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12 Stag Party Fails & Triumphs!

12 Stag Party Fails & Triumphs!


The stag party should be the one of the greatest weekends of the groom’s life. It’s the duty of best men and stags everywhere to make sure the party lives up to expectation, anything less than the best is quite frankly ‘failure’ and those stags should leave immediately, hanging their heads in shame.
But sometimes fate likes to stir things up with unexpected and hilarious results. So here’s a look at stag party fails and some of the greatest stag do saves of all time. Gentlemen we salute you.

Chicago for One

Imagine arriving at the stag weekend and waiting for the rest of the stags to show up, only to watch the arrivals screen as all their flights got cancelled?

That’s exactly what happened to 28 year old Robert Chernow in Chicago. Robert, decided to make the best of a bad situation and cutting a forlorn figure preceded to shoot some hilarious selfies in some of Chicago’s most famous landmarks and the results are genius. The New Yorker even turned to Tinder and to try and gofundme to get the party started. Thankfully at the 11th hour the groom managed to make it and get the party underway, probably spurred on by not being able to face any more of his mate’s puppy dog eyed, tortured looking selfies.

Theory Of Everything

How can you turn your scruffy looking stag party into the world’s most intelligent stag group? Just add Stephen Hawking of course! Groom Chris Hallam and his mates were partying in the Professor’s hometown when they spotted the cosmologist and genius getting out of a car with his son. The greatest genius of the age then posed with the stags while they were dressed as Bananaman. Hawking must have been cursing himself for changing out of his banana suit just before he left the house.

hawking stag do

Stag Party For Sale

When one of the stags was forced to drop out at the last minute and with everything already booked, a quick thinking group of Bristol based stags did what any self-respecting stag party would do… Sell the place to a stranger on eBay.

Groom-to-be Ben Kolb and his mates then had an expectant wait to see if anybody would bid. Interest was high with many people messaging to find out if the listing was a joke. And the highest bidder was… A woman! Yep, the new honorary, Josie, paid the princely sum of £1.21. The blushing bride groom’s brother and best man Alex Kolb said “I think Josie, like us just sort of did it for a laugh. She didn’t come along to the whole thing, as we put the listing up a bit late really and we didn’t exactly get the money back, but we all had fun and it paid for half a pint.”

EBay ad;

“The first event is outdoors south of Bristol and paid for, all you need to do is dress with trainers and socks. We also have accommodation for you if the groom to be approves of you.

You will need to buy your own food and drink. It will be awesome fun to meet you. Bidding starts at 1p. Miss it and miss out on the best stag ever!!! Women are also welcome to apply we are not sexist.”

ebay advert

Missing One For The Team

Having one of the stags miss the stag do is bad enough but what happens when the groom misses his own party? By choice!?!

Having popped the question and arranged the best weekend ever, Jerry Healy must have been feeling pretty good about life and things can only have gotten better when the football team he played for made it to their local cup final. But hold on sports fans, fate decided to give Jerry a swift boot right in the happy sacks when the final date clashed with his own stag do. That meant the rest of the stags (minus a few other players who also stayed behind to chase cup final glory) had to go without him. Read more about Missing One For The Team…

Serial Stag Crasher

Stag party legend Will Stevenson crashed 16 stag weekends in 3 months. It started when he saw an eBay auction for a place on a stag weekend when one of the stags couldn’t make it. He then went on to clock up 31,000 air miles accompanied by his pet badger Seth attending other random stag weekends with complete strangers.
With more stag weekends booked, Will and Seth will have travelled more than the circumference of the globe by the end of his last weekend. Not bad for a guy with a fear of flying. Read more about Serial Stag Crasher…

stag group

The Random Stranger

When Joey DiJulio found himself mistakenly included in group’s chain emails about another man’s stag weekend (because of his name being similar to another guest) he read with increasing interest and laughs as the emails flowed until eventually he ‘fessed up to the stags;

“Hi All,

So, I have no idea who any of you guys are, but I have been enjoying being a fly on the wall hearing about the plans for this bachelor party over the last few months.

