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Stag review "a big thank you to Team StagWeb!"

"...The stag do packages are brilliant, takes the trouble away and leaves the organiser free to enjoy his weekend too! Ran like clockwork! Very impressed...a big thank you to Team StagWeb!..."

John Virgo / Bournemouth / 11/05/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "individual payments made life easy"

"...StagWeb took the hassle out of the planning and saved me a huge amount of time with regards to organisation. Individual payments made life easy. Would 100% recommend!..."

Callum Wonnacott / Bournemouth / 20/04/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "fantastic friendly service and made organising the stag so easy!"

"...Fantastic friendly service and made organising the stag so easy! Would definitely recommend using this company and will be doing so again for any events I may have to arrange in the future...."

Donna Ifould / Bournemouth / 14/04/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "very good value for money everyone enjoyed themselves"

"...Very happy, well planned by StagWeb, very good value for money everyone enjoyed themselves...."

Alex Lawrence / Bournemouth / 22/09/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "thanks to StagWeb!"

"...The stags came saw and conquered all thanks to StagWeb!..."

Jay Ashton / Bournemouth / 22/09/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "amazing value for money"

"...Amazing value for money, great activities, loved it!..."

Dan Forbes / Bournemouth / 09/09/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "made me look amazing"

"...Accommodating to even our most annoying requests, the weekend wouldn't have been half the success and made me look amazing. Thank you!..."

Martyn Davies / Bournemouth / 09/09/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "well organised weekend"

"...Well organised weekend, would have enjoyed my stag do with or without the drink!..."

Craig Harris / Bournemouth / 05/08/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "made everything simple and easy"

"...They made everything simple and easy. We got a great day we probably couldn't have organised without them. Nice job!..."

David Mincham / Bournemouth / 15/07/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "cracking weekend!"

"...StagWeb had it all planned out for us and we had a cracking weekend!..."

Peter King / Bournemouth / 02/06/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "was everything we wanted"

"...Good company, great weekend, was everything we wanted...."

James Frost / Bournemouth / 29/04/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "made the whole process simple to organise the event"

"...Using StagWeb was so easy and made the whole process simple to organise the event. The website was easy to use and the ability to contact all of the group from one place was great...."

Ben Warwick / Bournemouth / 31/03/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "couldn't have been happier"

"...The event was absolutely great and couldn't have been happier...."

Simon White / Bournemouth / 17/03/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "organised perfectly"

"...Everything was organised perfectly, everyone had a great weekend and the whole process was hassle free. Would definitely use the service again...."

Shaun Etridge / Bournemouth / 04/03/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "10/10 experience would recommend to anyone!"

"...StagWeb is great! Easy to use, extremely helpful staff that actually want you to have a good weekend and not just secure a sale. My group of 12 went to Bournemouth for a weekend and had a fantastic time. 10/10 experience would recommend to anyone!..."

Scott Gaulton / Bournemouth / 28/10/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "would recommend to any best man"

"...Would recommend to any best man. Done 90% of my work and ensured the 3 days ran smoothly keeping the party entertained..."

Ian Bird / Bournemouth / 13/05/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "without your help I would have been lost!"

"...Thanks StagWeb for a great weekend! Everything was made so easy, and ran smoothly. Without your help I would have been lost!..."

Nic Baker / Bournemouth / 06/05/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "perfect for a busy best man"

"...Perfect for a busy best man who needs a hand in getting everything all sorted. Lots of options and lots of help. Great site!..."

Jack Beynon / Bournemouth / 01/04/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "would recommend your services to everyone"

"...Thank you StagWeb, had a great weekend would recommend your services to everyone..."

Jonathan Bennett / Bournemouth / 01/04/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "took away the stress"

"...Enjoyed the weekend, made the whole process simple & easy to plan, took away the stress of having to organise everything individually...."

Ben Parrington / Bournemouth / 04/03/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "everything was so easy to book"

"...Everything was so easy to book, the staff were really helpful, I would recommend the bubble football to everyone! ..."

James Cowley / Bournemouth / 10/10/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "made arranging a stag weekend with 14 people an absolute breeze!"

"...Great location, great price, great hotel, great club. Made arranging a stag weekend with 14 people an absolute breeze! Definitely recommended...."

