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Best Stag Do Locations in March

Best Stag Do Locations In March


Planning a stag out of season?

Whether you want some winter sun or somewhere where the party is popping off, we have a load of top options for your stag do in March.

From sunny beaches to cities that never sleep, you’ll be able to throw the groom a send-off that will rival any summertime celebration.

The Best Beach Destinations for March

#1 Tenerife


When to Go: Anytime!!

A Tenerife stag do in March – whenever – is always electric!

Even in January, the temperature can get up into the 20s, so you and the boys can enjoy warm weather all year round.

If you’re looking for the sun, Tenerife is a no-brainer.

Start planning your Tenerife stag do today!

#2 Albufeira


When to Go: March–October

Unlike Tenerife, Albufeira only kicks into gear between March and October.

However, if you are planning a stag do in March, it’s a TOP choice.

The temp starts to sneak into the 20s. The Strip livens up. The party pops off!

Start planning your Albufeira stag do today!

#3 Benidorm


When to Go: March–October

Another March-October destination – Benidorm is a stag classic.

It was as if it were built for stags.

It’s party central.

It’s warm all year round.

Buzzing bars. Cheap booze. Big beach.

What’s to think about?

Start planning your Benidorm stag do today!

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The Best European Cities for March

#1 Dublin


When to Go: Anytime!!

If you’ve never partied in Dublin, you’ve never partied.

The atmosphere is like no other.

Head down to Temple Bar. Order a Guinness. Let the good times roll.

Start planning your Dublin stag do today!

#2 Prague


When to Go: Anytime!!

Prague is a great shout for a stag do in March.

The party pops off all year round.

There’s loads to do and see.

It’s not too hard on the old wallet.

Start planning your Prague stag do today!

#3 Berlin


When to Go: Anytime!!

Berlin is famed worldwide for its nightlife.

If you’re out of the loop…

(1) Where have you been?!

(2) Check out our Berlin nightlife advice blog for the complete lowdown on this colossal party city.

Once you’ve done that…

Start planning your Berlin stag do today.

#4 Lisbon


When to Go: Anytime!!

Lisbon is the complete city.

Not only is it warm.

Not only does it have land-based and water-based activities to conquer.

Not only is the nightlife legendary.

It’s also relatively cheap on the old wallet as European capitals go.

Start planning your Lisbon stag do today.

#5 Amsterdam


When to Go: Anytime!!


What can we say that hasn’t been said?

It’s one of the greatest cities for stags.


Start planning your Amsterdam stag do today!

The Best UK Cities for March

#1 Newcastle


When to Go: Anytime!!

Just wrap up warm and crack on.

Yes, it might be cold in the Toon for your stag do in March, April, January – whenever – but the party always pops off.

We have a load of stag-friendly accommodation in Newcastle located slap bang in the centre of the city, so you can get to the biggest nights out without having to walk far in the cold.

Start planning your Newcastle stag do today.

#2 Liverpool


When to Go: Anytime!!

Just like Newcastle, Liverpool doesn’t stop partying.

Summer, winter, spring, autumn, Liverpool is still the thriving stag city we know and love.

Start planning your Liverpool stag do today!

#3 Bristol


When to Go: Anytime!!

Bristol has boomed in popularity in the last few years.

And it’s not hard to see why.

The nights out are outrageous. The activities are unforgettable. It has it all.

Start planning your Bristol stag do today!

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