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“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” – Samuel Johnson, 20 September 1777.

London trivia

famous for: the tower, the bridge, the London Eye, Wembley... so many great things
famous sons and residents: Dick Whittington, Winston Churchill, Sherlock Holmes
interesting fact: London receives 26 million visitors per year

Just talking about London gets us excited, it’s just an incredible destination! There is so much to the city, so many options, so many possibilities. There are have been loads of guides written for London and because it’s such an evolving metropolis they constantly have to be rewritten. As far as a guide goes the key things you should be concerned about for London stags, if you’re thinking of planning one, are

London’s easy to get lost in so location is key if you want to base yourselves centrally close enough to the evening action that you can walk or get a quick taxi between venues, you certainly don’t want to be traipsing round the streets especially if the group splinters later on, and inside the group you’ve got a couple of lads that may be geographically challenged. However for the daytime you want to broaden your horizons, there are some amazing centrally based activities but they are at a premium but there are plenty more within a 30-60 minutes commute into the home counties.

Our best advice and guide for your stag is to plan as far in advance as possible, have a clear idea of budget and as far as possible an indication of numbers (but don't worry if this changes, it probably will, we don't need final numbers until 5 weeks prior to your event). You don’t have to book everything straightaway but you want to be thinking about options, we’re at your service to help you make the best choices so make use of our expertise, we can present a range of ideas and suggestions. During the process from your original enquiry right up to the event we'll be working with you to make sure your stag is a capital success!

Annual London average temperatures

London stag annual temperatures

London - A quick history lesson

Founded by the Romans in approximately 50AD, "Londinium" was just a bolthole on the Thames. Slowly through its importance as a port it became the capital of Roman Britain. From the 5th century the Romans started to leave Britain, it remained fairly inactive until the Saxons arrived two hundred years later. It grew well in trade and was subsequently usurped by the Danes who shoed in King Canute. On Christmas Day in 1066 a confident William the Conqueror crowned himself as king in Westminster. London reached a population of 100,000 by 1300, but the plague followed and the black death claimed over a third of residents. This however was bested by the Great Plague (1664/5) killing over 100,000 within a year, and the galloping consumption of this disease was only halted when a dopey baker in Pudding Lane set his shop alight. The "Great fire of London" lasted 4 days reducing three quarters of the city to ashes. Thereafter Sir Christopher Wren set about the redesign. By 1700 London was the largest city in Europe with half a million residents. In the nineteenth century (Victorian England) London became the capital of the biggest empire the world has ever known, covering over a quarter of the globe and encompassing 500 million people. This combined with the industrial revolution saw an increase in population from 1 million to 4.5 million by the start of the 20th century. London is now home to between 7 and 12 million people depending on where you draw the line, and is undoubtedly one of the world's great cities.

Free stuff to do in London

Yes it’s true, believe it or not there’s plenty of free stuff to do in one of the world’s most popular cities, you can add a load of goodies without spending a penny, it’s just unlikely that you’ll want most of it on a boys weekend. For example the many outstanding galleries such as the Tate and the Portrait Gallery and fantastic museums like the British Museum and the V&A, probably won’t feature in the itinerary planning process – and to be honest nor should they.

However … the following recommendations may be useful …

The Markets – 6 of our favourites and a useful guide
In a word, fantastic. It’s a great way to feel the buzz maybe pick something up for the other half before a welcome lunchtime pint or two, why not combine it with breakfast! Our favourite markets include …

  1. Portobello (W11)
  2. Camden (NW1)
  3. Borough (SE1)
  4. Brick Lane (E1)
  5. Spitalfields (E1)
  6. Greenwich (SE10)

For a bit more info have a look at StreetSensation’s excellent map of 20 of London’s markets.

The Parks – 5 of the best parks in London
You can walk off the hangover or grab a coffee or take the footie, put down jumpers for goal posts and hey presto you’ve got another activity. Our favourites for a walk / kick about include …

  1. Holland Park (W8)
  2. Regents Park (NW1)
  3. Hyde Park (W2)
  4. Kensington Gardens (W2)
  5. Green Park (W1)

If you want to see what’s going on have a look at the Royal Parks.

Photo Opportunities
You could always think about an iconic photo opportunity like … taking a photo on the Abbey Road zebra crossing (NW8) made famous by the Beatles, you could be the Stag Beetles! Ok so it’s not going to make the weekend but it’s a picture the groom, and maybe all of you, will keep forever.

Last Orders Gentlemen… London Pubs
Ok so going to a pub is going to cost you money but most of them are free to enter and as the stag night guide suggests there are 7000 or more in the city, hooray! There are pubs of all shapes, sizes, descriptions, history, quality and so on. Why not make sure the pubs you go to during your trip are worth visiting.

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