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Stag review "really memorable stag weekend tailored to our group"

"...The StagWeb team worked with us to make a really memorable stag weekend tailored to our group. Excellent communication throughout...."

Jon Ready / Bristol / 06/04/2019

5 Stars
Stag review "saved me hours of searching and organising"

"...Saved me hours of searching and organising and everyone was so pleased. It was a brilliant stag do, I would recommend to anyone!..."

Ben Goulding / Bristol / 01/03/2019

5 Stars
Stag review "superb value for money"

"...Far easier than booking each of the elements yourself, superb value for money and very helpful representatives...."

Adam Berry / Bristol / 14/09/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "had a great laugh at the events"

"...Fantastic weekend away in Bristol. All the lads enjoyed themselves and had a great laugh at the events...."

Arya Roe / Bristol / 11/08/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "excellent weekend"

"...Excellent weekend. Everyone had a great time. Activities were lots of fun and the accommodation was very comfortable...."

Duncan Peake / Bristol / 03/08/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "made booking the stag a breeze"

"...Made booking the stag a breeze. I was supported in building a personal stag package which was enjoyed by everyone and the stag in particular...."

Adam Chisnall / Bristol / 03/08/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "brilliant service with an easy to use website"

"...A brilliant service with an easy to use website ensuring your event will be managed expertly. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I can recommend StagWeb to design and provide an end product everyone will enjoy...."

Craig Donoghue / Bristol / 13/07/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "we all had a quality time!"

"...We had a brilliant weekend, accommodation was perfect for a big group and activities were great fun! Not one person didnt enjoy it, we all had a quality time!..."

Matt Morton / Bristol / 15/06/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "enjoyed by all!"

"...Above and beyond what we expected. Very good weekend enjoyed by all!..."

Ryan Wyllie / Bristol / 01/06/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "fantastic weekend and really pleased we booked with these guys"

"...Fantastic weekend and really pleased we booked with these guys, so helpful and made it easy for me booking it for 12 blokes...."

James Mckenzie / Bristol / 27/05/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "fantastic weekend"

"...Simple, easy process! Made for a fantastic weekend that was enjoyed by everyone!..."

Mark Pipkin / Bristol / 26/05/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "great weekend"

"...Great weekend and staff couldn't do more to help you with any requests...."

Joel Goddard / Bristol / 23/03/2018

5 Stars
Stag review "certainly be recommending StagWeb to any of my friends"

"...Thanks to StagWeb, we enjoyed a memorable and eventful weekend in Bristol. Their organisation was first class and we were mightily impressed with every activity they had organised for us. I will certainly be recommending StagWeb to any of my friends who are looking to organise a stag in the future...."

Andrew Barry / Bristol / 08/07/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "great company to work with"

"...Very easy website to use and great company to work with organising the stag do...."

Liam Reidy / Bristol / 02/06/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "took all of the pain and hassle out of organising a large group"

"...I would absolutely recommend using StagWeb to organise your event. It took all of the pain and hassle out of organising a large group, especially the individual payment option and event website to rally everyone. The whole group commented on how much they enjoyed the weekend and what good value it represented...."

Neil Radley / Bristol / 20/05/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "saves so much time and hassle!"

"...Saves so much time and hassle! Gave us all times and details so we didn't have to faff about. Which meant we could have fun quicker!..."

Dean Andrews / Bristol / 20/05/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "I would highly recommend to others"

"...Great value for money, great staff and just made the whole event and leading up to it easier for the Best Men. I would highly recommend to others...."

Dan Smith / Bristol / 19/05/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "book with these guys"

"...Book with these guys you won't regret it...."

George Joseph Swinfield / Bristol / 12/05/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "a really fun weekend!"

"...Booked and spent a stag weekend in Bristol using these guys. They were really helpful and easy to work with which made for a really fun weekend!..."

Ben Childs / Bristol / 12/05/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "the individual payment system definitely saved my sanity"

"...Great experience and so easy. Really took the hassle out of trying to book individual events myself and the individual payment system definitely saved my sanity...."

Richard Winwright / Bristol / 28/04/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "Bitchin' weekend lads"

"...Bitchin' weekend lads. Nice one!..."

