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Get married naked: where to do it


Fancy getting married au naturale? Chances are it hasn’t actually crossed your mind (not too surprising), but nude weddings are on the up and there are even group nude ceremonies going on. We’re not going to lie, it could be awkward bringing it up with your fiancée (have a good think first about why exactly you want to start married life in the nude) but for the bold at heart here are some destinations to set you on your naked way…

Where to do it…

  1. The Hedonism II resort in  Jamaica. Back in February they actually had a competition, with 10 couples winning the chance to exchange vows in the nude. One couple dropped out but the other nine brave couples went through with it and have the group shots to prove it.
  2. Haulover Beach in Miami. Haulover is a popular US nudist beach and is a member of the American Association for Nude Recreation. They say that many of its clubs have played host to nude weddings and the organization has ordained members, ready to officiate weddings.
  3. Las Vegas. Chances are if you’re going to Vegas you’re already up for a wild time, so why not take off the clothes and add that extra special touch? Between the dial-a-wedding and the Elvis impersonator weddings is a company called Naked Weddings USA- a service that helps the happy couple prepare every element of their big day, from the photography to the clothing-optional ceremonies.
  4. The Terra Cotta Inn in California. This inn offers terrific views of the majestic Californian mountains and is hot and sunny most of the year- perfect for all your wedding photos. The resort has hosted a few nudist wedding ceremonies before and will be more than happy to host yours.
  5. Aoraki Naturally in New Zealand. They jumped on the naked bandwagon fairly early on- hosting their first clothes-free wedding back in 2002. At that ceremony both the couple and all of the guests were naked, but the guests do have the option of wearing clothes should they feel the need. The neighbouring Wai-natur Naturist Park is owned by the same people and provides the perfect setting for you to play golf, drink wine and go fishing, all in the nude.

So there are five excellent, nudist-loving destinations – if you’ve been to a nude wedding or are planning on having one let us know in the comments below! And if you’d rather celebrate the fairer sex being clothes-less then check out our naked dessert and naked mud wrestling stag ideas- whatever you decide to do on your stag partying and nuptials we bid you a terrific time!

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