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StagWeb Go To Belfast

StagWeb Go To Belfast


Yes, we can’t just Google Belfast and expect to be able to give you the best advice on where to go, what to do and, most importantly, where to drink – we need to experience it for ourselves!

That’s why we sent Tom, our lanky content writer, on a short flight from Bristol to Belfast to get the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not in the Northern Irish capital.

And in amongst all his Guinness pitstops (and there were a lot), he managed to unearth some gems you and the guys need to know.

Scroll on for all the lowdown.

Tom on Commercial Court, Belfast
Tom on Commercial Court, Belfast.

The Things You NEED to Know 👀

  • A pint of Guinness is around €6 in the pubs in the centre
  • Commerical Court has two of the best pubs about – The Dark Horse and the Duke of York
  • Lavery’s is great for some late-night pool

How Did You Find Getting to Belfast?

“Getting to Belfast is a doddle.

“If you don’t fancy travelling far for a stag do, it’s a great choice. We flew to Belfast International from Bristol and were in the air for all of 50 minutes. And because you don’t need to faff about with passport control, you can walk straight out the other end which saves so much time.

“From there, there was a bus stop outside the terminal with regular buses that take you straight into the centre of the city. It cost £8.50 for a single and we got dropped off at the Europa Buscentre which is about a 15-minute walk from the centre of town.

“After we’d paid £8.50 for a single, we realised you can buy a return which is valid for a month for about £12.50, so make sure you aren’t as stupid as we were.”

Find the latest info about getting from Belfast International to the city centre on the Belfast Airport website.

What Were Your First Impressions?

“Well, we went in the dark depths of October and didn’t land until 10 pm, so it was pretty dark and rainy.

“However, we quickly got our bearings and made our way to Lavery’s, which is a late-night pool bar, for a few games and a couple of refreshing pints of Guinness.

“The next day, we bounced into the centre of town and found some cracking pubs. For me, it had that alternative feel that Bristol and Glasgow have, with loads of great boozers and a really relaxed, friendly vibe.”

  • Lavery’s – 12-18 Bradbury Pl, Belfast, BT7 1RS

How Easy Was it to Get Around?

“The most we walked at any one time was around 25 minutes when we went from the Commercial Court over the river to the Titanic Museum. Other than that, when we were doing pub crawls, we must have only walked for five minutes at a time.

“It’s not the size of London or other big UK cities, so you and the guys should be fine walking, but there were plenty of taxis and buses dotted about if you need them.”

The Titanic Museum
The Titanic Museum.

What Was the Food and Booze Like? 🍔🍺


“I was drinking Guinness the whole time, but the people I was with were trying some of the local beers which were also top-notch. The Belfast Session IPA from MashDown Brewery is worth a taste for any beer fans out there.

“The two pubs I’d highly recommend are the Duke of York and The Dark Horse on Commercial Court, which is also a great place to snap a group photo.

“Just a heads up, these are pretty classic Belfast boozers, so you’ll need to not be too rowdy if you do go here.

“There are plenty of pubs in and around this area, too, so I’d make your way there and then just get Google up and crack on.

“We ended up having a late lunch at a pub called Whites which served up the best sausage and mash I’d ever had.”

To avoid any hassle and ensure your night is already booked in advance, be sure to check out our popular Belfast nightlife options and take the stress out of your evening.

  • Duke of York – 7-11 Commercial Court, Belfast, BT1 2NB
  • The Dark Horse – 30 Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LB
  • Whites Tavern – 2-4 Winecellar Entry, Belfast, BT1 1QN

Were Any Sights Worth Seeing?

“The Titanic museum is worth wandering to.

“Even if you don’t go inside, it’s a pretty cool-looking building where you can grab a few snaps to prove you didn’t spend all weekend in the pub.

“We also did a day trip to the Giant’s Causeway which is definitely worth it.

“We took a tour which left at eight in the morning and got back at six, but we did a fair few stops en route to caves and Game of Thrones filming locations which was pretty cool.”

Giant's Causeway
Giant’s Causeway.

You can book your very own Game of Thrones Tour with us and hit up the same spots.

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