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25 Awesome Proposal Ideas

25 Awesome Proposal Ideas


If you’re planning on popping the question there’s one thing you definitely need to know, having told people you’re now engaged the first thing everyone will ask your soon-to-be fiancé is “How did he propose?”.

While men won’t even make eye contact while mumbling “Congrats”, give a brief high five or (if they’re the emotional type) offer a man hug before going back to talking about the weekend’s FA Cup results, women will sit around for hours discussing the where/how/what did he say and every other aspect of your performance in minute detail. The best proposal ideas don’t just make the future Mrs deliriously happy, you’ll become the greatest boyfriend/future husband ever in the eyes of all her closest friends and family.

Best Proposal Ideas

1. Picnic

After shelling out a small fortune for a ring you might not have enough left to book the dream cruise or hire the Red Arrows so keep it simple but ultra-romantic with a picnic in a beautiful location.

2. With a Little Help From Your Friends

Asking friends and especially family to help is a proposal idea that will go down well with everyone. It can also help you spring the surprise by getting someone else to get your girlfriend to the right place at the right time without arousing suspicion.

help from friends

3. By Kite

If you want to add an extra memorable twist to the picnic idea, have “Will You Marry Me” written on a kite then watch her surprise when she sees it get airborne.

4. In Writing

If you’re worried about getting your proposal right at the vital moment write a reason why you love her on each page of a book and hide the ring between the pages. It’ll also be a great memento she can keep forever.

in writing

5. Flash Mob

As proposal ideas go this one is a big public affair, it will certainly give her a great story to tell if you don’t get stage fright. It takes a lot of planning but she’s worth it and you’re only going to do this once.

YouTube video

See more of The Proposers’ amazing work on their Website.

6. Make it Permanent

Ok, we’re really not advocating graffiti but taking the girl of your dreams for a day out and surreptitiously get her to the right spot will make a great story. Then legging it before the local council warden grabs you.


7. Pet Friendly

If she’s mad about your pets, you can get them to help pop the question (just plan carefully so the ring doesn’t end up buried in the garden or halfway up a tree).


8. The Blockbuster

There have been a number of very cool movie theatre proposals but this has to be the best with some great comedy moments.

YouTube video

9. At Work

Does she have a job that could lend itself well to a proposal? A helpful boss who loves a happy ending? Or you could just use an aspect of her work to drop the “M-Bomb”. Make DNA coding romantic or have her fellow police officers throw her in a cell?

10. Home Movie

Make your directorial debut with a great piece of lip syncing with the help of friends, family and work colleagues for an amazing build up to a perfect “Yes!”.

YouTube video

11. On Holiday

A romantic beach, under a perfect balmy moonlit sky, at the top of that famous monument she’s always wanted to see…

12. On Camera

Capture the moment by setting up a camera or visiting a photo booth and she’ll have a keepsake to remember the moment for ever. Get it framed to earn extra bonus perfect boyfriend/husband points.

13. Secret Camera

If you don’t want to do something quite so public then have your private moment captured by a long lens as a surprise present for your new fiancé with an amazing photo montage.

secret camera

14. Scavenger Hunt

Doesn’t have to cost the earth, you can make it as small or as big as you’d like and fill it with private references and special touches to show how much you’ve thought about it.

15. Like A Penguin

“Did you know that when a male penguin falls in love with a female he presents her with a pebble, if she accepts his pebble they use it to start building a nest together.”
No girl can resist that cute, cuddly knowledge, present it to her with a pebble and she’ll be beaming for months. Do it at the zoo next to the penguin enclosure and she’ll be telling people for years!

16. Sunset Hot Air Balloon Ride

Get far away from the madding crowd and pop the question in possibly one of the most spectacular ways imaginable.

hot air balloon

17. Air Message

If the sky’s the limit for your prime proposal plan then you could display your feelings for her in a giant floating message.

18. Champagne Charlie

Freeze the ring into an ice cube that you can incorporate in a whole range of romantic proposal ideas where the ring magically appears in her glass (without her swallowing it). Plus the ring will look superb briefly suspended in ice.

19. Top of the Bill

Hire a billboard and then drive her past/to its location. The coast can be a lot cheaper than you think (especially if you wangle a deal by telling the company how much publicity their billboards could get from your proposal).


20. Box of Chocs

Carefully open a box of chocolates, replace one with the ring and seal it again. A great idea that could be combined with a picnic, billboard, landmark, etc.

21. The Big Present – Christmas Proposal

Like Russian dolls, put the ring in a box in a box in a box in a box going up in size with a message inside each of the boxes until she reaches the final box.

22. Surprise!!!

Doing it at a surprise party with all her nearest and dearest could be the perfect proposal idea. But you’ll need to be really sure of her answer so she doesn’t feel pressured or worst still, simply says “no”.

YouTube video

23. Back to the Future

Take her back to where you first met or had your first date, she could consider it the perfect place to start the next big phase of your life (unless you met in rehab. #awkward).

24. Call in the Pros

If you’re really worried about just how you’re going to do it, call the pros and get them to help create that truly memorable event.
Your Proposal

25. Will You Marry…

Leave 3 cards hidden not to subtlety around the house each with a word printed on them; “Will”, “You”, “Marry” and then leave her to go crazy trying to find number 4. It’ll keep her busy for days.

Worst Proposal Ideas

Finding the best wedding proposal ideas could make you a hero. But get it wrong and you’ll soon be back into the single life. Don’t try these at home…

1. Sitting on the sofa, covered in Dorito crumbs during the adverts of The Walking Dead
2. Bellowing “D’you fink we should do this then?” into her ear as you drunkenly stagger around the dance floor together at a friend’s wedding
3. While waiting in the queue at a McDonald’s drive-thru
4. Using any kind of ‘funny’ ring that you think will be quirky/whacky/make her laugh
5. On the centre spot of your favourite football team at half time. Unless she’s as obsessed with the team as you are you’re going to get relegated (plus be prepared for several thousand football fans chanting at her to say “No”)
6. Spelling it out in alphabet spaghetti
7. Having “Will you marry me?” tattooed on your arm/chest/ass

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