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Our Top 10 Trending Stag Activities for 2024

  1. 1. Bubble Football

  2. 2. Beer Bike

  3. 3. Paintball

  4. 4. Go Karting

  5. 5. Quad Biking

  6. 6. Wrestling School

  7. 7. Inflatable Games

  8. 8. Target Shooting

  9. 9. Whitewater Rafting

  10. 10. Escape Room

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The 10 Most Popular Stag Do Ideas of All Time

  1. Go Karting – Go Karting is a stag classic. It's fast-paced, frantic – everything you want in a legendary stag do activity.
  2. Bubble Football – Bounce the rest of the lads into Row Z as you have a crack at the most chaotic version of the beautiful game ever.
  3. Paintball – Paintball is an elite stag do idea. Where else can you shoot the groom from point-blank range... repeatedly?!
  4. Clay Shooting – Put your sharpshooting skills to the ultimate test as you go head-to-head blasting clays out of the sky.
  5. Quad Biking – Tear up some of the UK's toughest terrain aboard your own high-powered quad bikes.
  6. Beer Bike – When beer and bikes collide. A hilarious addition to any stag celebration and a unique way to see some sights.
  7. Target Shooting – Get your mitts on some powerful weaponry in our epic target shooting activity.
  8. Footgolf – Gareth Bale would love this one. A mash-up of two of the greatest sports in the world.
  9. White Water Rafting – Get the adrenaline pumping as your take to the water and attempt to conquer the rapids.
  10. Escape Game – Put your potentially hungover brains to the test as you try to crack the codes and escape with your freedom.

Based on StagWeb's Industry Stats 2023.

Stag Do Activity FAQs

Choosing the Best Stag Activities for Your Group

At StagWeb, we've sent over 700,000 people off on their pre-wedding stag celebrations since 2002.

We know that no two groups are the same when it comes to choosing their stag do activities, so we'll work with you to find the experiences that the guys will love.

What Would Your Group Prefer?

  1. Popular Stag Classics
  2. Unique Experiences
  3. Adrenaline-Pumping Action
  4. Beers, Beers, Beers

... or how about a mix and match of all four?!

Are You Staying in the UK or Heading Abroad?

Whilst some stag activities are available pretty much everywhere, we have some awesome adventures that are only found in certain destinations.

Budapest, for example, is the king of unique stag adventures with epic activities like the Trabant Rally, AK47 Shooting or the hilarious Stag Arrest on offer.

In the UK, you can head to London for a Breaking Bad Cocktail Party, bounce up to Birmingham for a Peaky Blinder weekend, or try out Bristol for a Horror Escape Game... if you dare!!

If you haven't already, be sure to explore our handpicked stag do destinations and find the location that's perfect for your badass weekend.

What Stag Do Activity Would the Groom Want to Do?

Insanely, loads of best man/stag organisers forget the weekend is about the groom and what he wants to do.

They get swayed and pushed around by the other guys in their group who can't agree on anything.

Think what the groom would want to do, or straight up ask him what he wants to do, and book it in.

... and if the groom's a bit of a pain in the a***, Stich Him Up!!!

How Many Stag Do Activities Should You Choose?

For various reasons, we wouldn't recommend doing more than three stag activities in a day!

  1. Consider Timings - how long each activity is, how far apart they are, how you're getting to each one, etc. (with StagWeb, we sort it all out for you).
  2. Consider Enthusiasm - whilst the guys will be up for doing some activities, too many is a sure-fire way for people to lose interest and get bored.
  3. Consider Cost - obviously, the more activities you do, the more your weekend will cost. If you're doing a one-day event, you can try and cram more in; if you're doing more than one day, you can spread them out.

There's no hard and fast rule, to be honest, just make sure it's feasible, affordable, and not going to bore or annoy people.

Have a chat with one of our knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic Destination Specialists if you need any advice or info when it comes to booking in your big event!

Give us a call today on 01225 474200.

What About Activities for Mixed Age Groups?

