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Madrid free stuff and guideFacts, Figures & Free Stuff!

The name ‘Madrid’ derives from the Arabic word ‘magerit’ which translates as “place of streams”. So essentially Madrid is a place where liquid flows, which is a promising start for your stag party. Sangria, cerveza, and ‘el vino’ can be enjoyed plentifully in Madrid but to make the most of your weekend make sure you pace yourselves so you end the night back at your hotel rather than in A&E.

Those might sound like over cautious words from a domineering parent but at StagWeb we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of stag parties worldwide and we just want yours to be legen…. wait for it… dary!


Fiestas (that’s festivals to those that don’t speak the lingo) are a rich part of Madrid’s calendar and heritage. There are indeed “muchos fiestas en Madrid” (don’t worry, that’s the end of our Spanish lessons) in fact its hard to find a weekend where there isn’t some holiday going on somewhere in Spain so here’s our pick of the best public parties in Madrid.

Jan 6th - Reyes (Three Kings)
Predominantly aimed at families this is still quite a spectacle in this predominantly catholic city. A massive televised parade weaves its way through the city streets, that are lined with street entertainment and music. Families will eat late and the next day children that have been good get a present those that have been bad get a lump of coal. In the same way that stags who drink well get a sunny morning and those that drink badly get a hangover.

Mid Feb - ARCO
A contemporary art fair takes place in one of the cities many art galleries.

March - Carnival
Keeping in step with many other parts of the world including the Caribbean and the big one in Rio de Janero this is a massive street party. Floats, music dancing, good music, good food, good times!

Its always the same, you wait weeks for a decent festival and suddenly four come along at once.

May 1st - Fiesta del Trabajo (May Day or Festival of the Workers)
Massive marches attracting upwards of 60,000 people are lead by the strong unions and political parties, however despite their often opposing views this is a good natured day based around Spain’s strong family values and traditions.

May 2nd - Dos de Mayo
Another keenly observed public holiday the time commemorating the day in 1808 when the people rose up against Napoleon’s rule. Despite putting up a fine struggle unfortunately the people came a bit of a cropper as the little fella’s troops had themselves a bit of target practice. Today it means more good food, live music and another day off work.

Early May - San Isidro
Madrilenos (the city residents) take to the streets again this time to honour the city’s patron saint. You can expect to find great food on offer and live gigs at Plaza Mayor, Las Visitllas and Ermita de San Isidro. Isidro himself was a 12th century labourer who dug wells and did good deeds and by all accounts was an all round top bloke.

Late May - Festimad Sur
Hot on the heals of San Isidro comes Madrid’s largest rock festival. Previous line ups have included legends such as Korn, Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, Patti Smith, The Pixies and many other huge names. You’ll also find really good home grown talent on the bill during a really chilled friendly few days of solid sounds and good times.

June - San Antonia do la Florida
More music, more food, more time off work. Another saints day celebrated by the possibly workshy populace.

Mid July - Summercase
A festival more as we would know it back in Blighty. Massive Attack, Fatboy Slim, Daft Punk, Primal Scream have all attended this massive 2 day event.

Early Aug - Verbenas de San Cayetano, San Lorenzo & La Paloma
More of your traditional Spanish knees up, bunting and flowers adorn the old streets in the city centre, its good wholesome fun and perhaps Spain at it’s traditional best.

Mid Sept - Fiestas del Partido Comunista
Still a large part of Spain’s political landscape the communist party throw a 3 day free shindig with live music, flamenco dancing, rock bands, DJ’s, lots of regional cuisine and a bit of political campaigning.

Sept - La Noche en Blanco
One for cultural insomniacs, Madrid joins Riga, Paris, Rome and Brussels in throwing open the doors of its major galleries and museums for free all night long. Yeah, let’s party!

Oct-Nov - Festival de Otoño
If you're booking off season and happen to pick these choice weeks you'll be spoilt for cultural enlightenment with contemporary dance, ballet, theatre, comedy and street performers all taking part in the party hungry city.

If you can, we really recommend you try and coincide your stag with one of the many great fiestas, if there’s one thing the Spanish know how to do it’s throw a good party.

They’re not stingy with their measures and the outgoing nature of the locals means they’re not stand offish or reserved like us Brits but like a bit of banter so you’ll soon find yourselves invited to join in the party.

To find out if you can tie in your do with one of he big Spanish affairs call the team and we’ll look a the dates for you to get where the parties at.

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