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Wroclaw free stuff and guideFacts, Figures & Free stuff!

Wroclaw is an absolutely stunning European city which is really coming into its own in terms of nightlife, clubbing and cuisine – get in there and snap up those low prices before everyone else gets involved! It’s perfect for a stag weekend with a great balance of culture, vodka and a whole lot of dumplings. Often known as a more simple to navigate version of Krakow, Wroclaw is vibrant, youthful and always exciting. Here are some fast facts.

Getting In


The only feasible way to travel to Poland is by air. There’s an international airport in Wroclaw itself and plenty of budget flights from the UK fly there every day, so you can get in for a cracking price and in just a couple of hours. It’s easy to get to the centre either by taxi or public transport. Catch bus 406 which goes to Wroclaw city every 20 minutes between 5am and 11pm.

Getting Around

On Foot

The centre of the city is most certainly navigated easily on foot. Beat the traffic and crowds and soak up the culture whilst you walk.

Bus and Tram

The public transport system here in Wroclaw is absolutely excellent and so if you need to get to a suburb or outlying area, it’s easy to get around. You’ll need first to buy a ‘Ruch’ ticket which is available from many shops, like newspaper stalls and supermarkets, and then top it up with money – only cards are accepted for this purpose. It’s used for both bus and tram.

See It

There’s loads to see here, so make sure you get in a couple of tourist sights if at all possible. Get wandering, lads!

Gnomes of Wroclaw

As a side note, this activity is completely free, as it’s all outdoors and involves a series of static statues! Started as a reaction to soviet rule, artists began to make small dwarf like statues, so that any authorities who disagreed would end up looking even sillier than the little guys themselves. Spot them all over the city in every conceivable corner.

Raclawice Panorama

A real must for history and war nuts, you can see a huge circular depiction of the Battle of Raclawice. You can see this amazing masterpiece which has been designed in order to make the war seem and feel as lifelike as possible.

Wroclaw Fountain

A must visit in all weathers, this amazing fountain next to the Centennial Hall produces a large ‘screen’ of water for projecting films on to with over 800 lights – and then when it freezes over in the winter, it becomes an ice rink!


There’s loads of great sporting action going on in Wroclaw and Polish football fans are well known for their enthusiasm!


The local team is called Slask Wroclaw. They play at the Municipal Stadium where the UEFA Euro 2012 was held and were Polish champions in both 1977 and 2012.


The Polish absolutely love basketball and Wroclaw has not escaped! Their team is also called Slask Wroclaw confusingly and even though their name might be unimaginative, they’re 17 times Polish champions, which is certainly not to be sniffed at…

Perfect your Polish

Okay, so nobody’s expecting you to be fluent before you touch down but here’s a few phrases to try out when you’re there!

Hello – Czesc
Goodbye - Do Widzenia
Thank-you – Dziekuje
Yes – Tak
No – No
I love you – Kocham Ciebie
I’m thirsty – Jestem glodny
I would like a shot of vodka, please – Chcialbym kieliszek wodki
I’m drunk – Jestem pijany
Another round, please – Jeszcze jedna kolejke prosze
Cheers! – Na zdrowie!
Shall we dance? – Zatanczymy?
Cool – Wypas
Dude – Kolo
To act like an idiot – Strugac wariata

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