Adam Caldecott / Bristol / 24/03/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "no hassle whatsoever"

"...We knew the what, the when and the where but had little clue about bringing our plans all together. StagWeb managed to do that for us with no hassle whatsoever and at very short notice too!..."

Gray Farley / Bristol / 10/03/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "was worth every penny, these guys know their business"

"...StagWeb saved us time, money and stress. They were there for us right up to the date and made sure that everything we asked for was met. We had a mad one! It was worth every penny, these guys know their business...."

Andrew Baker / Bristol / 24/02/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "made things much easier"

"...Made things much easier booking activities and accommodation for a group who all had different needs!..."

Mike Plenty / Bristol / 10/02/2017

5 Stars
Stag review "made memories that will last longer than the hangovers"

"...It's everything I needed for organising a brilliant weekend that made memories that will last longer than the hangovers...."

Simon Pollard / Bristol / 11/11/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "made booking our event so simple"

"...The guys at StagWeb made booking our event so simple, it completely took the pressure off organising all of the separate bookings and the group payment portal is a stroke of genius...."

Chris Thomas / Bristol / 22/10/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "weekend was top draw"

"...StagWeb made the process easy from start to finish. The weekend was top draw. Would definitely use them again...."

Craig Chappell / Bristol / 07/10/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "would definitely use them again"

"...Really glad I used them to book my mates stag do, everything was so much easier and info provided was good, great weekend in Bristol would definitely use them again...."

Michael Ashton / Bristol / 02/09/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "everyone had great day!"

"...I would definitely recommend StagWeb. I used them for my brother's stag do. The service leading up to our event was excellent and everyone had great day!..."

Glenn Base / Bristol / 06/08/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "perfect stag weekend"

"...Really takes the stress out of booking the perfect stag weekend..."

Will Burrows / Bristol / 30/07/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "very good company"

"...Very good company, happy to accommodate changes to plans within a good time frame. Made the weekend easy...."

Daniel Thomas / Bristol / 22/07/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "I wouldn't use anyone else"

"...Second time I've used StagWeb for booking an event. I wouldn't use anyone else. Payment is easy and flexible, communication is great, activities are well priced and great value for money! Thanks again StagWeb!..."

Sean Kennedy / Bristol / 03/06/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "great value for money"

"...Had amazing weekend in Bristol, great value for money. Very hassle free well organised event, would definitely book again...."

Paul Coppack / Bristol / 27/05/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "what a great day we had!"

"...Definitely recommend StagWeb. All staff very friendly extremely helpful nothing was too much trouble which made organising our whole day nice and easy and what a great day we had!..."

Chris Staddon / Bristol / 14/05/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "awesome Stag Do!"

"...As best man for a stag your first priority is likely to be booking the stag do and being male, it isn't our nature to be organised! The team at StagWeb will make this the easiest and most stress free group event you will ever organise. I'm waiting on the next of the lads to announce he's getting married so we can book another awesome Stag Do!..."

Craig Stanway / Bristol / 30/04/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "great weekend"

"...Great weekend, I would definitely recommend StagWeb as they provide a very professional all round service...."

Dean Perrysmith / Bristol / 12/02/2016

5 Stars
Stag review "loved the bubble football!"

"...The event went really smooth. Everyone said it was the most organised stag event they have been on. All of the staff on the activities were great and in really good spirits. We particularly loved the bubble football!..."

Nick Guck / Bristol / 31/10/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "amazed me with their professionalism and customer service"

"...I used StagWeb having used them before and again they have amazed me with their professionalism and customer service. ..."

Santigie Singhateh / Bristol / 15/08/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "I could not recommend StagWeb highly enough"

"...I could not recommend StagWeb highly enough. I have used other sites for stag do's before and never been that impressed. StagWeb have was great value for money and exceeded everyone's high expectations! Very pleased...."

Ross Rolph / Bristol / 14/08/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "recommend them to anyone booking a stag do"

"...StagWeb made it so easy & the weekend was a massive success. Would recommend them to anyone booking a stag do...."

Richard Lewis / Bristol / 31/07/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "I wouldn't hesitate to use again"

"...I was so pleased we used the guys at StagWeb. It made the whole planning a breeze, the hotel was the best we have ever stayed at on a stag do, the events were fun and very well organised and the price of all of this was fantastic. Thanks to all involved in the planning of our event, I wouldn't hesitate to use again or recommended to anyone...."