I’m assuming my E-Mail address was added to the list by mistake (perhaps a typo of someone else?).
I live out in Seattle, WA and although for a moment I thought it might be funny to just show up and be that guy nobody knows but everyone wonders “who is that guy?”, buying a plane ticket for a cross-country flight just to crash a bachelor’s party might be a bit over the top (although it would be epic!).

Nonetheless, I do hope you guys have a great time and I’d like to take a moment to wish the best of luck in life to the groom!


He probably thought that was the end of it until he got this reply from groom Jeff Minetti;


I’m overnighting you a wedding invite. You show up at the bachelor party and l’ll make you my best man.

You can give the toast even.


All the stags chipped in and even set up a gofundme page to raise the $1,200 required for the round trip from New York to Philadelphia.

joey and jeff

There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to the whole shebang! Random Bachelor Facebook.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Imagine the groom’s surprise when no other than Ghostbuster Bill Murray walked into his stag do. Having initially turned down the groom’s friends to come and meet the groom, legendary actor Murray sneaked in and then gave a passionate speech with some sage words of advice about how to know whether a girl was “the one” or not.
Bill Murray has a track record for surprising people (“No one’s ever going to believe you…” is almost his new catch phrase) but this has to be one of his finest crashes yet.

YouTube video

Model Stag Do

Gareth Bell was another stag who found himself partying alone when the rest of the stags Berlin bound flights were cancelled after the eruption of an Icelandic volcano caused aviation chaos across Europe. Being the only one of the 14 strong stag party didn’t stop Gavin from showing groom, Gareth Hale a great weekend; he simply made a mini model of the groom which he carried and photographed at all the city’s best locations. “I got a few strange looks but at least Gareth has some pictures of him on his actual stag do to show at the wedding.”

YouTube video

Czech Please!

Unlucky Stephen Barker missed his own stag weekend after losing his passport in Prague’s Ruzyne Airport. While he’d managed to make it as far as the Czech Republic, the lack of passport meant immigration officials wouldn’t let him into the country. So as the rest of the stags exited the airport on route to a great weekend, the blushing bridegroom was on the next plane back to Blighty but did at least spend the evening in the pub… With his mum! Doh.

Royal Seal of Approval

Groom-to-be Robert Sandström was stitched up by his friends who took him to a park they knew King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden was due to walk through. Their reasoning was the King’s presence would mean larger crowds to embarrass the groom (who they’d dressed up in short shorts, and the Swedish national colours. None of the stags could have guessed that the King (who has a reputation for partying in his youth) would actually wander over for a chat.

On International Duty

Possibly the only valid reason for missing a stag party would be being selected to play for your country. It’s the nightmare that befell Ireland international Rob Elliot. Having already booked his stag do and wedding a year in advance, Elliot was left with a tough choice after being picked for his country. While he missed out on the trip to Las Vegas with his friends he didn’t skip the wedding day but did fly back out to join the squad for two more matches eventually meeting up with his new bride in America having one his first senior caps.

The Best Laid Planes

One groom and two of his party managed to miss their flight to Tallinn by just two minutes, walking dejectedly away from the understandably strict check in staff, Neil Woodcock and his mates were amazed to see five more of their party also the wrong side of the loading doors. It turned out that unlike the groom, the five had managed to turn up in plenty of time, in fact they had so much time “…they decided to go for a beer before the flight, but were having such a good time they forgot to go to the gate.”
So while one half of the stag party jetted off to Estonia, the groom and the rest of the stags partied hearty in Nottingham, which does look like Tallinn, from a distance, if you squint a bit and ignore the fact that it’s clearly Nottingham.

Don’t Shoot, I’m the Best Man!

One Canadian stag party’s prank plans nearly took a turn for the worse when the groom ended up coming face to face with armed police. London McHardy’s friend’s planned to kidnap the groom and had gone to a lot of trouble, fake weapons, balaclavas, baseball bats, etc. They had already been told by the groom’s fiancé where the spare key to his house was, so wearing their disguises they let themselves in and sat down to wait for the unsuspecting groom to return. However six neighbours called police after seeing masked men walk into McHealy’s house. Sniffer dogs, a police helicopter and four police officers arrived with guns drawn giving the best man and his pals a real grilling once the mix up was discovered. Read more about Don’t Shoot, I’m the Best Man…

best man

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