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Why Boozy Stag Do's Are A Thing Of The Past

Why Boozy Stag Do’s Are A Thing Of The Past


Stags Are Changing…

  • 68% of men would rather try a new challenge/activity than go drinking
  • Grooms and stags watch less nudity than brides and hens
  • Enquiries for strip clubs and strippers have fallen by 33%
  • Stag party drinking activities have reduced by 34%

The old stereotypical stag weekend is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Stag party experts StagWeb.co.uk have seen organised boozing such as bar crawls being swapped for an increase in sports, adventure and food based weekends.

One of the reasons for change could be the age of stags. According to OFNS the average age for men to get married is 37 years old while the groom’s dad was more likely to have been in his 20’s. So while the ‘Men Behaving Badly’ hangover of the 90’s seems to linger in the memory (if you remember the 90’s, you weren’t there), the reality is stag party culture is changing.

StagWeb found that since 2013 stags requesting strippers and alcohol based activities are down by over 1/3.

The types of drinking activities have changed too, with a greater focus on events such as craft beer tasting, brewery tours and whisky tasting and less ‘party drinking’.

  • When asked, 50% of stags said stag weekends should be focused less on alcohol.
  • 68% of men say they would rather try a new challenge.
93% of stags requested a competitive stag activity when planning their weekends.

In fact it’s brides and their hens are more than twice as likely to ask for naked entertainment. StagWeb and sister company GoHen.com found 141% more requests for adult entertainment from hen parties than stag groups.

  • In 2018 15% of hen party enquiries involved nudity (strip clubs, jelly wrestling, etc).
  • 7% of stag party enquiries involved nudity.
  • 93% of stags requested a competitive stag activity when planning their weekends.
  • 9% of hens requested something competitive.

Modern Stag Activities Include;

  • Bubble Football
  • Game of Thrones Location Tour
  • Wrestling School
  • Foot Golf
  • Escape Rooms
  • Zombie Survival Training

Best Friends to Best Man

  • 58% of men would not forgive their friend if they gave a bad/drunken best man speech at their wedding.
  • Nearly half of male best friends (49%) have known each other for over 21 years.
  • The two things men confessed to lying to their best bud about the most were not turning up to something and women.
  • 29% of men said they would let a best friend sleep on their sofa for a year, while 10% would kick him out after just one night.
58% of men would not forgive their friend if they gave a bad/drunken best man speech at their wedding.

Confessions of a Stag Weekend…

Some of the funniest incidents StagWeb have heard recently included;

  • The stags that hired a stripper only to find out when she turned up that she was the groom’s ex-wife. Despite the initial surprise/confusion she did her whole performance.
  • The stags who papier mache’d the groom’s leg while he was asleep and telling him he’d broken it.
  • The bride’s parents accidentally turning up to the pub where the stag weekend was being held.

StagWeb’s Managing Director Steve Roddy said, “Grooms are increasingly less likely to down pints and more likely to simply put them down. Most stags are in their thirties so have been there, done that, stained the T-shirt, these days they want a totally different kind of weekend. While their dads were ‘power drinking’ back in the 80’s, today’s grooms are more interested in craft beer tasting and bubble football.”


  • Enquiry statistics are based on a sample of over 60,000 stag weekend enquiries.
  • Over 2,000 men polled.
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