Stewart Wood / Bristol / 16/07/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "definitely recommend and book again"

"...Brilliant stag weekend arranged to Bristol, great value package, very slick and easy to organise. Would definitely recommend and book again...."

Lester Bevan / Bristol / 10/07/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb made it very, very easy to look good!"

"...Being a Best Man can sometimes be regarded as a poisoned chalice, a great honour but lots of responsibility. Along with the speech, the stag do is often what you are measured on. StagWeb made it very, very easy to look good. From the initial planning and prep, to payments and the eventual weekend, everything was meticulously planned and organised to the point all we had to do was turn up. I could say much more but there's not enough room!..."

Luke Bacon / Bristol / 10/07/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "epic weekend!"

"...Epic weekend from start to finish, will be recommending these guys to all my mates...."

Richard Clark / Bristol / 04/07/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "loads of options to suit everyone"

"...StagWeb made organising the weekend very easy with loads of options to suit everyone. Adviser was the best! I have another stag do to organise next year I know where I am going... Many thanks!..."

Bradley Martin / Bristol / 26/06/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "best stag weekend ever!"

"...I came across StagWeb when I was organising the stag weekend for the groom. I cannot emphasise enough how they took care of everything for me. Which all makes for the best stag weekend ever!..."

Josh Ngondo / Bristol / 10/04/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "epic stag do!"

"...Fantastic place, ace events and fantastic nightlife, cheap prices everything needed for an epic stag do!..."

Adam Brammer / Bristol / 13/03/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "an epic weekend"

"...StagWeb set me and the lads up on an epic weekend none of us will ever forget! Couldn't recommend StagWeb more to anyone who is planning an amazing weekend with the boys!..."

Liam Stirrup / Bristol / 07/02/2015

5 Stars
Stag review "excellent stag weekend!"

"...The location where we stayed was perfect! Excellent stag weekend!..."

George Larkin / Bristol / 19/09/2014

5 Stars
Stag review "good accommodation and good activities"

"...The convenience of booking through StagWeb was great. Good accommodation and good activities... praise all round from the rest of the stag party... I felt reluctant to let them know how easy it had been...."

Chris Wilks / Bristol / 22/08/2014

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb took the pain out of organising a stag weekend"

"...StagWeb took the pain out of organising a stag weekend for 20 guys. Everybody loved it and have been thanking me for arranging such an awesome weekend. ..."

Matt Fitch / Bristol / 18/07/2014

5 Stars
Stag review "thank you StagWeb!"

"...The groom was really pleased and had an excellent weekend and the whole group commented on a regular basis on how organised I was and how well put together the whole weekend was (little did they know I had the amazing StagWeb team assisting me every step of the way) so I got to basque in all of the glory of a great stag do weekend. I will certainly be recommending this service without any hesitation! Thank you StagWeb!..."

Tony Hurley / Bristol / 27/06/2014

5 Stars
Stag review "organisation was excellent"

"...Had a great weekend and the organisation was excellent considering we booked with only a few days until the event. Very grateful for all the help...."

Tom Orchard / Bristol / 12/04/2014

5 Stars
Stag review "would 100% use StagWeb again"

"...Very impressed with what we got for the money. You guys were helpful and I felt comfortable in your hands. Would 100% use StagWeb again, no question...."

Ollie Smith / Bristol / 14/03/2014

5 Stars
Stag review "all the lads said it was cracking price"

"...Third time using StagWeb and I would definitely use again, all the lads said it was cracking price for all that was included. 100% recommend...."

Andy Hopkins / Bristol / 12/10/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "I would definitely recommend using StagWeb"

"...It's fair to say that the stag weekend went brilliantly, everyone really enjoyed themselves and commented on how well organised it all was with everything linking in just right in terms of timing and content etc. The activity was a particular hit, the boys loved the quads and hovers, we had a brilliant afternoon there, before heading off to one of your recommendations for dinner, again a big hit before moving on to the casino for an entertaining game of poker, which was very well managed at the table, the groom really enjoyed it. The hotel was really well located, with the harbour district and surroundings, everything was all there. A great weekend had by all. I would definitely recommend using StagWeb to anyone else having to arrange something like this, and would use them again myself, very well done...."

