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The city might look beautiful and cultured (and ok, it kind of is), but the Italians aren't ones to just sit by and look at architecture. They're a passionate people, and that comes through clearly in the Rome stag activities on offer. Let's not forget the ancient Romans either… if ever there was a bunch who marched around and got things done, it was them! You're not going to find all of the more traditional stag ideas here there's no go karting and clay shooting, for example, but we're willing to bet you didn't come all the way to Rome to do things you could try anywhere in the UK. With that in mind, we've got a small, hand-picked selection of the very best Rome stag ideas around. Just let us know what you prefer and we'll take care of the rest from transfers to guides to the venues themselves. For the best Rome stag ideas, you're in the right place!

Watching the gladiators

The Romans were well known for their love of spectator sports, although nowadays fights are more likely to break out between tourists desperate for the best photo op than gladiators and lions. If you do fancy seeing a few battles in an arena, you'll have better luck seeing the Italian pros go at it on a pitch. The Italian rugby team is one of the best 15 rugby teams in the world… whatever their Six Nations performance suggests. The Rome team (Rugby Roma Olimpic) compete in the Italian top tier, making a day at the rugby a fantastic choice for any stags who are a fan of the sport. If they're more into the beautiful game, you're in luck in Italy… it's home to one of the best national teams in the world, and AS Roma plays in the top tier of Italian football. We can get you and the lads tickets to watch some of the Italian players in action… we're pretty sure that swearing at the ref transcends language barriers. If you and the boys would rather get involved, we can get you a pitch for a little kick around yourselves too.

Roman Rivalry

Frankly, it's not a real Roman weekend if you and the lads don't pit yourselves in a ferocious battle of blood sports and violence. However, that does tend to put a slight dampener on the stag do, not to mention that bringing home a beat up stag tends to incite the bride to a little violence herself. Instead, satisfy your need for competition with our Gladiator School, complete with bouncy inflatables and a range of hilarious games. After all, you're in Rome. If you can't indulge your inner gladiator here, where can you?! Alternately, maybe you'd like to try a thoroughly modern take on chariot racing with a segway race instead? They're hilarious looking and hugely fun, as well as being a twist on all the conventional stag motorsports that the boys are unlikely to have tried before.

La Dolce Vita

Not all Rome stag ideas involve running around with bashing each other with inflatable sticks (though that is one of our favourite things to do). Modern Romans know how to relax, and Italy is one of the coolest, most laidback countries in the world. Equally fashionable and rustic, Rome is a city that knows the value of sitting back in the sunshine with a coffee and watching the world pass by. Italy is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, producing around a third of all the world's vino. Basically, there's nothing better than sitting down with a nice glass of wine in Rome… unless it's sitting down with several glasses of different nice wines with our wine tasting session. Roman spas have a long, long history of spas and bathing all that marching and conquering meant they really knew the value of a little downtime. If you and the lads were ever going to indulge in a little male pampering, Rome is just the city to do it in!

So why StagWeb?

In Rome, it's easy to decide just to enjoy the city there's not exactly a shortage of things to see. While we'd never argue against scheduling in some sightseeing (Rome is pretty spectacular), we'd make sure you've got a few other plans in place too nothing gets the lads out and bonding faster than the promise of some fun and excitement on a stag do. For Rome stag activities, all you have to do is let us know what you need, and we'll help you get the very best from your budget! Just let us know what Rome stag ideas, events or sporting pursuits meet your needs and we'll tailor make the programme to fit the group. So get in touch today and get the ball rolling on the best Rome stag weekend ever!

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