Richard Lissimore / Bournemouth / 18/09/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "brilliant weekend enjoyed by everyone"

"...I want to say a massive thank you to all those I dealt with at StagWeb for a really brilliant weekend enjoyed by everyone in my group. I would recommend this company to anyone booking a group weekend. ..."

Stuart Simpson / Bournemouth / 17/07/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "would highly recommend to anyone"

"...Best weekend and value for money. The event was well organised. Would highly recommend to anyone...."

James Brazier / Bournemouth / 11/04/2014

5 Stars
Stag review "superb!"

"...StagWeb take all the organizing out of the actual stag - but I get all the credit from the staglets - superb!..."

Alastair Carlow / Bournemouth / 19/07/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "I'd recommend to friends for sure"

"...I found StagWeb easy to work with and very accommodating. Also most competitive company I worked with in terms of pricing. I'd recommend to friends for sure...."

Paul Taylor / Bournemouth / 19/07/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "best day and night I've had in 34 years"

"...Best day and night I've had in 34 years, very well put together and everything ran like clockwork. Very happy with the whole package - superb!..."

Daniel Sullivan / Bournemouth / 12/07/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "would highly recommend!"

"...StagWeb is an excellent way of arranging great entertainment and activities for your stag do! Would highly recommend!..."

John Bennett / Bournemouth / 31/05/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "very well arranged"

"...Great weekend, very well arranged. We would 100% do it again!..."

Scott Rennie / Bournemouth / 22/02/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "epic! "

"...The stag do in Bournemouth was epic!..."

Damien Stevens / Bournemouth / 25/05/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "I would definitely recommend StagWeb"

"...Bournemouth was brilliant. The go karting and comedy club was fantastic. I would definitely recommend StagWeb - great value for money...."

Karl Guy / Bournemouth / 28/04/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb made it easy for me"

"...First time I have been asked to organise a stag party and StagWeb made it easy for me. Thank you...."

Stuart Longley / Bournemouth / 14/04/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "what a bunch of legends"

"...Great send off for Ben and it was all thanks to StagWeb, what a bunch of legends...."

Jason Chapman / Bournemouth / 02/03/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb made my life very easy"

"...We had an amazing weekend in Bournemouth. StagWeb made my life very easy and I would definitely recommend and use them again. Thanks guys...."

Russell Boone / Bournemouth / 11/02/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "really well organised by StagWeb"

"...Fantastic weekend, really well organised by StagWeb and at a fantastic price! I would definitely book again!..."

Henry Beacher / Bournemouth / 28/01/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "made my life as best man a breeze"

"...What a weekend! Everything was setup for us, absolutely no hassle anywhere which made my life as best man a breeze - if only you did a speech writing service. Cheers StagWeb!..."

Gavin Cherriman / Bournemouth / 13/08/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "the service and communication are first class!"

"...I am a return customer; the service and communication are first class! You will not get a better deal on price - StagWeb took away lots of the hassle in organising the stag do, will use StagWeb. Thanks...."

Gary Wilson / Bournemouth / 12/08/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "really enjoyed by our group"

"...The events you booked were really enjoyed by our group and we would look to try other activities at a later date...."

Ben Bates / Bournemouth / 08/07/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "everything ran like clockwork"

"...If you're booking a stag weekend, look no further than StagWeb. Great service. Very thorough in all aspects. Everything ran like clockwork. Thanks...."

Andrew Grace / Bournemouth / 01/07/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "not to be forgotten!"

"...All in all a fantastic weekend that was enjoyed by everyone. Not to be forgotten!..."

Anthony Crosbie / Bournemouth / 11/06/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "very helpful"

"...Very helpful, courteous and accommodating..."

Andy Hau / Bournemouth / 14/05/5011

5 Stars
Stag review "the stag loved it!"

"...Excellent company gave me everything I wanted and the stag loved it!..."

Matt Jones / Bournemouth / 13/05/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "a massive success"

"...The weekend was a massive success, all the lads had a great time and the accommodation was top notch. Thanks for everything. ..."