Pete Riddiough / Bristol / 12/10/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "more than happy to help"

"...Website was easy to use & navigate. Every phone call & email exchange was useful and productive. All my questions were answered and everyone I spoke to were more than happy to help...."

Patrick Barber / Bristol / 04/10/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "fantastic driving activity package"

"...Fantastic driving activity package - quads, hovercrafts and rage buggies what more do you need?!..."

Marc Wootton / Bristol / 13/09/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "everything was perfectly organised"

"...We had a great weekend, everything was perfectly organised. It was definitely worth the trip from Switzerland. We're trying to persuade the next guy to get marred so we can do it all again!..."

Niklaus Binks / Bristol / 16/08/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb were very helpful"

"...StagWeb were very helpful with organising the stag do for my best mate. I found that they contacted me enough to help with tips and prompting to remember certain things. They offered a good range of activities and the one we chose was brilliant and all that came really enjoyed it. Overall brilliant experience and I would recommend StagWeb to any other best man who has the ordeal of organising a stag do!..."

Andy Coggins / Bristol / 18/05/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "it's great to have a company like StagWeb"

"...Not everyone is an event organiser by trade so it's great to have a company like StagWeb making the whole process smooth and easy...."

Ian Allardyce / Bristol / 12/04/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "we had a great weekend"

"...We had a great weekend, and despite the cold sent our stag off in style!..."

Chris James / Bristol / 16/03/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "thank you so much"

"...Very good weekend, thank you so much. Great fun even for the older men in the party!..."

Neil Longhurst / Bristol / 09/03/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "took the stress out of organising the weekend"

"...Helpful staff that made everything run really smoothly and took the stress out of organising the weekend, allowing me to get on with having fun on the day!..."

Mark Russon / Bristol / 09/02/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "we would highly recommend StagWeb"

"...StagWeb were given our brief and offered a tailor made package that met our requirement perfectly taking all of the stress and worries from the best men's shoulders allowing the whole group to enjoy a very enjoyable (and messy) stag weekend. We would highly recommend StagWeb to anyone looking to plan a stag do!..."

James Cooper / Bristol / 08/02/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "the team at StagWeb were awesome"

"...The team at StagWeb were awesome. They accommodated the changes I needed to make and let me know when I needed to get deposits paid and information submitted. I felt so confident in the arrangements which is really important as when you're trying to organise 11 blokes you need to be confident in the company you are dealing with to minimise your stress. The activities we did were brilliant and not the norm which the lads were really impressed with. The deal we got was great value and everyone was impressed with the weekend. Thanks StagWeb!..."

Andrew Browning / Bristol / 25/01/2013

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb are ace!"

"...StagWeb are ace! Use them!..."

Sam Davies / Bristol / 06/10/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb are really helpful"

"...StagWeb are really helpful. You will have a wicked time. Brilliant!..."

Scott Hennessy / Bristol / 27/07/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "great organisation and patience"

"...Great organisation and patience whilst I struggled to get numbers confirmed and payments made. Great knowledge of the area and everything was great...."

Michael Byers / Bristol / 21/07/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "it's ACE!"

"...Go on the Somerset Challenge - it's ACE!..."

Simon Harding / Bristol / 21/07/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "a quality weekend!"

"...If you want a helpful team, with very good quality locations, activities & accommodation - then StagWeb are the people to call to help the best man give the stag a quality weekend!..."

Paul Richmond / Bristol / 13/07/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "the whole day was brilliant"

"...It was the first time I've used StagWeb and the activities and organisation of the whole day was brilliant. I would definitely recommend it to anyone...."

Lee Moody / Bristol / 23/06/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "16 very happy guys"

"...Fantastic stag do in Bristol, well done StagWeb. 16 very happy guys...."

Byron Jones / Bristol / 26/05/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "the stag loved it!"

"...The stag loved it! Thank you for helping me organise an amazing weekend. Everyone had a really great time and wants to go again, just got to make an excuse to organise another trip away!..."

Jamie Webb / Bristol / 18/05/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb made it a breeze"

"...Everyone had a brilliant time on the stag do, Bristol is a fantastic location. StagWeb made it a breeze to organise and everyone commented on how well put together the weekend was...."

Brad Turner / Bristol / 12/05/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "amazing experience booking with StagWeb"

"...Amazing experience booking with StagWeb, I would recommend to anyone. The staff were incredibly helpful, professional and got us exactly what we wanted. Everything was planned well, no dramas whatsoever, and everything was top quality!..."