Yes, whilst a group of guys in their mid-twenties might want to be sprinting around in a chaotic Paintball or Bubble Football session, it may not be suitable for groups with a bigger age range.

Consider who's going and what they're physically capable of.

We have loads of great options available that are perfect for all ages, so have a browse or speak to one of our specialists and they'll be able to advise.

Cheap Stag Do Activities

We have a load of cheap stag do ideas ready and raring to book and we've arranged plenty of legendary send-offs that haven't broken the bank.

Have a look at our best-value destinations and go from there.

Also, we're constantly adding to and updating our special offers page to bring you the best possible weekends and the cheapest possible prices.

Seriously, don't miss out.

Funny Stag Do Activities

If you're looking for something different and downright hilarious for the groom's big weekend, you're in the right place.

We have a load of unusual stag do ideas available to book that are a hilarious alternative to your classic stag activities.

We also have a load of hilarious stag do pranks that you can chuck in throughout the weekend, too.

What Stag Activities Can Come to Your House?

If you're thinking about booking up one of our legendary stag party houses, you might want to bring the party to you.

In each destination, we have a range of mobile stag do activities that can be brought to your accommodation.

This varies depending on the destination, so be sure to check once you've decided where you're going, but we can arrange things like Sexy French Maids to wait on your hand and foot or we have a cracking mobile craft beer tasting available to book up in Bath.

Is Nightlife the Most Important Thing for You?

Whilst for some people the weekend is about trying new activities, for others, it's about the big night out!

And if partying is front and centre for you and your group, we have a load of awesome nightlife activities on offer, plus an elite list of party destinations ready and raring to host your big weekend.

From Newcastle to Liverpool, Ibiza to Amsterdam, we have every destination you could ever want to party in.

See our full list of stag do destinations.

Why Book Your Stag Do Activities With StagWeb?

StagWeb are the no.1 stag planners in the UK, and we've sent well over half a million people off on their big celebrations since 2002.

When it comes to our stag do activities, we only use the best suppliers about and ensure they all meet our very high standards before we welcome them on board.

We take each and every review and piece of feedback very seriously and work closely with our suppliers to ensure their activities are always at the highest possible standard.

By booking with StagWeb, you could even save your group a stack of money as we have great deals in place with many of our suppliers and pass the savings straight on to you.

Booking Solo is a Nightmare!

When you book your big weekend solo, it can be an absolute nightmare.

Rather than each stag paying us directly using our simple individual payment system, you'll have to pay out for each element of the weekend, then spend weeks chasing people up to pay you back.

F*** that!

Let StagWeb do the hard work for you, and then each stag pays us directly, so you don't have to bother having to nag people to give you your hard-earned money.

Your Money is Safe With StagWeb!

StagWeb are ABTA bonded (ABTA are the UK's biggest and most reputable travel regulator) meaning we're held to the highest industry standards, so you can rest easy knowing your money is safe.

When guys book loads of stag activities solo, often they won't check to see whether the company they're booking with has the required protection, only to find themselves out of pocket when something goes awry.

Don't get caught out - book with a company you know you can trust.

If you want to know more, check out this speedy article about why ABTA Protection is a must on your big weekend.

StagWeb are the Stress-Free Choice!

With StagWeb, planning that big celebration is a breeze.

You're still in complete control, choosing what you want to do and where you want to go, we simply do all the hard work bringing it all together and booking it in for you, saving you time and a whole heap of hassle.

All you need to do is send us a speedy enquiry for telling us where you're going, what you're doing and roughly how many of you there'll be (yes, we say roughly as we don't even need final numbers until six weeks before your event - we know people are flaky and will drop out!!), and we'll sort the rest.

After you've submitted your enquiry, our Destination Specialist for that location will use their expert local knowledge to put together the best weekend possible. Once you're happy and book it in (with just one small deposit), you'll then be handed over to your very own Event Manager who will be on hand to guide you through the rest of your event.

Why burden yourself with all the stress of booking solo?!!

Send us your enquiry today and we'll take all the pressure off of your shoulders!

Create your epic stag package!

Less Hassle. More Fun.

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