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25 Stag Do Bingo Ideas


Forget the same old pre-drink games – it’s time to spice up your night out with a spot of stag do bingo.

Put together by the party professionals at StagWeb, we’ve come up with a game to take your stag night to new hilarious heights.

The template below is free to download, print out and power through, so scroll on and get stuck in.

In this blog…

  1. Free Stag Do Bingo Download
  2. The Challenges
  3. How To Play 
  4. Ideas & Tips
  5. Prizes
  6. Stag Planning Help

Stag Do Bingo Card🍻


The Challenges👀

  1. Photobomb a stranger
  2. Buy the groom a shot
  3. Belt out “Barbie Girl”
  4. Do a unique dance with the groom
  5. Win an arm wrestle
  6. Get a conga line going (min 5 strangers)
  7. Get a piggyback ride
  8. Order drinks in a French accent
  9. Get a stranger’s number
  10. Do a shoey
  11. Tell someone a fake story about the groom
  12. Beat someone in a thumb war 
  13. Give a motivational speech to everyone
  14. Start a chant about the groom
  15. Perform a love poem to one of the stags
  16. Give a sales pitch for a random product
  17. Do a talent show & get the most votes
  18. Swap outfits with the groom 
  19. Wear your clothes inside out
  20. Blind taste test different shots
  21. Challenge the groom to a dance-off
  22. Eat the spiciest thing you can find
  23. Play a round of truth or dare
  24. Give a stag a makeover
  25. Insert your own challenge

How To Play…👍

  1. Print out enough stag do bingo cards for everyone
  2. Or do it digitally (just screenshot that bad boy – it’s the 21st century)
  3. You can either set a deadline (1 hour) or just let the game run all night
  4. Spread out and complete the different challenges to make a line
  5. The challenges need to be verified by another member of the group or with a photo
  6. Shout BINGO! when you’ve completed a line – either vertical, diagonal or horizontal
  7. Win a prize!

Ideas & Tips🙈


Tip 1 – The best time to play stag do bingo is when you’re headed on a night out

Tip 2 – We’ve left one empty box on the bingo card which you can fill with a custom challenge (get thinking!)

Tip 3 – Number the cards on the back and use a random number generator to complete each challenge in turns. If you can’t complete the challenge, you don’t get to tick off the box!

Stag Do Bingo Prizes🎁

  • 1st prize – Skip paying one round
  • 2nd prize – Choose someone else for a stag do forfeit
  • 3rd prize – Get a drink of choice from the groom
  • Bonus prize – Come up with a prize for the bonus challenge

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Need Help Planning Your Stag Do?🎉

We have even more stag do games that will add an extra dose of hilarity to your party!

Check them out and give us a shout if you need any help planning the groom’s hilarious celebration.

You can reach us via our enquiry form, call us on 01225 474200, or hit us up on our socials @StagWeb 🍻

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