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Christmas Proposal Ideas

27 Cracking Christmas Proposal Ideas


Proposing at Christmas comes with big pressure.

You can’t just drop down onto one knee and expect the ‘magic of the season’ to take hold.

If anything, the fact that it’s the most romantic time of the year puts more pressure on you to do something special.


Don’t fret, pal… StagWeb is here.

We’ve reviewed a tonne of ideas, ditched the cringy ones, and come up with a hitlist of the best Christmas proposal ideas to guarantee that ‘yes’ you’re looking for.

Don’t hang about, scroll on before they catch you looking at them!

Christmas proposal ideas

Start planning now…

It is never too early to get the (snow) ball rolling!

Whether you’re going low-key or extravagant AF, advanced planning is essential to pull off the perfect proposal.

Give yourself enough time to get right (a disaster proposal will be 10x worse this time of year… no pressure!).

Whether you’re thinking ‘go big or go home’ or ‘less is more’, Christmas time has a load of opportunities to pop the question – you’ve just got to pick the one that works for you.

Top 5 Romantic Christmas Proposals💍

If it’s romance you’re after, skip the rest – we’ve picked out the best!

Here are our five selections for the ultimate heartfelt proposal…

  1. Christmas Lights
  2. Sleigh Ride
  3. Christmas Bauble
  4. Ice Skating
  5. Christmas Cabin

When’s Best To Propose?

Never mind how, what about when!

Choosing the right moment can be hard, but you’ll know when you know. You know?!

Before Christmas. Christmas Day. Just after Christmas. New Year’s…

There are plenty of options and, luckily for you, we’ve come up with ideas for all of them.

Christmas proposal ideas

I Want to Propose

Pre-Christmas Proposals🤍

Christmas Market Magic🍭

Take a romantic stroll in the crisp winter air, with the scent of cinnamon and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ blasting around the fairy-lit huts.

Name a more festive setting?!

After a mulled wine (or two for a little Dutch courage) choose the perfect spot to make your move.

Christmas proposal ideas

Proposin’ Around, The Christmas Tree🎄

Decorating the tree is a pretty romantic moment, so why not take things up a notch? Pour some wine. Put on your ‘couple song’. Set the mood.

Or why not go more subtle?

How about a Christmas bauble that says “Marry Me?”

Christmas proposal ideas

Movie Memoires🎬

Now showing: The Proposal!

Set the scene with a Christmas rom-com: The Holiday, Love Actually, or even all the times little Kev was Home Alone!

Screen their favourite festive film with all the extras: blankets, lights, treats, etc.

Wait until an iconic part of the movie to pop the question.

Christmas proposal ideas

Christmas Card🧧

Want to keep it simple? Just a few heartfelt words can be enough, and you can spend Christmas as a fiancé!

Let them open the card early and make the lead-up to Christmas even more special.

Christmas proposal ideas

Christmas Lights, Camera, Action!

3,2,1… and propose!

Surrounded by the cool lights of London’s Oxford Street (or any high street!) and a cheerful crowd, this is a great opportunity to be bold but with minimal cost and planning.

Pro Tip: Hire a photographer (or get a mate) to be a discreet fly on the wall and capture the light bulb moment!

Christmas proposal ideas

Sleigh Ride🎿

If you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas, use it to your advantage!

Huddle up together in the back of a sleigh and embrace the picturesque scenery around you.

Wait until the speed slows down and the landscape is giving, before hopping out and getting down on one knee – mind that it might be a tight squeeze and DO NOT drop the ring.

Christmas proposal ideas

On The Ice

Just imagine, skating together on the ice, then you suddenly pull out a flying spin, moving into a twist lift and then end with a double backflip before you pop the question…

Or… just skating hand-in-hand before pausing and slowly getting down on one knee.

Both are equally as cool.

Christmas proposal ideas

Winter Walk🚶‍♀️

Who doesn’t love a crisp winter’s walk?!

Pause at a scenic or sentimental spot and do your thing.

Christmas proposal ideas

Christmas Eve Proposals🤍

By The Fireplace🔥

From the comfort of your own home…

Sometimes there is just nothing better than curling up by the fire together. A no-pressure, cosy setting through and through.

Stay warm and choose a moment that just feels right.

Christmas proposal ideas

On The Doorstep🚪

Like a scene straight out of a movie, recreate the iconic Love Actually (but make it wayyy less creepy).

Whiteboard and pen at the ready!

Christmas proposal ideas

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe💏

A humble way to begin your next chapter.

Meet for a Christmas kiss and when the moment comes, quietly ask away. Deep breath and good luck!

Christmas proposal ideas

Pitch Perfect Proposal🎶

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” – Elf

Have your moment be sung from the rooftops. A music lover’s dream. Hire a team of carol singers in a setting of your choice.

