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Fox Hunt Stag Do Game

Fox Hunt Stag Do Game


Lads, gather around.

It’s time for the stag to venture out into the city streets in a hilarious pursuit of an age-old British tradition – the fox hunt.

No, you’re not chasing real foxes (that’s both illegal and not our cup of tea).

But you will be chasing the groom in a city-wide hunt that will involve big thrills, big spills, and the occasional pint.

Yep, we are StagWeb – the UK’s No. 1 stag do organiser – a title we heroically earned by being the game-changers in the party business way back in 2002.

Coming up with innovative ideas runs in our DNA – you can ask the 600k partygoers who have trusted us with their legendary celebrations.

So, when we say we have a quality game in mind, you better drop what you’re doing and buckle up for the fox hunt stag do game of the century!

  • The Fox Hunt History in a Nutshell
  • Fox Hunt Roles
  • The Fox Hunt Stag Do Game
  • The Rules
  • The After-Party
  • Why Play the Fox Hunt Stag Do Game?
Fox Hunt Stag Game

The Fox Hunt History in a Nutshell

Now, before we dive into the fun, a quick history lesson (stick with us – it’s short, we promise).

As you may know, the traditional British fox hunt involved horses, dogs, and the chase of a poor little fox.

That’s it. We did say it was short.

Luckily, in our enlightened times, hunting real foxes is off the table, and for all the good reasons.

But who says we can’t have fun with the concept of the chase?

Game Roles

  1. The Fox – The groom-to-be is the fox. Whether they’ll do an orange feather boa and set “What does the fox say” as their ringtone is up to them, but they must try and at least resemble a fox. This adult fox costume should do the trick.
  2. The Hunters – The rest of the party? They’re the hunters. We’re talking goofy red-coloured outfits, inflatable horses, and whatever else you can find to make the groom run really fast in the opposite direction. These hunter costumes are a great place to start.
  3. The Hound – The best man is the hound. Yep, don’t think you’re getting off scot-free. Get your dog outfit here.

About the Game

  1. The Battlefield – This is where the hunt will take place. We recommend a city/town with plenty of pubs holes to hide in.
  2. The Getaway – Here’s the objective: the fox (stag) will be given a head start. He will have to run off and avoid being caught for as long as possible. Pitching up in a bar is always a great option, but make sure the bar is OK with you in fancy dress.
  3. The Chase – Once the groom’s hiding time is up, sound the horns and let the hunt begin! Whether you put a time limit on it or you just keep looking until the groom is found is completely up to you.
Fox Hunt Game Pubs

The Rules

  1. No Rough Play: Remember, it’s all in good fun. No tackling, tripping, or playing dirty.
  2. Respect: Don’t be a rowdy crowd. Especially if you’re in a residential area, you must behave in an acceptable way and not offend the locals.
  3. Dress for Success: Dress for the most laughs. The funnier the outfit, the better the memories!

The After-Party

Once the chase is over (and the fox is either caught or has successfully evaded their merry band of hunters), it’s time to celebrate!

Share the funniest moments of the chase and give out award prizes (in the form of beers) for ‘Best Hunter’, ‘Most Dramatic Fall’, ‘Best Dressed’, etc.

Why Play the Fox Hunt Stag Do Game?

  1. Make it Memorable: Let’s face it, no one is going to forget this stag in a hurry!
  2. Everyone Can Get Involved: Whether you’re athletic or not, the nature of the game means everyone can get involved and have a laugh.
  3. Photo Opps: Imagine the hilarious photos and videos you’ll look back on in the years to come!
  4. Flexible: You can get as creative as you want to and spend as much or as little money and time as you wish!
Fox Hunt Stag Game

What Are You Waiting For?

So, gents, are you ready for a fox hunt like no other?

It’s a game that promises laughs, thrills, and maybe a few spills (all in good fun, of course).

Bring on the chase, unleash the hilarity, and let’s make that stag do a day to remember.

In the end, it’s not about catching the fox, it’s about the stories you’ll tell the others after the chase.

Check out our StagWeb blog for more hilarious ideas and helpful advice that will get the party kicking.

We want to know what the fox has to say after all!

So, don’t forget to give us a shout on all socials @StagWeb using #stagweb. 🦊🍻🎉

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