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Hiking stag do

Get Your Stomp On With a Hiking Stag Do


While some stags dream of blaring beats, bottomless booze, and the electrifying atmosphere of a crowded bar in Ibiza…

Others… well… let’s just say they’d rather hike up a hill than hurl in a club.

If you yearn for something different and don’t mind swapping a headache for a few sore muscles, a wild night for an enriching experience…

Then a hiking stag do might just be the answer!

We’ve been in the party industry since 2002, and over the years we’ve heard many brilliant ideas (and some what-the-hell-were-you-thinking ideas), but we can assure you that hiking is a great shout.

Why? Scroll on…

Reasons why a Hiking Stag Do is a Cracking Idea… 👀

  1. Escape The Crowds
  2. A Better Fit?
  3. A Dose of Adventure
  4. Scenic Selfies
  5. A Well-Deserved Pint
Hiking stag do

10 UK Destinations Perfect for a Hiking Stag📍

  1. The Peak District
  2. The Lake District
  3. The Wales Coastal Path
  4. Snowdonia
  5. The Cotswolds
  6. New Forest National Park
  7. The Quantock Hills
  8. The Yorkshire Dales
  9. West Highland Way
  10. Northumberland National Park

Escape the Crowds🌄

As you gear up for your big day, consider taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some quality time with your mates.

After all, a journey through the outdoors might be the perfect metaphor for the journey you’re about to embark upon.

An added bonus is that you won’t have to travel much because there are plenty of scenic landscapes scattered across the country.

Hiking stag do

A Better Fit?🎒

Let’s face it, once you hit a certain age, you’re more likely to pull a muscle than pull off those dance moves.

“Going mental in the clubs” might sound less like fun and more like an impending hip replacement.

Swap the “where did this stamp on my hand come from?” for the “why do my calves feel like they’ve been in a wrestling match?” and you’ll be taking home something way more valuable than a buzzing headache.

Yes, you might be sore, but at least you won’t be piecing together the blurry memories of the previous night’s shambles.

Instead, you’ll recall the exhilarating challenges faced, the laughs shared, and the stunning countryside that surrounded you.

Hiking stag do

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Add a Dose of Adventure🌍

Some people have a thirst for beer, while others have a thirst for adventure (and, hey, some guys have a thirst for both).

A stag weekend is a cracking excuse to get out there and do some exploring.

The fresh air. The stunning views. The sense of achievement.

It’s good times and good vibes, exclusively.

And if you fancy taking things up a notch, why not head off-grid for bushcraft stag do, where you can put your survival skills to the ultimate test?

Hiking stag do

Scenic Selfies📸

Forget the drunken snaps from the night before – your Instagram will thank you for the picturesque landscapes (just watch out for the occasional photobombing squirrel!).

You’ll have awesome photos to look back at and think, “I can’t believe we actually did that” rather than “Did we actually do that?!”

Hiking stag do

A Well-Deserved Pint🍺

After a long day of hiking, there’s nothing like reaching a desert oasis in the form of the perfect local pub.

Chances are that your pints will not only taste even sweeter, but they’ll also come with a banging view too!

Enjoy a sunset in a stunning valley or by a shimmering lake with a well-deserved pint in hand in the company of your best mates.

Wherever you may be, it probably beats a neon-lit bar any day!

Hiking stag do

Need Help Planning Your Stag?

If you still need help with the planning, be sure to give our expert team a shout.

We have a load of adventure activities that will suit you guys down to the ground. We really do take all the hassle out of booking.

From our easy individual payment system (where all the lads pay us directly) to activity providers you can trust.

Planning that big weekend away has never been easier!

Head to StagWeb.co.uk now or give us a call on 01225 474200 to get the ball rolling.

Show Us Your Snaps!

Here at StagWeb, no matter how you book or who you book with, we love seeing Stags doing something different.

Be sure to tag us on your hiking stag adventure #stagweb and we’ll be sure to repost the best snaps that come flooding in.

Get stomping, stag legends!

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