James Marshall / Bournemouth / 01/04/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "took all the hassle away"

"...Everything was smooth, everything was booked all we had to do was turn up on time and tell them our name and all the venues had everything sorted and ready to go! Took all the hassle away meaning much more time for beers and good times!..."

Joe Hughes / Bournemouth / 25/03/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb did a fantastic job"

"...Bournemouth is an excellent stag location and StagWeb did a fantastic job of arranging everything to run so smoothly...."

Matt Gibbs / Bournemouth / 04/03/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "it was an awesome weekend!"

"...StagWeb took away the stresses of organising the stag do and were very professional and helpful, it was an awesome weekend!..."

Nick Scott / Bournemouth / 30/10/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb did everything for me"

"...Service was first class from start to finish. StagWeb did everything for me. Hardest thing was getting money from the lads! Would definitely recommend StagWeb...."

Stephen Jones / Bournemouth / 06/08/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "superb weekend was had by all"

"...Superb weekend was had by all! Would definitely use StagWeb again for any future stag weekends I am part of...."

Andy Newell / Bournemouth / 13/08/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "one of the best weekends ever"

"...I've never been an organiser and StagWeb took a lot of the hassle out of quite a hectic bit of organising. If you have any questions they're answered quickly however there wasn't many as it was all clear as crystal. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending StagWeb to anyone I know and would like to say thanks for all your help. We really did have one of the best weekends ever (although the stag might disagree)!..."

Steve Turner / Bournemouth / 02/07/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "great service, great package"

"...Great people, great service, great package, booking with StagWeb definitely made a tricky job a lot easier!..."

Bryan Hill / Bournemouth / 21/05/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "everybody in our group had a fantastic time"

"...Everybody in our group had a fantastic time karting. The element of fun was soon replaced with some testosterone fuelled competitive driving. The comedy club and night club were great fun and the night seemed to disappear in a flash. The hangovers next morning were a joy to endure. Well done StagWeb...."

Reg Roberts / Bournemouth / 22/04/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "very helpful in organising our weekend"

"...The comedy club and quad biking was great. There were no problems with our entry to any of our events. We all enjoyed it and we would use the site again and recommend StagWeb to anyone. They were very helpful in organising our weekend, cheers StagWeb...."

Andy Daubeney / Bournemouth / 07/05/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "I found the whole experience easy"

"...StagWeb are great at organising your weekend no matter what occasion it's for. The staff are friendly and helpful, and I found the whole experience easy. All you've got to do sit back and wait for the stag do to arrive and then enjoy it!..."

Andy Brown / Bournemouth / 26/03/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "thank you for making it a great weekend"

"...I couldn't have asked for a better service. The whole weekend was booked at really short notice and nothing was missed. Our group was 15 strong and we all had a brilliant time, although some parts are harder to remember than others. would without a shadow of doubt use StagWeb again. Thank you for making it a great weekend...."

Phil Gray / Bournemouth / 05/09/2009

5 Stars
Stag review "thank you StagWeb"

"...thank you StagWeb - you provided me with all the tools to make sure the stag had a memorable and action fun packed weekend. I also loved the fact you made the sun shine on Bournemouth all the time we were there (that was you wasn't it)??!!!!..."

Andrew Races / Bournemouth / 10/07/2009

5 Stars
Stag review "I would highly recommend StagWeb"

"...StagWeb were very helpful in helping to organise our weekend, there were no problems with our entry to any of our events. The quad biking was brilliant; we all enjoyed it so much and plan to do it again soon. I would highly recommend StagWeb to anyone looking for a stag weekend...."

Darren James / Bournemouth / 06/06/2009

5 Stars
Stag review "excellent organisation"

"...excellent organisation! Communication is perfect for such big events; they take a lot of stress off the best man's shoulders! I would definitely use StagWeb again for any future stag dos...."

Richard Ward / Bournemouth / 06/06/2009

5 Stars
Stag review "a night to remember"

"...from start to finish StagWeb promised a night to remember, and they fulfilled their promise. Can't wait for my next Stag do, ha ha ha..."

John Georgiou / Bournemouth / 17/04/2009

5 Stars
Stag review "I will definitely use you again ..."

"...the weekend went really well, thanks for sorting it out so efficiently. I will definitely use you again...."

MH / Bournemouth / 2007

5 Stars
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