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Poznan is an unsung hero of the stag weekend scene. Its incredible stag do possibilities are so far undiscovered by the majority of lads, giving you and the boys free reign to run the town, the whole city a playground for you and you alone. That doesn't mean that there isn't plenty of opportunity for traditional stag do fun though, as all of the best and most popular stag do activities are available to you and the boys in Poznan. From motorsports to paintball to football, Poznan stag do activities cover everything you and the lads could want from a weekend, complementing ales with action and making sure you get the best stag do experience possible!

Aiming High

You've had plenty of practice at Call of Duty, and a stag do is the perfect opportunity to see how well you can apply those hours of training to real life particularly a stag do in a city like Poznan, which gives you access to a far bigger, better, and all around more impressive selection of weaponry than you can find in the UK. With access to guns like the Soviet Army's AK47 Kalashnikov assault rifle, as well as Glauberyts, Glocks, pump-action shotguns and Magnums, it's no wonder that shooting activities are amongst the most popular Poznan stag ideas around. If you think you're ready to try a moving target, try paintballing instead. The bullets are considerably less deadly, but you do have the chance to ambush the stag and splatter him all the colours of the rainbow, which can't be discounted. With 200 "bullets" and a semi-automatic paintball gun too, as well as an entire forest to play in, it's guaranteed to be a hit with the boys. In contrast, a golfing stag party is a more laid back and relax way for you and the gents to show off your aiming skills. It's the perfect antidote to a late night on the town, letting you gently recover whilst still getting you up and out, making the most of very minute of your Poznan stag activities.

Full Throttle

Motorsports are, without question, some of the most popular stag activities around, getting all the lads revved up and raring to go on a stag do. They're intense, they're high energy, and they're a lot of fun, guaranteed to be something all the lads can take part in and enjoy. Our go karting in Poznan lets the lads indulge their need for speed on a 500m long indoor track, 6.5 horsepower engines, digitally recorded and printed lap times, and a bottle of champagne to celebrate the winner! It's the track of choice for F1 drivers in Poland, so you know there's a good race in store. 4x4's have been taken over by the Waitrose-mums-on-a-school-run crowd as of late, but Poznan lets you and the boys get these beasts back where they belong off road! Between the go karts and the 4x4s, whether you and the lads want turbo speeds or sheer power, we've got a Poznan stag idea to suit.

Laidback Lads

A stag do doesn't have to be hurtling forward at full speed all weekend. If you and the boys want something a little more relaxing to ensure you've got plenty of energy for the coming night (or if you want something gentle to aid recovery the day after), there are a few Poznan stag ideas that give you the opportunity to clear a cloudy head. Football is a sport almost universally loved by all man, as well as being a cheap and fun option for the lads on your stag weekend. You and the boys will be able to scale a full pitch invasion in Poznan, enjoying a game of footie on one of the best football training grounds in the city. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time in the fresh air as well as the company of your mates… not to mention providing many opportunities for banter about the poor lads with two left feet. We can even arrange for a ref, to prevent any Ronaldo-style diving antics. And if you fancy something to quench your thirst afterwards? Give a Brewery Tour a go. On top of the free samples, you'll also get to find out a little more about how the beer is made so take your notebook along and get some tips down for making your own moonshine later.

So why StagWeb?

Poznan has a lot of treats on offer for visiting stag parties, but you need StagWeb to make sure you get the very best of Poznan's stag activities. We've been working with stag parties to create the best weekend possible since 2002 and our local expertise means our specialist StagWeb ground teams can ensure you and the lads have a first-class weekend, with the top activities and entertainment available in the city.

On top of fantastic service, through ABTA we also offer the highest level of financial protection available, ensuring that your money is as safe as your best mates big night.

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