim
Não – no
Do you serve alcohol? – Servim álcol?
A glass of re/white wine please – Um copo de vinho tinto/branco por favor
Cheers! – Saúde
I love you – Amo
I am a dance champion - Eu sou um campeão de dança
I’m drunk – Estou bebado
Do you have a shopping trolley I can ride in? - Você tem um carrinho de compras que eu possa andar em?
I need a pizza – Eu precio de uma pizza
I’m hungover – Estou de ressaca

Because the best things in life are free...

We know better than anybody that stag parties can be an expensive business. Once you and the lads have shelled out for activities and a cerveja or two, we’re willing to bet that you’re keen to put your wallet to rest for a bit. Accordingly, this stuff is all completely free.

Museu Colecao Berardo

This art museum is absolutely free, so if you’ve got any art loving lads on your trip, why not drag the others along? You can see hyper realism, cubism, digital and even body art here (yeah, we’re not too sure how that one works either) but it’s well worth a look to clap your eyes on some real Picassos, Dali, Rothko and Warhol pieces.

Easy like a Sunday morning

Just because the city’s major attractions require a fee to get in, it doesn’t mean that you have to ban them from the stag – just go on Sunday morning! At this time of the week, the Museu Nacional de Azulejo, the Mostiero dos Jeronimos and the Torre de Belem are all free of charge.

Beach bums

Get those perfectly chiselled bodies out, boys because it’s time to hit the beach! Soak up the sun and sleep off any lingering hangovers out on one of Lisbon’s fantastic city sands.

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