Pete Coe / Bristol / 12/05/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "superb value!"

"...The somerset challenge was excellent. We were a group of 10, but we all got to partake in each activity. Superb value!..."

Scott Milne / Bristol / 31/03/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb laid on a top weekend"

"...StagWeb laid on a top weekend - fantastic company. I could not have asked for more, the whole party loved it. The booze cruise was THE DADDY! If I have to be best man again I'd definitely be using StagWeb. Massive thanks to everyone who helped. Top work!..."

Phil Henaku / Bristol / 30/03/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "I would definitely recommend StagWeb"

"...We had a great time on our stag weekend. The activities were well organised and run professionally. As the best man I appreciated all the help that I had from my account manager. I would definitely recommend StagWeb to friends...."

Pete O'Brien / Bristol / 24/02/2012

5 Stars
Stag review "everyone had a great time"

"...A big thank you for an amazing stag weekend. Everyone had a great time apart from yesterday morning when we all had a pounding headache!..."

Sam Warren / Bristol / 22/10/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb made it so easy"

"...StagWeb made it so easy for me and all the guys who had a great time as a result. Thanks to all concerned...."

Chris Parker / Bristol / 08/10/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "your patience and expertise was much appreciated"

"...Thanks so much for all the help booking our stag weekend. We had a truly excellent time and your patience and expertise was much appreciated. We will be contact next time we have to organise a stag do!..."

Tiernan Douieb / Bristol / 30/09/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "awesome, entertaining and very well organised"

"...Overall it was an awesome, entertaining and very well organised weekend which I would recommend to anyone...."

Greg Mitchell / Bristol / 13/08/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "excellent value"

"...Great site! Great stag packs! Excellent value!..."

Greg Brown / Bristol / 16/07/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "a cracking time had by all!"

"...The booking was a breeze, the activities were amazing and the location was perfect - a cracking time had by all!..."

Perry Dowell / Bristol / 16/07/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "we were able to give the stag a great send off!"

"...Great package put together by StagWeb - Bristol's a great night out and we were able to give the stag a great send off!..."

Ed Thomas / Bristol / 08/07/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "everyone enjoyed themselves"

"...The choice of events was better than others, the organisation was easy and the flexibility was helpful. All events ran smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves and said it was "an upmarket stag do"! Thanks...."

Tristan Crook / Bristol / 01/07/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "I'm now a "stag do legend" thanks to StagWeb!"

"...A big thanks to StagWeb for helping me arrange a top weekend which all 18 of us loved! I'm now a "stag do legend" thanks to StagWeb!

Bristol was a top location with loads of fellow stag and hen parties out on the lash with us! The activities were also fun and well organised. Our account manager's help was instrumental in making the weekend run as smoothly and successfully as it did! It showed that the biggest concern was to make sure we enjoyed ourselves rather than simply take our cash!

With that regard, I must say that the weekend was incredibly good value for money. The group discount you get by going through StagWeb really helps you get more for your hard-earned. If we had booked independently (and I checked this) we would have barely gotten more than the two night's hotel accommodation for our money! Cheers for sorting it StagWeb!..."

Richard Overington / Bristol / 17/06/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "I couldn't have asked for anything more!"

"...I couldn't have asked for anything more! My StagWeb contact was fantastic, I wouldn't have been able to get this off the ground had it not been for you! Everything was handled so brilliantly by StagWeb that we find another reason to use the service again! Thanks very much!..."

Jamie Kilpatrick / Bristol / 28/05/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "thank you for a well organised event"

"...We were a group of ten men all in our forties; we went to Bristol on a stag do. The entire weekend exceeded our expectations with regards to quality of food, accommodation and entertainment. It was well organised, communicated and supported throughout. I would have no hesitation to recommend StagWeb to my friends in the future. Well done to you all at StagWeb, and thank you for a well organised event...."

Lyndon Leith / Bristol / 06/05/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "excellent value!"

"...Great site, great stag packs, excellent value!..."

Greg Brown / Bristol / 12/03/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "a weekend that the stag will never forget"

"...StagWeb organised a weekend that the stag will never forget. The staff at StagWeb were engaging and understanding, and did not hassle us when a few stags were late paying, helping keep my head clear. Would recommend...."

