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Top 10 Stag Do Ideas 2021

  1. 1. Bubble Football
  2. 2. Beer Bike
  3. 3. Paintball
  4. 4. Go Karting
  5. 5. Quad Biking
  6. 6. Wrestling School
  7. 7. Inflatable Games
  8. 8. Target Shooting
  9. 9. Whitewater Rafting
  10. 10. Escape Room

10 Most-Popular Stag Activities of All Time

  1. 1. Go Karting
  2. 2. Bubble Football
  3. 3. Paintball
  4. 4. Clay Shooting
  5. 5. Quad Biking
  6. 6. Beer Bike
  7. 7. Target Shooting
  8. 8. Whitewater Rafting
  9. 9. Footgolf
  10. 10. Off Road Karts

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At StagWeb we have been booking epic stag activities for over a decade and have helped over 500,000 stags. We are constantly searching the UK, Europe and beyond for the very best activities out there.
Our main aim is to take all the hassle out of booking your event while at the same time making sure we can save you money (which could be utilised in purchasing the celebratory beverages on your night out).

Ok chaps, gather round because here comes the maths bit…
When you book a stag activity you'll be charged full whack. You're a one of group making a single booking so that's to be expected.
At StagWeb we have been working with our suppliers for over a decade in some places. That means purely because of the number of bookings we make we get offered great rates which we can pass on to you.

By saving you hassle and money you'll have an epic weekend and will not only come back and book with us again (many stags have used us for numerous stag parties) but you'll also tell your friends about your stag weekend.

"Takes the stress out of organising a big group of clueless lads!"

Stuart West - Cardiff - 16/07/2021

Stag Activities - The world is your lobster!

Stag activities tend to fall into five basic groups;

Sporting Prowess

This basically involves a group stag lads getting together and trying to beat each other into the ground with their chosen sporting activity. This is a basic male trait whereby as chaps we all want to lord it over our mates and come out victor demanding penalties and pints from all those we conquer on our way to sporting greatness and proving that we are indeed the best man/alpha male.
Team sports work really well as a way for the lads to get together, have a real laugh and make sure all the group get to enjoy the activity however there are plenty of individual sporting stag activities ideas you can do battle over.

Man-size Challenges

Some stag activities are purely aimed at connecting blokes with their most basic of instincts, survival of the fittest. In order to earn the evenings pints you'll first need to overcome the obstacles, fears, madness that stand between you and getting back to a nice warm pub serving ice cold drinks.
Throwing yourselves off cliffs in coasteering and gorge walking, committing your trust in a piece of giant elastic on a bungee jump, or really proving your man skills with bushcraft survival.

Thrill Rides

"I feel the need… The need for speed!" Whether it's a supercar, powerboat or racing round with your backside two inches off the tarmac on a suped-up go kart, as men we are drawn to speed like women to shoe shops. It's just in our DNA and loud engines and high speed incidents create some amazing stories that go on to become the stuff of stag legend.

Weird & Wonderful

One of the great things about a stag weekend is you can get to try something totally different. Playing bubble football, medieval jousting or testing your mettle as a crack SWAT team. With stag activities the world is your lobster with no end of weird and wonderful stag activities to try something you'll all be talking about for months to come.


Sometimes a stag weekend is all just about getting away with the lads, chilling out and sharing some great laughs and banter. A booze cruise is a nice way to mess about on the waves and enjoy cool drinks with great company. Surfing, golf, deep sea fishing, horse racing, brewery tours are all great ways to just chillax with the guys and help the groom celebrate his last days as a single man (a.k.a. the condemned) without the need for doing anything too crazy.

See more laid back relaxing activities here.

How to choose the stag activity for you...

The groom will have the best idea of the type of activity that will suit the group (if there are older relatives attending the stag weekend then not all stag activities might be suitable for older guests) so taking the groom for a vital stag do activity planning session could be vital. Telling the bride-to-be its "wedding planning" will still be hitting telling the truth and if that planning session happens to take place in the pub then that will just happen to be a happy coincidence.

Your stag do could be shaped by a particular activity the groom has always wanted to try or the make up of the group themselves, whether they are mostly sporting stags in need of some competition to prove themselves. Or you might want a testing activity that will bring all the lads together working as one unit.

If you are still in need of inspiration you can call our team at any time and we'll be happy to work with you to create a tailor made stag do activity package to suit your big weekend away.

Send us a brief enquiry and we'll end you a hassle free, no obligation quote outlining some epic stag activities to help you get your party started.

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