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Poznan free stuff and guideFacts, Figures & Free stuff!

Where to go

Poznan is largely spread out from the central point of the central point of the Old Town Square, Stary Rynek. For the most part, this is where the action is, and where you’ll find the highest concentration of bars in the city. During the day it’s a good palce to spend a few hours too, with cafes lining the street and plenty of little spots for lunch.


Citadel Park

A good place to head with the lads, a few beers, and a football on Sunday morning. If you fancy soaking up some culture instead of sunshine, Citadel Park has also been the site of numerous military battles in Poland’s history, and contains two museums and an assortment of monuments on site.

Stary Browar

Loosely translated, it’s the Old Brewery. Don’t get your hopes up just yet though, whilst you can try a brewery tour in Poznan if you want, it’s not here. This misleadingly named building is actually one of the best shopping malls in the world – seriously, it’s won a whole load of awards. Major brownie points if you take the misses home something from here.

Lake Malta

It’s a lake, but don’t start conjuring up any images of lazy days lying on grass, watching a few swans. This is the 2.2km largest lake in Poznan, and it’s entirely man made. It’s one of the best sites for water sports and activities in the area, with, amongst other things, an artificial ski slope, an ice rink, and a world cfdslass rowing course. Both the 1990 World Canoeing Championships and the 2009 World Rowing Championships were held there. In the area, you’ll also find a zoological garden, a few historical sites, and the Maltese Baths.

Maltese Baths

Technically a part of Lake Malta, but we thought they were impressive enough to deserve their own entry. The complex includes: an Olympic size swimming pool, a spare swimming pool, a water park that includes 11 different pools, 12 water slides, two wild rivers, 13 saunas, a vapour bath, and a full spa – with treatments and staff.

Poznan Players

The Poznan fans were widely reported to have been some of the best fans that ever went to Manchester – check out the level of enthusiasm and excitement they displayed at an under-12s game if you need help imagining how they possibly impressed the City fans. The fans unique celebration, unimaginatively known as ‘The Poznan’, of turning their back, linking arms, and jumping up and down, made such an impression on the Manchester City fans so much they briefly adopted it as their own. If you’d like to see an original Poznan done, head to the Municipal Stadium, home of Lech Poznan. The fifth largest stadium in Poland, you may have seen it as one of the venues for Euro 2012.


Malta Festival Poznan – the Polish equivalent of the Edinburgh Fringe, performers as big as Nine Inch Nails, Elvis Costello and Sinead O’Connor have performed here.

Ethno Port Poznan – a festival that includes the best of international dance, music, literature, theatre and cinema. We really mean international, too – artists from Mali, Iran, Albania, Lebanon and India all made appearances last year.

Polish Phrases

Cheers! - Na Zdrowie!
Is there a menu in English? - Czy jest menu po angielsku?
I don't speak Polish. - Nie mówię po polsku.
I need to pee. - Chce mi się siusiu
Is there a good bar around here? - Czy jest tu w pobliżu jakiś fajny bar?
I would like a beer. - Poprosze piwo.
How much is beer? - Ile kosztuje piwo?
Do you have draft beer? - Macie piwo beczkowe?
Do you have wheat beer? - Macie piwo pszeniczne?
One dark beer, please. - Jedno ciemne piwo, poproszę.
Let's go to a club! - Chodźmy do klubu!
I would like a shot of vodka, please. - Chciałbym kieliszek wódki.
Let’s dance. - Zatańczymy?
I'm drunk. - Jestem pijany.

Need to know

Tips: 10-15%
Toilets: Triangle for men, circle for women
Currency: Zloty

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