Ryan Drawbridge-Harding / Bristol / 04/03/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "the weekend was amazing!"

"...The friendly staff made booking through StagWeb a breeze, even with our last minute changes; they just couldn't do enough for us. The weekend was amazing! Thanks guys and gals!..."

Mike Williams / Bristol / 26/02/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "it was BRILLIANT!"

"...Thank you for organising the activity in Bristol last weekend! We had a brilliant time; the venue hosted us very well! If you have never been in a rage buggy, do it! And don't touch the brakes ... it was BRILLIANT!..."

Matthew Hodge / Bristol / 12/02/2011

5 Stars
Stag review "thanks VERY much"

"...The hotel was perfect - an excellent location and just right for what we needed.

The casino was also absolutely perfect - the manager was incredibly accommodating and the buffet dinner he put on was also perfect. It was exactly what we wanted - two tables to play poker against each other instead of against the house. And I'm sure they made enough money from the drinks we were ordering!

We had a really good fun additional surprise that none of us had planned for - Hooters had just opened across from the hotel about 5 days before! We were the first bachelor party there apparently...

The dinner was perfect and really nice food fitting the occasion, and very glad we were in a separate room - meant we could make noise when we wanted and not disturb the rest of the restaurant, and had enough quiet for speeches etc.

So thanks VERY much for setting it all up for me - really very much appreciated, it would have been impossible to plan such an event without you guys...."

William Whittaker / Bristol / 22/10/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "thanks for all your help in getting it organised"

"...The Bristol weekend went off without a hitch! Thanks for all your help in getting it organised. Everyone had a great time; the hovercrafts were brilliant but impossible to control! I just need to focus on writing a speech for the big day now!..."

Paul Buckenham / Bristol / 03/09/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "basking in the warm glow of the attendees' praise"

"...We all had a great weekend and I'm basking in the warm glow of the attendees' praise. I'll be certain to recommend StagWeb to friends and there's a good chance that the stag from this group will be planning a weekend for me next year, so I'll get him in touch with you when and if that happens...."

John Viner-Smith / Bristol / 28/08/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "mud buggies is a must!"

"...Great vibes - rage buggies/mud buggies is a must!..."

Dave Marrott / Bristol / 21/08/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "we all had a blast"

"...We all had a blast on my brothers stag do in Bristol, well organised from StagWeb and as expected we had a riot! Cheers!..."

George Pointon-Taylor / Bristol / 07/08/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "we all had a brilliant time"

"...Excellent service and made the stag night easy to organise. Saved me a lot of hassle and we all had a brilliant time...."

Phil Belcher / Bristol / 07/08/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "all the lads enjoyed it"

"...A great stag, all the lads enjoyed it and would highly recommend what we did to anyone arranging a stag. Cider tasting especially, brilliant buffet and plenty of cider! Go karting was excellent and casino and nightclub was very good. And last but not least, brilliant comedians in the comedy club, I know one thing; my jaw was hurting when I came out...."

Gwilym Morgan / Bristol / 16/07/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "what a brilliant service"

"...StagWeb need an award - what a brilliant service. I got loads of praise for a well organised stag do - and didn't even have to do anything! As for Bristol, well ... that place rocks, what fun, what brilliant bars and what a vibe. I might get divorced and re-marry - just to do it again!..."

Bryn Willington / Bristol / 26/06/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "brilliant from start to finish"

"...Brilliant from start to finish. Great value packages, excellent activities, and friendly staff. The guys really enjoyed it and thought it was excellent value compared to other stag dos they'd been on. Cheers!..."

Andrew Moth / Bristol / 04/06/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "I will be using their services again"

"...Yet again StagWeb have organised and provided a legendary stag that will be remembered for years to come. It was a faultless experience and one that caused me no hassle in organising, thanks to the dedicated support team and my personalised account manager. I will be using their services again and recommending them to anyone who also wants a tailor made and amazing stag experience...."

John Georgiou / Bristol / 01/05/2010

5 Stars
Stag review "we had a great time"

"...The team were very professional and keen that the weekend went without a problem. I didn't expect to get the service I did given the relatively small amount of money paid. We had a great time and a big part of that was thanks to StagWeb...."

