The 10 Best Hangover Cures

10 best hangover cures

Hangovers = Bastards!

No one likes a hangover and those smug bar stewards who claim they don’t get them are either lucky bastards or weird liars. Anyway hangovers suck and for many of us it’s the price we pay for a big night, and we’ve all had a shocker or two that certainly weren’t worth the previous night’s investment.

Sober Note

We understand you don’t want to hear this and it’s not meant to bust your buzz but we genuinely care, so we’re just reaching out brothers. People do get themselves in trouble when they drink too much, whether it’s with their own body or with other people, so go steady and enjoy yourselves. We’re all made differently so don’t bow to peer pressure or put yourself at risk. And if you do take time to check out some of the stats it really will amaze you, did you know for example (according to the Alcohol Concern website) booze is 45% more affordable than it was in 1980! The following guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to booze so pay due heed, you might be surprised what you learn … & Believe it or not there’s even an Alcohol Hangover Research Group!

Now without further ado… here are 10 of the Best Hangover Remedies

1. A fry up

Unless you’re a way too body conscious health nut you’ll likely be nodding at this one and for good reason, it’s a tasty classic and one of the best ways to get rid of that evil hangover head (as long as Tony doesn’t smoke). Fat contains loads of calories so you’ll get a much-needed energy boost, plus eggs and meat are meant to be good at clearing out toxins and getting you fresh for the next big day. (Follow this link and the never knowingly inaccurate Daily Mail will tell you eminent scientist Professor Richard Stephens has put his name to it!)

2. Hair of the dog

That’s right young man, it’s scientifically proven to lessen the hangover impact – but beware … only in the short term! You may avoid some imminent hangover hell but it’s not for everyone and it could also go the other way. (BTW if you’re due to drive later it’s a really bad idea, just say “No” Zammo.)

3. Vitamins

Since a hangover is caused by the toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism, dehydration and Vitamin A, B and C depletion, putting these back into your body makes hangover beating sense.

4. Water

Actually this probably should have gone at the top because a hangover is essentially dehydration, but we find a fry up a slightly more tempting option. Drink a pint of water every hour of the day and you’ll mend much better, so sup up the H2O!

5. Sleep!

Probably not that you need any persuading but get yourselves back to bed and let your body heal over an extended slumber.

6. Caffeine

Another one that’s proven to provide some short term help, just prepare for the hangover to hit you later on! You could use that window of opportunity to ship in a couple of additional hangover cures.

7. Fruit juice

Your body will have shed all the vitamins to make way for the onslaught of alcohol so embrace the juice! It’ll boost your energy levels and might assist with the ridding of some toxins.

8. Go for a run

Yes it’s meant to be in here. The conventional “sweat it out” comes into play – unsurprisingly for most of us this isn’t going to be the first choice (or any choice at all) when waking up ruined after a big session. However if the previous night has sent you slightly mad and you’re up for it then the fresh outdoors and release of endorphins is supposed to make you feel miles better. (We’ve never tried it.)

9. Your personal cure

We’ve all got something that lifts us out of a debilitating hangover funk whether it’s medicinal, the 3 S’s, an invigorating shower, a mug of sweet tea or 3, even chomping on chocolate. If you can’t think of yours then keep in mind that raw cabbage is also used for preventing as well as curing hangovers, just be mindful of the trumping later on!

10. Self-pity

If all else fails then book in some good, old-fashioned, front of the tv, junk food supported self-pity. Memories of the night before are probably a blur of saying the wrong things, dancing on tables and regretting “that last pint”. So own-it, park yourself remote to hand and catch up with a non-judgemental TV.

8 More Tips For The Morning After

  1. Don’t drive (this is the time to get a taxi, pick up your car later if you have to).
  2. Clear the diary, don’t make any testing social plans. You’ll feel like crap, you’ll look crap and you’ll probably be crap company.
  3. Have a good (believable) excuse ready if you need to make cancellations and make sure you cancel early.
  4. Let the emotion come, just keep it private we’re men after all.
  5. Don’t let “the fear” takeover. Sure you might have acted like a bit of a bell end but so did most of the others … probably. As long as nobody got hurt it’ll all work out fine, and if you need to apologise … simple … man up and apologise.
  6. Do not call anyone who isn’t a serious mate.
  7. Have some spare cash ready for pizzas and the corner shop.
  8. If you have another half … deal smart, negotiate a “man down day” promise them a day in lieu, or two if you have to.

And Finally

It’s not all bad you know … here’s a blog on “Why Going to Beer Festivals Might Help You Live Longer”, cheers!


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