Christmas proposal ideas

Written In The Snow

Take your pick of the best snowy spot, whether that be in the garden, a tree trunk or a car window just like they do in the movies.

Spell out your proposal wherever feels right.

Get that ring on her finger fast before the frostbite does!

Christmas proposal ideas

Cosy Christmas Cabin

Escape the festive hustle and bustle and whisk them away to a cosy Christmas cabin.

Frosty walks, snowy scenery, oversized blankets – it’s the ultimate Christmas getaway.

Just the two of you taking Christmas and your special moment at your own pace.

Christmas proposal ideas

Traditional Christmas Eve Box🍫

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Kickstart Christmas in the best traditional way.

Hide the ring inside a box amongst other small gifts and let the moment pan out in the privacy of your home.

Christmas proposal ideas

Christmas Day Proposals🤍

Christmas Bauble🔴

Discreetly place the ‘Marry Me?’ bauble on the Christmas tree to blend in with the other decorations.

Direct their eyes towards the bold bauble in the tree and the rest will be history.

Christmas proposal ideas

What The Charade?!🤩

An all-time classic Christmas dinner party game.

Play along to begin with, then pick your moment to get down on one knee and act the part.

Christmas proposal ideas

POP The Question🎇

Start the proposal off with a BANG!

Hide the ring inside a cracker and make it an occasion over Christmas dinner.

Much better than a cheesy joke! Try not to forget which one it’s in and pull gently to ensure she wins this expensive prize!

Christmas proposal ideas

12 Days of Christmas🎊

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love said to me…

“Will you marry me?”

Better than a partridge in a pear tree, spread out the occasion over the traditional twelve days of Christmas, giving a small sentimental gift each day. Make sure to save day number 12 for the ring!

Christmas proposal ideas

Stocking Filler🎁

Wrap up the ring and hide it amongst other small gifts in a traditional Christmas stocking.  Hang it on the fireplace and hold off until Christmas morning.

Pro Tip: To avoid suspicion, wrap the ring in an alternative shape to a small box, such as a sphere, cone, card etc… you wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise that easily!

Christmas proposal ideas

Involve The Children👶

If you have any mini-mes for an extra, small pair of hands, dress them up in a personalised baby grow or top to spell out your special request.

Christmas proposal ideas

Post Christmas Proposals🤍

Surprise Christmas Party🎉

Prep a party in private and pop the question somewhere unassuming with a rehearsed cue for friends and family after she says ‘Yes!” (cause she will!).

Then pop the champers, bang on the festive tunes, and let the party begin!

Christmas proposal ideas

Drone Display💎

This one might be spenny and tricky to organise – but, hey, you might be a baller!

Lead them by the hand outside and direct their head up to the stars. Except they aren’t stars, they are small drones with lights that spell out a very important question in the sky.

This may take more planning than other proposals, but it would certainly not be lacking in the WOW factor.

The sky is the limit!

Christmas proposal ideas

Trip To NYC🌆

Ice skating at Rockefeller, a frosty stroll through Central Park, the Statue of Liberty in the snow, or a trip to Times Square.

New York is an idyllic Christmas destination with plenty of iconic proposal spots.

AKA you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Christmas proposal ideas

Start Your Journey Off With a BANG!🌟

If expectations are high, then this will not disappoint.

Amongst the grandeur, excitement, and colour of a firework display, organise one special firework to explode into ‘Marry Me.’

Or you can keep it low-key with some sparklers. Whichever the case, sparks will be flying!

Christmas proposal ideas

Boxing Day🍗

Prefer to wait until the Christmas excitement dies down?

Boxing Day would be great for a low-key proposal.

Christmas proposal ideas

New Year’s Eve Proposal💛

If the moment during Christmas never came, don’t fret.

The next best thing is just around the corner – New Year’s Eve! Start the year and your new chapter off with a spectacular proposal at the biggest party of the year.

Christmas proposal ideas

Start working your magic now but be careful not to let on!


How do you propose at Christmas?

Like any other time of year, you get down on one knee and pop the question! Except with the added bonus of the Christmas magic. You are spoilt for choice with ways to propose at this time of year.

Is proposing at Christmas OK?

Of course it’s OK. For some, it can be the best decision they make.

But it can also be an added stress that you just don’t need. There’s enough going on with the minefield of Christmas. So to add something as huge as a proposal to the mix might be a lot to take on.

Saying that there is something extra about proposing during Christmas. It’s hard for it to go wrong – but remember it still requires a lot of planning!

Where can I propose at Christmas time?

Take your pick. It’s hard to choose from all the ideal proposal opportunities this time of year. With either markets or fireplaces around every corner, the choices are endless.

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