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How To Avoid Drinking On a Stag Do

How To Avoid Drinking On a Stag Do


If you’re teetotal or you just don’t fancy praying to the Porcelain God on the groom’s big weekend, we’ve got your back.

We understand it can be daunting spending a weekend with a group of lads who will all be on the beers while you’re staying sober, but we’re here to help you through it with our quick guide on how to avoid drinking on a stag do.

From being upfront with them to enjoying some non-alcoholic beers, there are plenty of ways to sidestep the booze and enjoy a hangover-free weekend with the guys.

And trust us, there are worse things in life than going sober to a stag celebration.

… in fact, it could just be the best thing you do.

How to Avoid Drinking On a Stag Do…

  1. Tell the Guys
  2. Enjoy Some Alcohol-Free Beers
  3. Play Drinking Games Without Drinking
  4. See How Long You Can Go ‘Undetected’
  5. Remember Why You’re There

Before We Start, Did You Know…?

How to avoid drinking on a stag do

According to our 2023-2024 stag do industry report, 60% of our most popular activities booked for 2023 and 2024 were alcohol-free!

Whilst your group may have a big night out planned, they might have arranged a load of sober-friendly activities for the day, so don’t decline an invite before you know what the plan is.

We’ve actually seen a decline in enquiries for things like club and bar crawls with more people looking for a weekend they’ll never forget, rather than one they’ll struggle to remember.

So, it’s actually easier than ever to go sober!

1.    Tell the Guys

Tell the guys

Either let the person planning it know before you go or just let the guys know when you’re there that you don’t plan on drinking.

Whilst they might not completely change their plans just for you, at least they’ll be mindful of the fact you’re off the sauce.

Also, just set your stall out and get the questions out of the way – you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you get.

2.    Enjoy Some Alcohol-Free Beers

Enjoy some alcohol free beers on a stag

Avoiding alcohol on a stag do doesn’t mean you have to sit around drinking water like a thirsty houseplant.

There are so many alcohol-free beers and mocktails that taste like the real deal (some even claim to be better!).

And many alcohol-centred stag activities, such as the Beer Bike, even offer soft drinks and low-alcohol alternatives so no one has to miss out.

3.    Play Drinking Games Without Drinking

Non-drinkers drinking games

Just because you’re not drinking, it doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in any stag do drinking games.

In fact, it could make them even funnier.

You can be the ringmaster. The man with all the power. You can be the judge, jury, and executioner who will dish out fines and forfeits for the rest of the lads.

Or you can just get involved in the games and then nominate someone else to drink for you.

Both are equally as funny.

4.    See How Long You Can Go ‘Undetected’

How to avoid drinking on a stag do

If you’ve been invited to a stag do where nobody knows that you abstain from the golden stuff, how about not telling them?

You could make a game of it and see how long you can go through the night undetected.

And if any of the guys already know your “big secret,” get them in on the action.

You can offer to look after the beer kitty and get everyone but yourself the real deal.

Woah, Dave’s had 15 of those clear shots and he can still walk in a straight line. What a machine!

At the end, you can show everyone that you’re just as fun without the booze (and get a buzz from that!).

5.    Remember Why You’re There

How to avoid drinking on a stag do

The whole point of a stag do is to celebrate your mate getting married.

Whether you’re drinking or not, it’s great to go along to have a laugh and support your mate during this momentous life milestone.

Even if you just go for part of it, it’s definitely better than not going.

Final Thoughts…

Avoiding alcohol on the stag do doesn’t have to be dull.

At the very least, you’ll spare yourself a headache and you’ll catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a while.

You’ll also be the only one looking good in the photos. So follow our guide of how to avoid drinking on a stag do to ace it!

It’s a win-win.

Planning a Sober Stag?

Sober stags are becoming more and more popular and the vast majority of stag parties have a few sober elements to their weekend.

If you’ve been tasked with planning a hangover-free weekend, be sure to check out our favourite sober stag do ideas for the latest and greatest inspo.

And, instead of those boozy nights out, we also have a list of stag do games for non-drinkers that are guaranteed to go down a storm.

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