David Scrivens / Bristol / 01/05/2010

5 Stars
Stag review " fantastic organised stag in Bristol"

"...I want to thank StagWeb for a fantastic organised stag in Bristol, from the activities during the day to the meal and strip club in the night. It was a brilliant day and the stag will not forget this weekend for the rest of his life. Thanks again!..."

Steve Xenophontes / Bristol / 24/07/2009

5 Stars
Stag review "will be sure to use you again"

"...just want to say thanks for all your help at the weekend, you're an asset to StagWeb and a top bloke. I will recommend you and StagWeb and will be sure to use you again. We all had a great time. Thanks again...."

James Goodwin / Bristol / 17/07/2009

5 Stars
Stag review "the lads had the best weekend ever"

"...the whole experience of using StagWeb was an absolute pleasure. From booking it to actually going on the weekend. The accommodation was absolute first class and all the lads had the best weekend ever...."

Andy White / Bristol / 30/05/2009

5 Stars
Stag review "a great success"

"...I thought I'd drop you a quick line and say thank you very much for your efforts. The weekend was a great success with everybody having a good time.

Thanks very much...."

Matthew Read / Bristol / 16/01/2009

5 Stars
Stag review "cheers for all your help"

"...just wanted to say cheers for all your help, we had a crazy weekend and everyone thought it was awesome. The wedding has been and gone now so my best man duties are all over thank god, but once again thank you so much for all you did to organise it - top notch...."

Ben Lewis / Bristol / December 2008

5 Stars
Stag review "nice one"

"...would have no hesitation in using StagWeb again, all staff helpful and did what they said they were going to do, nice one...."

AH / Bristol / November 2008

5 Stars
Stag review "StagWeb certainly delivered"

"...I wanted to do something different for my Stag Weekend, and StagWeb certainly delivered. Friendly and knowledgeable staff always available for help by phone or email. Couldn't fault them at all, and would certainly recommend them...."

MJ / Bristol / October 2008

5 Stars
Stag review "I can't thank you all enough"

"...StagWeb is with out a doubt helpful and organized. Listen lads they know their stuff. All the staff was not only professional and really helpful. A lot of stress was taken off of me by the ease of which they worked with. I can't thank you ALL enough!!..."

Shaun Keane / Bristol / September 2008

5 Stars
Stag review "we had a cracking time"

"...this was a very good value weekend. StagWeb did a great job in organising the days and all went really smoothly. We had a cracking time! Cheers!..."

AW / Bristol / July 2008

5 Stars
Stag review "top weekend"

"...top weekend - totally battered now! Comedy club was brilliant too! Hope to be going on another stag do with you in the near future!..."

JC / Bristol / 2007

5 Stars
Stag review "excellent"

"...thanks very much for the organising of my friends stag weekend. The group had an excellent time, hotel was a perfect location and completely adequate for the occasion.

The paintballing and quad biking was enjoyed by all and the company you use were very accommodating. If I ever have the privilege of having to be the best man again I'll remember your company and certainly pass a good word on to anyone else given the same responsibility.

Thanks again!..."

AG / Bristol / 2007

5 Stars
Stag review "does exactly what it says on the tin!"

"...just wanted to express my thanks for the trip you organised for us. StagWeb certainly does exactly what it says on the tin! Thanks to you personally for your attentiveness and for always returning calls, something which seems a rare quality to find in people these days. I wish you and StagWeb every success in the future...."

Andrew R Nock / Bristol / 2007

5 Stars
Stag review "thanks for your hard work"

"...I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for your hard work in organising the Stag weekend in Bristol for me a couple of weeks ago! It all went off really well (due to your awesome input!!) - the clay shooting was great fun, the hotel looked after us really well, but best of all, the restaurant was made to measure! We didn't end up leaving there to go clubbing because there were 55 hens with us (and no other stags!!). So thanks again, and if I have the misfortune to have to be best man again I'll be in touch!..."

AW / Bristol / 2007

5 Stars
Stag review "thank you very much for a top weekend"

"...well, what can I say but thank you very much for a top weekend ... activities were hilarious (just seeing some of the boys faces after coming out of the Maxcats course was worth the money alone) and the comedy club was a great night out ... As I'm sure you can imagine the comedians didn't leave us alone all night...."

MS / Bristol / 2007

5 Stars
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