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When it comes to stag activities in Maribor we're talking mountains, rivers, rapids, the massive Pohorje ski resort and an insane amount of action-packed kicks up for grabs for your adrenaline hungry crew. Hit the slopes, take to the water or get in a chillaxing game of footie before rings hit fingers and your buddy's weekend kickabouts face extinction by wedded bliss. From top-flight ski packages to punishing courses to the latest in motor madness, StagWeb run a selection of the very best Maribor stag activities around. Factor in your cool accommodation and blinding aprs-ski shenanigans and you're well on your way to that rightful place in best man superstardom and more than a few congratulatory pints for a weekend mightily well planned.

Maribor stag activities the classics

Clay Shooting - gold star banker time and time again and a top-drawer option for the steady of hand, precise of aim, and reluctance to, you know, do that running around thing. With firearms, competition and bragging rights up for grabs, what more could you ask for?

Go Karts - get your own Grand Prix underway with top of the range machines and a whole lot more horsepower than you should probably have access to in one of the greatest Maribor stag activities of all time.

Paintball guns, ammo and a kamikaze bid for supremacy. Still reigning supreme as one of the all-time favourites, nothing says lads' weekend like running amok armed to the hilt with paintball pellets. You know how it goes. If you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em. Or hide until they've run out of ammo. All's fair in stag fun and warfare after all.

Wet ‘n' Wild

Kayaking - tame the waves and take on the boys with some traditional mucking about on the river.

Whitewater Rafting when it comes to high octane stag do camaraderie, nothing beats a pumped up ride across the rapids with your hapless pals.

Hydrospeeding why bother with a canoe, paddle or boat when you can fling yourselves into the creek for madcap aquatic adventure of the perfectly crazy kind? For the ultimate test of man against nature, it's a wetsuit, flippers and pretty much a mere half-lilo separating you from the awesome power of the rapids below.

Stags on the piste

If you're a crowd looking for thrills and spills on the white stuff, then the massive world-class Pohorje ski resort without doubt brings the pinnacle of Maribor stag activities to this party. With a cool couple of hundred hectares to conquer, not to mention floodlit night runs, the biggest slopes in the country, and runs ranging from the tame to the frankly terrifying, skiing and snowboarding don't get much bigger, better or more badass than this!

A few essential terms to keep you ahead of the game;

  1. APRS-SKI beer!
  2. BRAIN BUCKET helmet. Safety gear is essential on this one, chaps. We like an adventure as much as the next guy but we also like to bring our groups back intact. Quite frankly its bad business not to.
  3. BUNNY SLOPE run for beginners. No shame in starting out here. Unless your mates have kitted you out in pink fluorescent threads and dumped you with the youngsters perhaps…
  4. CABALLERIAL 360 trick flip. Best left to the pros.
  5. CORDUROY machine-prepared ski surface. Also material banned from this shindig (and anywhere else since the 70's) under any circumstances.
  6. EPIC StagWeb stag do. You had to ask? (or when conditions make for an unforgettable run)
  7. FACE PLANT hilarious! Unless it's you. Don't do this.
  8. FALL LINE quickest route down a mountain. Preferably on your feet, but whatever works.
  9. GROOMING ski run (or best man) preparation. Also the reason you're still waiting for half your crowd to appear.
  10. MATCHING SKIS man cards immediately revoked if we catch you getting even a little excited at the prospect of colour co-ordination. Beers on you for eternity if your thoughts strayed towards the pink spectrum. To bring your skis into parallel position.
  11. SIX PACK chair lift for six. Yep, we were disappointed too.
  12. SKIS those planks you're standing on? You got it.
  13. SPINAL TAP opposite to a face plant. Much easier to see the concern(?) on the lads' faces this way.
  14. ROSENTHAL named in honour of one Reds striker and that infamous miss. Term given to ballsy skiers up for hitting the red and black runs with gusto regardless of the fact that they don't know how to stop. So generally last seen smashing through snow banks and hurtling over drifts into the distance.
  15. WIPEOUT massive fall failure and probably the time to retire to the bar for aprs-ski refreshments.

Great! Let's do it!

Superb! Send us your Maribor stag do ideas, or give us a call if real life people are more your thing (yep, we've got those too) and we'll get cracking on your hassle-free quote.

We've got you covered

StagWeb and GoHen were the first in our field to become ABTA bonded (W7797), giving you 100% financial protection and full support from the safest hands in the business from first contact right through until the lads are all back on home turf. And with flexible full and half day events giving you the freedom to build the weekend around your needs, and exclusive group rates giving you access to unbeatable deals, you can be sure you're getting the very best bang for your bucks.

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