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Rome free stuff and guideFacts, Figures & Free stuff!

Rome is essentially the world’s largest open air museum – you can barely turn a corner without running in to ancient landmarks, world-famous art, astonishing architecture and generally more culture and history than you could possibly take in on one stag weekend… especially if you plan to factor in a few activities and entertainment options as well.

Rome attracts millions and millions of tourists each and every year, and so there are plenty of guides out there on what to see and do when visiting Rome – you don’t need us to go over them all here too. Instead, here’s StagWeb’s rough guide to a stag do in the city.

Getting in

All roads lead to Rome… and most airports do too. It’s one of the most visited cities in the world, so there isn’t any shortage of planes willing to take over a group of lads on a stag. There are two airports within Rome – Leonardo da Vinci is larger, Ciampino International is cheaper.


We said this wasn’t going to be a rehash of the many, many guidebooks to Rome out there, and it isn’t. If you do want a little advice on what to squeeze in around the wine tasting and segway racing, though, these would be our top picks:

St Peter’s Basilica – Once you’ve seen St Peter’s, you never need step foot in another church again – they’re just not going to compare. It’s one of the most famous works of Renaissance architecture in the world, designed by artists like Raphael, Michelangelo, and Bernini, and arguably the most important church in the western world.

Trevi Fountain – You know this one – it’s the biggest fountain in Rome, probably the most famous fountain in the world, and in like, every movie set in Rome ever. Stop by here briefly on a stag do, throw a penny in over your shoulder, and you’ll return to Rome again in the future… ideally at a time when you’ve got the opportunity to appreciate the fountain a little more.

Sistine Chapel - You’ve almost certainly already seen pictures of this, or at least of the ceiling. It’s like the most famous ceiling in the world – admittedly not as difficult as being the most famous church or fountain, but nonetheless.

Colosseum – A nice antidote to all that art and architecture, the Colosseum is all about violence, blood, gladiators, and general gruesomeness. Perfect.


Although the Colosseum is full of tourists, rather than Christians, lions and gladiators, Rome is still a city that loves sport. They’ve got one of the best basketball teams outside of North America, second only to Spain. F1 is huge in Italy as well – not surprising, since everyone from Alfa Romeo to Ferrari to Lamborghini to Maserati are Italian. Currently in the F1 they have Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. Rugby is also a popular national sport; despite what their performance at Six Nations would have you believe, they’re actually amongst the top 15 teams in the world.

Football is really Rome’s sport, though. The Italian national football team, four time winners of the FIFA World Cup, are widely considered to be one of the best national teams in the world, having won 27 major European trophies. AS Roma, though maybe less known over here than teams like AC Milan, are nothing to sneer at either – they’ve played top tier Italian football ever since they were formed… incidentally, it was Benito Mussolini who originally put the squad together. They play at Stadio Olimpico, the second largest stadium in Italy… and one they share with their biggest rivals, Lazio. If you thought Man U vs Man City, or Celts vs Rangers was bad, you’re in for a shock; games have been abandoned thanks to the rioting amongst fans.

Non capisco italiano

Because of the huge numbers of tourists to the city, you can get by perfectly easily just speaking English in Rome. However, if you want a chance of winning the heart of a bellissimo Italian signorina and competing with the Italian men, you’ll have to put in a bit more effort than that:

Do you have a boyfriend? Hai il ragazzo
Your English is excellent Parli benissimo l’inglese
You’re charming Sei incantevole
Would you like a drink? Vuoi bere qualcosa?
Would you like to dance with me? Ti va di ballare con me?
Is it hot in here, or is it just you? Fa caldo qui, o è perchè ci sei tu?
How you doin'? Come stai?

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