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Stag Do Statistics – 2022-2023 Industry Report


Find out all of the latest stag do statistics below thanks to one of the UK’s leading stag planners StagWeb.co.uk.

In this report, we dive into the most popular destinations, the average cost, group size and more.

StagWeb have been at the forefront of the stag planning industry since way back in 2002 having sent well over 600,000 people off on their big weekends.

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Feel free to use any statistics below, but please credit StagWeb.co.uk with a reference/link.

Stag Do Stats 2022-2023 – The Highlights…

➡️Most Popular UK Destination 2023 – Bristol
➡️Most Popular European Destination 2023 – Benidorm
➡️UK/Europe Split 2023 – 49% UK / 51% Europe
➡️Average Stag Do Cost 2022 – £174
➡️Average Stag Do Group Size 2023 – 16

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Most Popular Destinations 2022 & 2023

stag statistics

Most Popular Destinations

International stag weekends are back, baby, and they’re set to be more popular than UK celebrations in 2023 with six of the Top 10 most popular destinations made up of European cities.

The most popular UK destination for 2023 is Bristol, while Benidorm takes the crown for the most popular European destination.

2022 – Due to a hangover from the pandemic, many stags opted for a UK celebration in 2022 even though international travel was coming back.

2023 – This year, we’ve seen a big surge in European destinations entering our Top 10 with Amsterdam, Albufeira and Budapest flying up the ranks.

Bristol – Bristol is the ultimate stag city. From big nights out to high-octane activities, amazing eateries and some of the greatest stag houses in the country – it has it all.

Explore all a Bristol stag do has to offer now!

Benidorm – Benidorm needs no introduction. It is one of Europe’s most iconic party hotspots with absolutely no pretension. The party starts early, finishes late, and always pops off!

Explore all a Benidorm stag do has to offer now!

UK vs. Europe Split


UK vs Europe Split: 63% / 37%

  • UK – 63%
  • Spain – 12%
  • Eastern Europe – 8%
  • Portugal – 5%
  • Germany – 4 %
  • Ireland – 3%
  • Other – 5%


UK vs Europe Split: 49% / 51%

  • UK – 49%
  • Spain – 18%
  • Eastern Europe – 11%
  • Portugal – 7%
  • Germany – 6%
  • Ireland – 4%
  • Other – 5%
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Europe Set to Be More Popular than UK for Stags

This is the first time since the pandemic that European celebrations are set to surpass UK weekends.

UK – 49% of stags are set to stay in the UK for the groom’s big celebration in 2023.

Spain & Portugal – Spain and Portugal will make up a quarter of all stag celebrations this year according to StagWeb’s stats.

Average Stag Do Cost

Average Stag Do Cost Per Person

➡️2013 – £112
➡️2014 – £128
➡️2015 – £139
➡️2016 – £143
➡️2017 – £157
➡️2018 – £159
➡️2019 – £156
➡️2020 – COVID
➡️2021 – COVID
➡️2022 – £174

*Cost includes activities, accommodation, and nightlife activities

The average cost of a stag do per person hit an all-time high in 2022.

The price increased from 2013 until 2019, but the COVID pandemic disrupted the next two years and the price jumped up in 2022.

This could be due to price increases, but also because people may have been more inclined to spend a little bit more after two years of not being able to do much.

Average Stag Do Numbers 2022 & 2023

🕺Average Stag Do Numbers 2022: 13
🕺Average Stag Do Numbers 2023: 16

The average stag do group size is expected to rise from 13 to 16 people in 2023.

In 2022, StagWeb had a group of 48 heading to Liverpool, whilst they also had a couple of groups in the high 30s jetting off to Amsterdam and Benidorm, respectively.

Most Popular Activities 2022 & 2023


Most Popular Activities

  1. Go Karting
  2. Bubble Football
  3. Paintball
  4. Clay Shooting
  5. Quad Biking
  6. Beer Bike
  7. Footgolf
  8. Target Shooting
  9. Escape Game
  10. Axe Throwing


Most Popular Activities

  1. Go Karting
  2. Paintball
  3. Bubble Football
  4. Clay Shooting
  5. Quad Biking
  6. Beer Bike
  7. Footgolf
  8. Target Shooting
  9. Party Boat
  10. White Water Rafting

Classics are classics for a reason… they’re awesome.

Go Karting remains the numero uno stag experience, with paintball, bubble football and clay shooting remaining hugely popular.

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