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Stag Do Invite Messages

20 Legendary Stag Do Invite Messages


To Get Everyone Pumped and Ready to Party!

Every great stag do starts with an even greater stag do invite message.

It’s vital you get off to a good start and get the boys pumped for a legendary trip.

Get it wrong, and you’ll be inundated with excuses:

  • “Sorry, mate, I’ve got plans that weekend.”
  • “Next May? Sorry, pal, it’s a busy time for me.”
  • “No can do, man! My nan’s cat’s got a bit of a tickly cough, so I’m on call for the foreseeable.”

Let’s not give them the opportunity to flake out.

We’re going to kickstart that group chat with an invite message none of the boys will be able to turn down.

Here at StagWeb.co.uk, we don’t just plan legendary trips, we also pride ourselves on helping you from the first message right up until the wedding day itself.

So, scroll on, pick your favourite line, tweak it to suit your vibe, and get that stag do started!

Funny Stag Do Invite Messages

  1. Right, lads. We’re throwing [Groom’s name] a stag do. It’ll be like The Hangover, but with fewer tigers (though, I can’t promise that). Are you in or out?
  2. I ran out of carrier pigeons, so here’s your invite: consider yourselves invited to [Groom’s name] stag do. Reply if you’re in!
  3. Who’d have thought we’d have to make this group chat? Someone’s actually mad enough to get engaged to [Groom’s name]. Proof that love is not only blind, but it also has no hearing or sense of smell. Time for a stag do – you in or out?
  4. Get ready for the premiere of [Groom’s name]’s last days as a single man! We’re hosting a stag do that’s going to break box office records. Will you join us in making the latest edition of Stag Wars?
  5. I know none of us really care that [Groom’s name] is getting married, but it’s a cracking excuse to get together for a lads’ weekend away. Let’s not let this opportunity pass by, gents.

Simple Stag Do Invite Messages

  1. [Groom’s name] is engaged. Stag Do. Soon. You in?
  2. Let’s give [Groom’s name] a night he might not remember, but one he definitely won’t forget…
  3. [Groom’s name] is getting hitched, but not before we send him off in style! Join us for their epic stag do on [date] at [venue]…
  4. You’re all invited to THE party of the year! Save the date!
  5. Stag Do Alert! C’mon let’s give the groom that legendary send-off they deserve.

“It’s the End of The World As We Know It” Stag Do Messages

Stag Do Invite Messages
  1. Join us as we say goodbye to [Groom’s name]’s sanity, sleep, and solo nights out. The stag do is on!
  2. Join us to bid farewell to [Groom’s name]’s life as a single alpha. It’s been nice knowing you, mate! @Groom
  3. Before [Groom’s name] swaps his bros for some vows, let’s have one last epic night. Stag party incoming!
  4. [Groom’s name] is trading in his man cave for a wedding ring. Join us for one last hurrah!
  5. Let’s help [Groom’s name] say goodbye to late nights, lazy Sundays, and control of the TV remote. It’s stag party time!

Formal Stag Do Invite Messages

  1. You are hereby invited to celebrate the groom’s upcoming nuptials with a sophisticated and classy evening out in the city. Your prompt response to the poll below is greatly appreciated.
  2. We cordially invite you to partake in an international escapade celebrating this gentleman @Groom. This stag weekend promises to be an event of epic proportions. Will you grace us with your presence? Kindly cast your vote.
  3. Before [Groom’s name] enters into the sacred bonds of matrimony, we are organising an extravagant stag do in a foreign locale. Will you accompany us on this momentous journey? Please indicate your intentions by voting.
  4. Lads and ladettes, gentlemen and not-so-gentlemen, it’s time for [Groom]’s big send-off before he sails off into the sunset of eternal matrimony. Will you join us for the bon voyage?
  5. Kind sirs. It’s time to don your finest party attire and join us for the celebration of the century as good friend, [Groom] bids the single life goodbye. Are you in?

Stag Do Invite FAQs

How Do I Invite People to a Stag?

Ready to rally the troops?

Here’s a pro tip: ditch the emails and go straight for WhatsApp or text.

Why? Well, some folks take forever to check their inbox, but their phones? That’s a whole different story.

First things first, have a chat with the groom-to-be about who’s making the guest list and get their numbers.

Then, it’s time to create the ultimate WhatsApp group.

Slap a badass group name on it – take your pick from our 28 Stag Do WhatsApp Group Chat Names – and enter your message.

Trust us, your mates will be buzzing for the big day in no time!

When To Send Out Stag Invites?

Get those invites out pronto. The earlier, the better.

You should aim to have the stag do sorted at least four months before weekend (AT LEAST). That’s what most folks do, anyway, according to our 2023/2024 stats.

So, you’ll want to send those invites flying at least two months prior to that (approx. six months before).

How Many People Do I Need to Invite to a Stag?

According to StagWeb’s annual report, the average stag party size for 2023 was 13.

However, most groups enquire for a lot more than that, but at least 2 or 3 will drop out.

Have a chat with the groom and get some rough numbers.

Do You Need Help Planning a Stag Do?

If you need help organising the groom’s epic pre-wedding celebrations, check out our extensive guide on planning a stag do which is packed with helpful advice and recommendations.

We’re fully devoted to making stag do planning an easy and stress-free process for everyone involved, so don’t be afraid to give our stag planners a shout on 01225 474200 or grab a free stag do quote from us today.

Our Destination Experts will always be on hand with the best tips for your party weekend!

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