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Munich free stuff and guideFacts, Figures & Free stuff!

Getting around

Munich is pretty spectacular, so if you can get about by walking, do. If not, the public transport is just as efficient and scarily clean as you’d expect in Germany, so it’s a great alternative to dragging yourselves around on foot. There’s the U-Bahn (underground), S-Bahn (overground), trams and buses, covering much of the city and the city centre in particular. The tickets are valid for everything, so you can transfer them between transport if you need to. A ticket for the whole network for one day is €11,20, or you can get a group ticket for up to five people for €20,40 – an excellent investment if you’re travelling in a group.


We realise it’s a slim chance, but at some stage you might want to actually leave the beer gardens. If so, and if you haven’t had the foresight to book one of our activities to fill up the hours, Munich does have a lot of options for stag groups at a bit of a loose end:

BMW Museum – on one hand, it’s a museum. On the other, it’s the BMW museum.

Bier und Oktoberfest Museum – another museum, sure, but unless our German is drastically wrong, this is one for beer and Oktoberfest. It’s like they read our minds and found the only topics likely to get us in to a museum.

Allianz Arena – home of FC Bayern München, Munich’s football team, the most successful club in German history.

Englischer Garten – it’s not just any garden, it’s the English Garden. Bigger than Hyde Park or Central Park, it’s the best place to sit back with a sandwich and a football Sunday morning before you have to head to the airport. It’s even got artificial waves for those who fancy showing off their surfing skills.

Olympiapark – built originally for the 1972 Olympics, it’s also been used as a home for the football team, and now as a site for festivals and concerts. It’s a must-visit for anyone with an interest in sporting history – and a quick look round can be combined with some other activities.

Beer Festivals

Oktoberfest is the biggie, obviously, lasting from late September in to October. However, even if you can’t make it to the biggest beer festival in the world, there are a few others you might be able to fit in to your schedule:

Ausberg Plärrar – in April/May and August/September. Just outside Munich in a neighbouring city, this twice - yearly event isn’t quite as big as Oktoberfest, but with two massive beer tents, about 80 food stands, and all the carnival rides you could imagine, it’s not a bad substitute.

Starkbierfest – March. Beer, but stronger. Literally, it’s the Munich strong beer fest. Not related so much to the alcohol content as to how much it fills you up, one of these beers is like eating a loaf of bread – which cuts down on the post-pub kebabs, if nothing else.

Fruhlingsfest – May. Like Oktoberfest, but quieter. It’s a spring festival, with some beer, some rides, some partying, and without the millions of gap year students Oktoberfest brings.

Other Festivals

Munich also has a few festivals for the non-beery stag party (if there is such a thing).
May – Streetlife, one of Europe’s biggest outdoor parties.
June – Munich International Short film Festival, Tollwood, a celebration of world cuisine, music and theatre.
July – Kaltenberg Knights Festival, with jousting, jesters, and juggling fools.
November – Christmas Markets, in the most stereotypically Christmas card setting possible.

Sprechen Sie English?

Very useful German Phrases

  • Where are there a lot of pubs? - Wo gibt es viele Kneipen?
  • Do you serve alcohol? - Haben Sie alkoholische Getränke?
  • I’ll get the beer - Ich besorge das Bier
  • How much does beer cost? - Wie viel kostet Bier?
  • This gentleman will pay for everything - Der Herr übernimmt die Rechnung
  • I would like some beer - Ich möchte etwas Bier
  • Another round, please - Noche eine Runde, bitte
  • I don’t understand - Ich verstehe nicht
  • I want to talk to a lawyer - Ich will mit einem Anwalt sprechen

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