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8 Awesome Stag Do Ideas in the South West

8 Awesome Stag Do Ideas in the South West


If you’re looking at heading to the South West for the groom’s big celebration, then you are in luck! This part of the country boasts some of the best stag destinations in the UK and is chock-full of incredible stag do challenges waiting for you to conquer.


Somerset Challenge

  • 9 hilarious challenges
  • Awesome stag prank
  • Costume for the groom

If you’re looking to throw some competitive action into the mix, you need look no further than the hilarious and certifiably crazy Somerset Challenge. You’ll each take on 9 hilarious inflatable activities before the groom faces a forfeit of his own.

Check out Somerset Challenge now!

YouTube video

Zombie Survival Training

  • 4 undead activities
  • Vital survival skills
  • Preparation for the apocalypse

You know as well as we do that inevitable zombie invasion is just around the corner (it’s only a matter of time), so it’s about time you armed yourselves with the skills necessary to survive. Using assault rifles, archery, crossbows and throwing axes, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to surviving an undead onslaught.

Check out Zombie Survival Training now!

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Horror Escape Game

  • Hair-raising action
  • Spine-shuddering challenges
  • All in a deserted prison

Just one look at the video (click the link to see more) and you’ll understand just how horrifying this experience is. If you and the guys think you’re brave enough, see if you can bust out of this deserted prison cell and regain your freedom – otherwise, it’s game over… permanently!

Check out Horror Escape Game now!

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Multi-Activity Day

  • 1-4 activities
  • Keep track of who wins what
  • And set your own hilarious forfeits

Choose from a range of adrenaline-fuelled activities, from mud buggies to exploding archery, as you and the guys take on up to four chaotic stag challenges. Remember to keep track of winners and losers (because the losers get the beers in, obviously).

Check out Multi-Activity Day now!

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Overnight Bushcraft Survival

  • Shelter building
  • Fire starting
  • Bush cooking

How would survive out in the wild without your warm fluffy slippers, pizza delivery on speed dial and teddy bear you still use at night (we won’t tell the rest of the guys!)? Well, now’s your chance to find out as you also uncover the answer to the question on everyone’s lips: Does Bear Grylls s*** in the woods?

Check out Overnight Bushcraft Survival now!

Overnight Bushcraft Survival

Water Assault Course

  • 70-metre obstacle course
  • Trampolines, slides, flippers
  • Hilarious from start to finish

Make a splash on the groom’s big weekend away as you throw a hefty dollop of chaos into the mix. If you’ve ever watched Total Wipeout and thought: ‘I could do a lot better than those muppets!’ it’s time to put your assault course tackling skills where your mouth is.

Check out Water Assault Course now!

Water Assault Course



  • Rock climbing
  • Cliff jumping
  • Cave exploration

Now this is the definition of extreme sports, gents! Whilst the other activities are a bit more lighthearted, this awesome challenge will seriously get the pulses racing. Jump off cliffs, scale some rockfaces, explore some caves – yep, it’s just as incredible as it sounds.

Check out Coasteering now!

YouTube video

Waverunner Experience

  • Suped-up 600bhp powerboat
  • Jet skis
  • 12 miles of coastline

Speed your way along the Jurassic Coast on your own suped-up powerboat as half the stags tear along behind on jet skis before you swap over and fire on back. Now, this is how you see the sights in Newquay! 

YouTube video

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