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Estonia really does love its music, the country overthrew the chains of Soviet rule not with guns and molotovs but by staging what has gone down in history as "The Singing Revolution". The entire nation rose up in one voice and their combined song put an end to the tyranny and brought down communist rule.
They’ve also won the Eurovision song contest (!?!).

So if you were to combine the nations love of music, its love of alcohol and the inherent national desire to just have a ruddy good time, put it in a cocktail shaker, add ice, Estonian sunshine and pour you’ll get a potent mix of some fantastic festivals all set in Tallinn’s historic cobbled city. Here’s our pick of the best;

March – Tallinn Music Week
With such a passion for music it’s understandable Estonians are keen to share the best of their home grown talent hence the birth of Tallinn Music Week the last week in March. Cellar bars, clubs, theatres and outdoor stages will host the best of the nation’s talent. A crash course in the Estonian music scene with most musical genres covered.

May 15 – Tallinn Day
Celebrating the day Tallinn received city status in 1248 a carnival atmosphere takes covers the city, food, stalls, live music and events based around the city square.

May – June – Old Town Days
Just another reason to party. Everything in the old town is spruced up and put on show with music, events and street vending.

June – Super Rally
If you prefer your hogs to be mechanised and ridden rather than spit roasted then this is the weekend to be there. The 40th Annual Harley Davidson Rally with rumble into town with a distinctive roar. Leathers, gleaming metal and all things hog related gather at the Song Festival Grounds 5th – 9th of June.

July – Ollesummer (Beer Summer)
If you only attend one Estonian festival this year then make it this one. This your mainstream music festival but like all things Estonian it mixes te nations to great loves, music and booze. Previous lines ups have included, Calvin Harris, Franz Ferdinand, Manc Stree Preachers, Scissor Sisters and Moby. 9th – 12th Juy.

July – Medieval Days
In mid July Tallinn steps back in time and goes all medieval. The Town Hall Square is the central point for a large market of all thins medieival; food, drink, buxom wenches all add colour to the historic and captivating city centre.

July – Maritime Days
If you and the guys like all things nautical then the marina and harbour celebrates Tallinn and Estonia’s maritime history.

Other Attractions

But if you don’t luck into visiting during one of the festivals don’t worry, there are still a few things well worth a visit in between your activities.

Epping Tower – You can dress in full medieval armour. A great photo op.

Great Coastal Gate & Fat Margaret Tower – Up close and personal the ancient structures really are quite impressive.

Patkuli Viewing Platform – Apart from the local lovelies this is the best view in the whole of Tallinn. Really is worth a the trip and the perfect backdrop for your group photo.

Luscher & Matiesen Distillery - The Museum of Estonian Drinking Culture – It says something of any nation that actually has a museum dedicated to its drinking culture. Tallinn we salute you. Cheers!

Kadriorg Park – If you’re looking for some chillaxing time out which doesn’t involve sitting in a bar then Kadriorg Park is a good spot for a stroll and offers some nice backdrops for the all important stag photo.

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